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3 Reasons Why You Should Become an Addictions Coach

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3 Reasons Why You Should Become an Addictions Coach

At the end of the day, all anyone wants from work is fulfillment. Whether that be emotional, financial, anything in between or all things at once, that’s undeniably everyone’s end goal. So, when we hear countless stories about how enriching addiction coaching has been for clients for years and years, as aspiring addiction coaches, we may be left to wonder how fulfilling that experience is for the coach themselves.
The short answer? Very! Addiction coaching is a highly rewarding career path that offers a refreshing burst of freedom, purpose, and stability to all those willing to pursue it. This may sound almost too good to be true, but it’s tangible, achievable, and just a few steps away. If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons that may change your mind.

No Experience Necessary to enroll in the addiction coach classes.

Job hunting is difficult, especially when you’re just getting into it. There are listings galore requiring years of experience for even lower-level positions and it can be tough to navigate. To become an addictions coach, there is no experience necessary. Does it help to have some? Sure! But that’s the case with any job. To get started, all you really need is a certification.

Before you get too worried, getting certified is incredibly simple. The Addictions Academy– a leading name in the industry -offers a course on every coaching certification under the sun, and it’s easy to take and manage. They even say as much on their website: “You do not need a degree to take our certifications and most training programs do not require a prerequisite of training.”
This is because this isn’t a business that thrives on exclusivity. More addictions coaches mean more clients are getting help, and more clients getting help eventually leads to the downfall of addiction as a whole! The courses are straightforward, and informative, and guarantee that each graduating “student” is a top addictions coach by the end of it.

The course isn’t long, only lasting a few weeks, and comes with an ethics class, job board, and directory listings, as well as invaluable mentoring and guidance from a Master Addictions Coach, an offer you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
From there, you get your certification and you have two options: Either work solo and list your name in directories and elsewhere yourself or reach out to a larger brand like The Addictions Coach and Sober on Demand to offer your services.

Impact for addiction is great

The job itself is also incredibly helpful to many communities. There are plenty of reasons why many can’t get help, even if they wanted it. For one, rehab has a bit of a rough reputation. High relapse rate within the first year of leaving, excessive use of group exercises leading to feelings of loss of individuality, and general by-the-book formulas that may not transfer to real-life scenarios. Not only that but even if one were to want to go into rehab, there are a few more obstacles in the way. Not everyone can be away from home for 30 days, especially if they live with dependents, live paycheck-to-paycheck, or have responsibilities that would otherwise suffer in their absence. Other times it’s a matter of distance and capability. If there isn’t a rehab center in your area, and you don’t have a car or a license, getting to one can be more difficult than some could manage.

Addiction coaching addresses all these issues and more. For one, your average addictions coach (especially if provided by someone like The Addictions Coach or Sober on Demand) works either virtually or can come to the client. Appointments are once a week at the client’s convenience and kept entirely discreet for their comfort. Speaking of working around the client, the service is 100% personalized. No groups to be lumped into, no formulaic approaches, and every bit of help is focused on your problems in the real world. They give counseling, offer medicinal approaches, and even sober companions who can accompany you in high-stress environments.
As that addictions coach, you’d be making a real difference for people in desperate need. This is a huge service to underserviced communities and general populations most susceptible to things like addiction.

Stability in a field where there is high turnover

Finally, and what may be the most important to some, comes the aspect of stability. Addiction coaching is a quickly growing field and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so right off the bat it’s a wise investment. Not only that, but many have found some huge success in the field! Cali Estes is a fantastic example. She’s globally known as “The Addiction’s Coach”, and has been featured on CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS, and so many other big-name publications it’s hard to keep track. Not only did she find success as an addictions coach, but then used that success to foster an empire in her Sober on Demand and The Addictions Coach brand, allowing others to follow in her footsteps with her guidance.

In terms of income, reports vary on how much a coach may make. ZipRecruiter reports that while average salaries for a starting addiction coach may be as high as $72,000 a year, the majority range anywhere between $52,500 and $65,000, with areas like California and Wyoming seeming to be the best in the market. According to Indeed that average may be closer to $41,00 – $82,000, which may seem huge in scale, but it’s entirely dependent on growth, experience, and where one works. Either way, it’s a sustainable income!
Becoming an addictions coach can’t be for everyone, but anyone who’s willing to put themselves out there and thinks they can do it is more than welcome to go down that path. It’s emotionally satisfying, financially viable, and easy to jump into. There are various places one can look when it comes to getting started, but The Addictions Academy is a great place to start and can answer any potential questions you may have! Otherwise, for more information on addiction coaching and what it entails, feel free to reach out to The Addictions Coach for more details.

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