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We offer 30 different Certifications and Trainings, in 25 countries, 5 languages
and over 12,000 people trained and educated.


We specialize in Virtual Learning and have since 2012. You can learn in your PJ’s online either in a virtual classroom (see and hear us) that is super fun and interactive or you can learn by video series at your leisure, still in your PJ’s.

The virtual classroom certifications and training are on the calendar of courses and run 10-3 East Coast Time. We take breaks for snacks and lunch (just like real live classroom education) and we have fun in these classes. The goal is to educate you and deliver the material in a manner that you will enjoy it and remember it.

The video self study series you can watch when ever you have time, in between work, home, at night or 2 am when you cant sleep, and are tired of binge watching Netflix. All exams are induced in there and you even get your certificate or certification (depending on your class choice) at the end.

Prefer live classes? We throwback to 1985 and offer live classes in NYC, Miami, and LA. Please check the calendar for times and locations. You can still come in your PJ’s if you want to!

All classes include the 10 weeks (10 hours of supervision), secondary classes, ethics class, and MORE, We offer lots of great resources to get you started on your new career path helping others.


The Addictions Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • International focus

    Our students come from across the globe.

  • Virtual online Learning Platforms

    We encourage learning and growth.

  • More than Just Education

    We assist with job placement and client acquisition.

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your alley.


Our Mission is simple: To train, educate and empower as many people as possible to help others suffering from addiction (Substance Use Disorder) and mental health issues.

We at The Addictions Academy believe that if you are successful, so we are we! We want yo to have the most cutting edge training available and help as many individuals as possible. We are family and we assist you with job placement, client acquisition and even starting your own company.  Success is key!

Our commitment to all of our students goes way beyond your classes. we want you to be successful. Besides the job assistance and helping we clients we also offer employment opportunities AND we are the only educational provider that permits you to come back and take the class you paid for,  again, at no cost.   We have had students from opening n 2012 come back to have a refresher course, at no charge.  Our commitment to you is simply Success.

At The Addictions Academy our promise to you is in your Success. Unlike other companies that just train you and hope you are successful, we are here with 10 weeks of supervision (no one else is doing this) for you to hone your skills and become successful in the addiction and mental health industry.

Our Founder, Dr. Cali Estes, built The Addictions Academy in 2012 and we have grown to 25 countries, 12,000 trained and we are now delivered in 5 languages. Our core values are built upon success of offering you over 30 classes, up to date education and we offer topics and content that most companies will not deliver, like Harm Reduction, MAT, Medical MJ and more. You need it, we have it. Your success is paramount.

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