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Student Reviews

Vance Johnson

Vance Jonhson

"After intensive virtual classroom training with Cali Estes, I along with several other professional football players and baseball players have been sought after to coach everyone from corporate elites, to pro athletes and suburban soccer dad’s."

Charles Della Penna

"After 21 years of my own recovery, I decided to take the next step and become an Interventionist. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy were professional, insightful, suportive, educational, personable, and exceeded everyone of my expectations."

Chris Drapala

"Went I got sober I did not have anyone to help guide me through the process. I did not want anyone else to go through what I had. The Addictions Academy and Cali Estes gave me the tools, resources, and networking to make it possible."

Joe Turner

"The level of education from The Addictions Academy is unparalleled. The personal and hands on approach from the staff is the best in the business."

Don Prince

"Having completed the International Master of Addiction Coaching (IMAC) certification program and supervision just about two years ago I cannot say enough how important it is to have the training and experience across the many facets of recovery coaching in order to provide a higher level of care for my clients and being taught by instructors with real life experience."

Rob Lohman

"Seeking a new career path, The Addictions Academy, and Cali Estes provided me the correct tools to launch my Lifted From The Rut Intervention and Recovery Coaching business."

Course Information

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The Addictions Academy

The Addictions Academy ® is the nation’s leading accredited addiction classes, certification and training portal, offering classes via virtual classroom (web), Live in-person or via self-study. We have grown to 22 countries, 40 classes, 20 faculty and 5 languages. 

Where do I start my career in the Addictions Field?

Your Roadmap to Success starts here at The Addictions Academy when you decide you want to help others overcome their addictions. Maybe you are in recovery from an addiction or substance use disorder yourself or you are a family member or advocate that wants to learn more about addiction and assist other families in getting the help they need. Whatever brought you here, you have come to the right place and we welcome you to our family!

Our most popular class is our Nationally Certified Recovery Coach class, which focuses on the drug and alcohol issues of a client and how to coach them through their goals, action plan, purpose, and passion in life, staying sober (or harm reduction) and teaching accountability and life skills. Most people in recovery want to take this class to get certified to help others post-treatment or in lieu of treatment.

Our next most popular class is our Nationally Certified Intervention Professional class. In this class, we focus on the crisis client and getting them into treatment. Most people will take both the Recovery Coach class and the Intervention Professional class and build their private practice to assist the same client to get into treatment and coach them post-treatment.

What Addiction Courses do you have?

We have over 40 classes in coaching, addiction counseling, Intervention, anger management, sex addiction coaching, food Addiction coaching, life coaching, recovery coaching and more.

Can I take my addictions studies at The Addictions Academy?

Yes. With 40 classes and 20 teachers, you can take classes live, virtual classroom and self-study.

We also offer an International Master Addiction Coach Certification program that covers all types of addiction: drugs, alcohol, sex, internet, gambling, food and more. Most of our students upgrade to this program after taking the Recovery Coach course.

Each class comes with a seal you can use to market yourself, the ability to be in our directory for referrals, our networking groups, job board access, networking opportunities and more. We even allow you to come to take the same class again at any time to refresh yourself on the material!

Want more knowledge? We offer Family Coaching Certification, Internet Addiction Certification,  Sex Addiction Certification, Food Addiction Certification, Nutritional Certification and even Counselor Training. We will teach you marketing (we have a fabulous marketing class) and how to build a private practice with client acquisition.

If you are a treatment center looking to train your staff we offer Business Development Training (including Ethics training to combat the patient brokering), Billing and Collections training, Utilization Review Training and even AMA/APA blocking training. If you want to increase your ROI, we can help.

We want you to join our family and be as successful as we are in assisting others with Substance Use Disorder and an array of addictions. We consider ourselves a family and a team. Won’t you join us and get your career started on the right road today?

Questions? Call us at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

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