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13 Self Care Ideas That Actually Heal Your Mind and Soul.

Psychotherapist, Brain Health Expert, and faculty at The Addictions Academy, Teralyn Sell, Ph.D. is featured in this article in Women’s Day 13 Self Care Ideas That Actually Heal Your Mind and Soul. You can join Dr. Teralyn at the Brain Health Recovery Coach class to learn how to support the health of your client’s brain during the addiction recovery process.  Dr. Teralyn also works with individual clients on brain health.

The words self-care are flung around like an easy concept similar to get better sleep or stress management.  But, we are often left wondering what is self-care anyway?  Often mental health providers provide a vision of self-care to their clients that is commercialized or unattainable.  Who has time, or money to get weekly massages anyway?

To take things a step further, in this time of COVID-19 the traditional, more commercialized ideas of self-care have become difficult to schedule or halted altogether.  Rethinking the definition of what it means to provided self-care has become a challenge when the commercialization of what we think it means is no longer available the way it once was.  But, if we stick to the price tags of massages, pedicures, and hair we leave out the vast majority of the population as well as virtually alienate men in the discussion.

So, what is self-care then?  In this news feature, Dr. Teralyn discusses the importance of defining self-care in terms that are not commercialized or expensive.  Head over to read about this important discussion. Read more.

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