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3 Key Ways to Increase Business

3 Ways to Increase Business


The addictions industry and recovery community is rapidly changing on a daily basis. Everything from technology to addiction related theories are changing. The actual street drugs are changing and so should the methods used to combat the deadly cycle of addiction. So with this ever changing industry those of us top nationally certified professional coaches need to stay on top of our game and stay sharp in our approach to our profession. Our business is how we put food on the table so let’s look at a few top ways to increase our business. Three ways to increase your coaching business, build your brand, and get clients. In the addiction industry it’s paramount to have the top clients working with you at all times. But it can be very difficult when there so many coaches on the market competing for the same people. Here are three tips to get new clients and build your brand!
1. Start a blog. A blog with good search engine keywords will always link back to you. You will need to do a very good search on what keywords are being used consistently by your competitors that are for recovery coaching. Begin to use these keywords in a blog that has good content and draws the listener in. Storytelling is a great way to get eyeballs on your site. Everyone likes a great story and any way to get people to your company website is a good avenue.
 2. Making business cards is an absolute must. I cannot tell you the number of people I see at  networking events with no business cards because they forgot them or just didn’t print them because they try to form relationships and not business. Put your photo on your business card for every event you go to because people want to remember you. If you go to a conference in the addictions industry you will meet 300 people and remember none of them but you will remember people who put their photo on their card.
3. Instagram is a great way to sell your services. Most people are posting photos of their toes in the pool or photos of their food. This is a no-no and you should be posting photos of motivational quotes and things you do and want to sell. If you’re selling coaching you should have posts related to coaching and hashtags that go back to the keywords in your blogs. When you are marketing it is so important that you do a multifaceted approach and if you are Marketing on the Internet you will need to use those keywords. Once you figure out what they are, they come in handy for social media such as Twitter and Instagram.
If you want more information we have three different platforms that help you with Marketing we have a Marketing Mentorship group that will teach you all of these things in seven weeks, we also have a business authority branding package that will help you get the press on major outlets such as ABC, NBC, and CBS and we also have a way to get you in a book. On top of that, storytelling and public speaking should be at the forefront of what you know how to do and we have a class to train you in that. You can get information on on these different marketing platforms by going to https://theaddictionsacademy.com/marketing-services/ There you will find all the newest marketing concepts and successful strategies.
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