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4 Ways You Are Failing At The Quarantine


4 Ways You Are Failing At The Quarantine


 You are stuck at home and starting to go crazy. You have painted, cleaned, organized, played Old Maid with the kids, and baked your 50th pie. You have binge watched Netflix, learned about Tiger sanctuaries (and meth and all kinds of other crazy activities), and finally got season 3 of Ozark done. Maybe you ordered a Peloton (like 8 people in my building) to workout, or you are watching Zumba and Yoga videos online. Week 1 was fun.



Now it’s week two and you haven’t showered in days, you are still wearing your PJs at 3 pm and you are not sure if it’s Monday or Wednesday anymore. You have lost hope and wonder if the quarantine will ever end. Here are 4 ways you are failing at the quarantine.



  1. You have not taken an online class to improve yourself. I saw Harvard giving out free online courses, I saw Grant Cardone offer his vault for 30 day for free (learn how to sell) and we at The Addictions Academy offered a Buy 1 Get 1 free deal for all classes. We want you to learn something new on your downtime. Learn a new skill that will help your clients and yourself. If you are able to offer more services to your clients or new services, you will increase your business 10x.
  2. If you have your own business, you have not adapted to online clients or courses to keep the cash flow coming in! Anyone offering coaching, recovery coaching, intervention or therapy can go virtual at this time and keep the cash flow flowing in. Start a group online for your clients and charge $25 a head, get 10 people and make $250 in that hour. Think outside the box, offer Telehealth or online coaching to families and clients.
  3. You are not spending money. Lack creates lack. If you are living in a Surviving mode, you are not Thriving. If everyone holds onto their money, no one can pay their bills. Find 3 people you can buy something from.  I bought a pair of Birkenstocks from a store in Washington that was closed. I bought online virtual personal training from a local trainer that was having trouble seeing clients and I bought puppy supplies for a foster organization that had extra dogs show up without extra funds. You work in Thrive mode, there is enough to go around so we can all Survive.
  4. You have not joined a Mastermind where the Collective Hive concept is to share and give to all! I wanted to find an affordable mastermind that I could join and network with and be held accountable, but they are very expensive and yield little networking opportunities. So I created one. Check out www.themoneymastermindclub.com

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