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Student Reviews

Vance Johnson

Vance Jonhson

"After intensive virtual classroom training with Cali Estes, I along with several other professional football players and baseball players have been sought after to coach everyone from corporate elites, to pro athletes and suburban soccer dad’s."

Charles Della Penna

"After 21 years of my own recovery, I decided to take the next step and become an Interventionist. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy were professional, insightful, suportive, educational, personable, and exceeded everyone of my expectations."

Chris Drapala

"Went I got sober I did not have anyone to help guide me through the process. I did not want anyone else to go through what I had. The Addictions Academy and Cali Estes gave me the tools, resources, and networking to make it possible."

Joe Turner

"The level of education from The Addictions Academy is unparalleled. The personal and hands on approach from the staff is the best in the business."

Don Prince

"Having completed the International Master of Addiction Coaching (IMAC) certification program and supervision just about two years ago I cannot say enough how important it is to have the training and experience across the many facets of recovery coaching in order to provide a higher level of care for my clients and being taught by instructors with real life experience."

Rob Lohman

"Seeking a new career path, The Addictions Academy, and Cali Estes provided me the correct tools to launch my Lifted From The Rut Intervention and Recovery Coaching business."

Course Information

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The Addictions Academy

The Addictions Academy ® is the nation’s leading accredited addiction treatment services, recovery/sober coaching & intervention training academy.

“How It Started”

The Addictions Academy was founded to increase education in the areas of addiction that have been previously unavailable to the general public. We offer on site training, live virtual classroom experiences (webinar) or on demand classes (learn at your leisure)in an array of subjects that fit your practice or services. With our extensive availability of certifications, college accreditation and continuing education units we are able to assist you in obtaining new cash pay clients, increasing your client base, or starting a new practice. We even offer job placement and referrals.  We operate with a Standard of Excellence for Addiction Coaching and Intervention Training with an Accreditation Component for International Certification and State Licensure Preparation. The Addictions Academy is fully dedicated to helping addiction therapists,  mental health practitioners, drug and alcohol treatment centers, students and other professionals learn about the facets of addiction. We specialize in: Recovery Coaching, Intervention, Food Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Ethics, Business and Marketing. Our in depth courses are designed to provide the learning tools necessary to handle real life situations with evidenced based practices. We provide both national and international certifications and if you want to sit for specific state exams to receive additional credentials, we can assist you. Our courses are offered LIVE (in person), Live Virtual Classroom Webinars or on demand pre recorded to learn at your leisure!

We want you to succeed! ALL of our Faculty are Master or PHD level instructors, all with successful private practices. All have been featured on various TV, news media and most are successful best selling authors. We are dedicated, educated and can teach you how to create a successful practice.

Check out our Courses

Live Training, On-Line Courses, Pre-Recorded and Live On-Demand Webinars. You CAN Learn the way YOU want!

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Douglas Weiss

Dr Weiss is THE go to for all things sex addiction. Dr. Weiss is also the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT)and has been featured on Oprah, Montel, 48hs, Fox.

Dr. Douglas WeissAdjunct Faculty: Sex Addiction TherapyRead His Bio
Dr. Melody Smith, PhD, LMHC, CHI

Dr. Melody Smith, PhD is a Doctor of Clinical Sexology, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Psychotherapist, Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor of Hypnosis, Author, Motivational Speaker, former Radio Talk Show Host, and Founder of Integrative Counseling & Hypnosis Associates.

Dr. Melody Smith, PhD, LMHC, CHITAA StaffRead Her Bio

Dr. Cali Estes is known as ‘The Addictions Coach’. Her work with celebs, sports figures and business professionals has been noticed. With 21 years in the industry she has been featured in books, HBO, NBC, CBS, CNBC, MSN, Entrepreneur, LA Times and more.

DR. Cali Estes, ICADC, MCAP, MAC, CPT, CYTClinical Director Read Her Bio
George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

George Anderson is Harvard and UCLA Trained, multiple bestselling author, Facilitator and creator of ‘the disruptive physicians’ and Lead consultant on the movie scene for all things related to anger.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMFAdjunct Faculty: Anger ManagementRead His Bio
Jenny Fontana, NCFAC, CCRT

Jenny Fontana is the Social Media Director at The Addictions Academy and has been assisting The Addictions Academy for the past two years to grow and maintain a superb level of social media contacts and presence.

Jenny Fontana, NCFAC, CCRTSocial Media DirectorRead Her Bio
Boris Schaak

Boris Schaak, ISSA Certified, Founder of Sober Fitness, and celebrity trainer and sober coach, offers you the very best coaching and training available.

