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5 New Year’s Resolutions You Break Each Year



5 New Year’s Resolutions You Break Each Year

New Year's Resolutions

It feels to me like every time we end a year on the calendar, something big is about to happen to change my life. I feel inspired, motivated, ready to kick the next year of my life in the ass. I’m sure you’ve felt the same a time or two; Ready to make resolutions for the new year. To me, a resolution is a way to fix a problem. The NEW problem, however is the fact that I don’t follow through with these resolutions consistently, if at all. So, let’s talk about some of these resolutions we’ve all likely made and even more likely broken and how to get over that New Year’s resolution guilt.


  1. Fitness:

Physical fitness and well-being, which are also tied to mental health; We always want to look and feel better. Getting in shape is usually the first thing that comes to mind when I’m asked what my resolution is, but usually because I’m put on the spot and don’t want to be the only one in the room without an answer. I say “I’m gonna work out every single DAY!” Then I don’t. I put it off until next year. In fact, I get into even worse shape. Cue the Doritos and the tissues…..


  1. Diet:

Another part of being fit is a healthy diet. One of the toughest resolutions for me to even think about making in front of people because if you know me, I live and breathe unhealthy food like chicken tenders and cheeseburgers. I’d literally die for it, or from it. Yet I still say it all the time, especially when the ball drops. No more junk food…as I cry into my cheese dip.


  1. Alcohol – lowering intake or quitting:

So, this is a resolution I’ve made many times, but I never actually quit drinking until I finally lost enough and felt enough pain, but that’s a whole other story. I can say I recovered 100 times and relapsed 101 times. Maybe this year my resolution will be to not only reach the 3-year mark for sobriety, but simply never to do it again so I don’t wind up in the drunk tank (shrug). I’m sure some of you can relate, even if it’s just to the point of needing to cut down some for health reasons. Put down that Chardonnay, Karen and listen up!!!


  1. Shopping:

Like food addiction, alcohol and drug addiction, shopping is another very real addiction among our modernized population. If you’re like me, even in quarantine, whenever I make an “extra” dollar, I’m hitting up Amazon and eBay for things I all the sudden “need”. That’s literally the only reason I live paycheck to paycheck. Well, I hope the next time I get myself in a pickle I will have thought about this, made a resolution to shop only when necessary, and have that emergency fund when my ’97 Accord falls apart mid-drive.  I just deleted my Pink Flamingo purchase, no one can have enough of those lawn ornaments, can they?


  1. Social Media Break:

Scroll your newsfeed for 5 minutes and I can almost guarantee you will find a friend’s post that looks like this: “Ugh. Y’all just don’t even know. I’m just leaving Facebook, call my phone if it’s important.” Then an hour later, you see a million memes posted by the same person. I’ve got news for you: They never even left Facebook. I’ve even made this a resolution that of course didn’t last, I am officially addicted to social media like the other 99%, and some of the 1% like President Trump and Twitter. In fact, they add TikTok, have you seen my new dance on there?


If you think about it, addiction can spawn from nearly anything, considering all the things we say we are going to quit doing as part of our resolution every new year, but don’t follow through because we can’t get enough. If you struggle with addiction of any kind including food addiction, social media addiction, shopping addiction, drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues that cause you to find no joy in anything besides just sitting naked in a beanbag chair eating Cheetos and playing Call of Duty because you’re addicted to video games, Cheetos, and being naked, The Addictions Coach can help. Sober Companions, Life Coaches, Food Addiction Coaches, you name it, Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach offer the help. So, check out www.TheAddictionsCoach.com for more info and get the help you need to make that New Year’s Resolution and stick to it!


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