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3 Essential Strategies of a Successful Addiction Professional



3 Essential Strategies of a Successful Addiction Professional:


As an Addiction Professional, you need a good solid practice and a steady stream of clients. Here are 3 Essential Strategies of a successful Addiction professional:

1. Balance: As an Addiction Professional, you need a healthy balance between work and play. A lot of Addiction Professionals work long hours, take work home and answer calls at all hours of the day and night. It is imperative as a caregiver that you take care of yourself first. Make time for family, exercise, play, and having fun.

2. Marketing Skills: If you own and operate your own practice, you need to keep a full schedule book. Marketing to keep the steady stream of clients flowing can be a frustrating experience. Attend networking events, call DUI schools, Doctors and attorneys for referrals. Obtain a strong local presence to keep the client book full.

3. Credentials: If you have the same credentials as other addiction professionals, its time to add to that and outsmart the competition. Learn a new skill, or add a new discipline, like Addiction Coaching or anger management to the list of services you provide. At The Addictions Academy we can help you with that and increase your credentials. We even have a Master Addiction Coach program where we train you on Gambling and Food Addiction Coaching.

Without these 3 key elements you are going to struggle at obtaining a full book of clients, and be consistently stressed out and overworked. Focus on all 3 for a well-rounded discipline.

At The Addictions Academy we can assist you with classes, marketing and growing your practice. You can find us at www.theaddictionsacademy.com or call 1.800.706.0318 TODAY.

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