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4 Attributes to Possess in Order to Create an Incredible Recovery Coaching Practice

4 Attributes to Possess in Order to Create an Incredible Recovery Coaching Practice


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So you’ve made it. You’re a Recovery Coach, and you have quite the roster of clients rolling. But what makes you stand out from the rest? The other addictions coaches / counselors? There are two things you need to be great at in order to stand out: coaching, and business. Many coaches fall short with the former or latter. Here are 4 ways to get and give the most from your Recovery Coaching Practice.




1. Internet / Social Media Presence:
When potential clients see that you are official, they are more likely to reach out. Social Media is one of the largest and most accessible forms of communication and promotion for businesses these days. Not only social media, but a website of your own that showcases your talents, your work, your professionalism and experience.

2. Credentials:
With today’s vast amount of Recovery Coaches and access to alternatives to traditional treatments, those seeking recovery from any addiction have more choices than ever before. With the available National Certifications from The Addictions Academy, as well as State Certifications and alternative disciplines and educational pathways such as Intervention, Anger Management and Family Recovery Coaching, you are more marketable.

3. Networking:
Surround yourself with individuals of great merit, and spread the word about your skill. Let them know you are taking referrals. Contact those who work with similar clientele: Mental health therapists, doctors, treatment centers, legal support specialists, detoxes, and others, including other coaches alike. A good contact refers back and forth, and you will build gradual credibility. Build a referral base and keep your lines of communication with them open.

4. A Coach of Your Own:
A Recovery Coach comes to know what is best for their client, so they must know what’s best for themselves. A coach of their own. It is vitally important that you have someone on your side to bounce ideas for marketing, business and clinical supervision to handle the challenges that arise with some clients. Teamwork at its best, and more proof that everyone can utilize a coach in virtually every aspect of life.

At The Addictions Academy we can assist you with all that is mentioned above. We are the only National Provider of Addictions Coaching classes, including the International Master Addiction Coach Certification that encompasses ten (10) different types of addictions: drug and alcohol, gambling and gaming, food addictions, and more! This includes 25 hours of supervision and full marketing program. We can mentor you, assist you with marketing, website development and becoming the best Addiction Coach you can be. www.TheAddictionsAcademy.com or call us at 1.800.706.0318 ext. 2

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