Boris SchaakRead His Bio
Melissa Killeen

Melissa Killeen is an established Recovery Coach with broad understanding of this new field of recovery coaching in aftercare treatment.

Melissa KilleenRead Her Bio
Katie Donovan

Katie has spent over the last 20 years in the marketing, events and communications industry. After experiencing the addiction journey with her daughter Brittany, Katie left her marketing career, in order to focus on family recovery.

Katie DonovanFamily Addictions CoachRead Her Bio

‘Extreme’ Alcohol and Drug Intervention Specialist Creator Extreme Intervention Training Program

Mary T. Curtis

Mary T. Curtis is an International Facilitator, Counselor and Consultant with a passion for the development of people and organizations. Drawing on her learning & development acumen, behavioral health expertise, and The Second City Improv training, Mary delivers dynamic experiential learning programs and systemic-focused consulting.

Mary T. CurtisRead Her Bio
Kristoph Pydynkowski LADCll, NCRC-1, NCIP, CAI

Kristoph Pydynkowski has been working at Gosnold on Cape Cod since 2007. Kristoph started with the company as a dietary aid helping prepare meals for patients at Gosnold’s 28 day rehabilitation center Gosnold at Cataumet. Kristoph then got hired as a recovery aid at the rehab where he excelled at connecting with the young adult population. Along with a few counselors and the director of the program, Kristoph helped develop an opiate track program for young adults at the rehab in an attempt to better serve this population.

Kristoph Pydynkowski LADCll, NCRC-1, NCIP, CAITrainer Of TrainerRead His Bio

The work I do involves identifying, acknowledging and reframing aspects of their lives that are not working. I work with individuals as well as couples in recovery to create the life they want and moreover one that supports sustainable recovery.

Jay Keefe

After becoming sober, Jay received his Certified Personal Trainer certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2014 as well as his Certified Health Coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Jay realizes how important proper nutrition and exercise are to overall recovery and he loves showing people what a positive impact fitness can have on their sobriety.

As well as being a personal trainer and a health coach, Jay is a consultant for a family therapist.

Jay KeefeWriter and Director of HappinessRead His Bio
Michael Birch

That day was the beginning of a new life. Michael found a way to stop. You can find a way too, and Vital Signs can help. Give Michael a call today and get started on a new path.

Michael BirchTAA StaffRead his Bio
Rob Lohman

Rob has a unique approach in his recovery coaching and intervention styles. Rob has a very laid-back personality, but don’t confuse that for weakness!

Rob LohmanRead his Bio
Stephen James Dixon

Stephen James is the sales manager and student coordinator here at The Addictions Academy. Stephen’s main goal is to assist you, the student/client, in every step of the way in training with us at The Addictions Academy.

Stephen James DixonSales Manager and Student Coordinator Read his Bio
Nadine Steele, CATC-I, NCAC-I, NCIP, NCRC-II

With over 20 years of experience in the field of addiction, family codependency and recovery, Nadine Steele is passionate about helping her clients beat the odds to find the way back to their life again.

Nadine Steele, CATC-I, NCAC-I, NCIP, NCRC-IIInstructorRead her Bio
Dr. Kenneth Blum, PhD

Kenneth Blum is a world-renowned and nationally recognized authority on addiction research & studies. He is a researcher on neuro-psychopharmacology and genetics and is known from his study on the genetics of alcoholism published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1990.

Dr. Kenneth Blum, PhDRead his Bio
Jameel McCline

Jameel McCline is the founder of Envida Recovery Solutions with a former career as a professional heavyweight boxer retiring in 2012. He ran for Congressional office in 2014. He has been a product spokesperson for Everlast, Retrofox Clothing, and Outkast.

Jameel McClineRead his Bio
Kimberley L. Berlin, LSW, CSAC, SAP, NCRC

With twenty years of experience in recovery processes, including her own, Kimberley has pursued transformational and holistic solutions to addiction and personal growth by engaging in mindfulness along with new methods of recovery.

Kimberley L. Berlin, LSW, CSAC, SAP, NCRCRead her Bio
Mary Millings

Mary Millings is a licensed Medical Coder/Biller. She has worked in the medical billing and collection field for 10 years.

Mary MillingsRead her Bio
Dr. Teralyn Sell Ph.D., LPC

I am a skilled practitioner in holistic mental health and addiction treatment. You will find me continuously learning about how the body can heal itself through proper nutrient and neuro-nutrient therapy. I now practice what I like to call ‘Functional Psychology’.

Dr. Teralyn Sell Ph.D., LPCRead her Bio