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5 Reasons Every Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Needs a Certified Interventionist

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5 Reasons Every Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Needs a Certified Interventionist

Interventionists are quickly becoming a necessity in the modern world of medicine and alternatives, and it’s only a matter of time before they become the norm. So – for those unaware of just what they may be missing out on, here are five reasons why certified interventionists have become a must-have for every drug and alcohol treatment center.


Firstly, it’s important to recognize when to move forward with practices and expectations. Marketers and business development staff may claim to know the best solution to bring in potential clients, but a certified interventionist may be a lot easier. Anyone in such a field has to know how to market themselves as it’s a primarily independent venture until hired by a larger organization. So not only do they know how to get their names out there or already have an established client base, but now you’re an organization with a publicly advertised intervention support service! Taking on these upcoming reliably-safe services means embracing the future, and while it may seem unorthodox, you can’t move forward without thinking outside of the box.

Bring the Help to the Client

Often the biggest obstacle for an individual between getting help and doing it themselves (oftentimes poorly) is the effort they must go through to get it. If they must go out of their way to visit a facility repeatedly, risking others finding out about a very vulnerable subject, it can be tough to stomach. Certified interventionists make the process much easier by simply bringing the service to the client.

At-home provisions have become the norm, even outside of the medical field. Uber, DoorDash, and even something like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, are all representative of a cultural shift towards remote and mobile service. Life moves quickly, tasks can be optimized, and time runs short. With something as delicate as an intervention, put simply, it’s just easier to plan and host at home. Interventionists provide that regularly and often work around the client for their best interests, so this would become a positive first step towards effective mobile service.

Covered by Insurance

The matter of payment and insurance can be a hassle to deal with on both ends, and certified interventionists can handle that all already. If they’re case management certified, which is often taught in the certification course itself, insurance pays for it! However, it’s always best to double-check before hiring. For example, The Addictions Academy is a leader in the certification industry that trains each student to become a top interventionist with their revolutionary techniques.

They implement both case management and interventionist certification training in a single package and do so with leading experts from the founder, Cali Estes as one of its many hosts.


There’s also the straightforward aspect of offering a service that other facilities lack. Not only does it give those in need potential resources where they normally wouldn’t, but it’s a fantastic marketing opportunity as well.

Differentiating yourself from other places is a solid method to attract more people and provide more services to your community. Being known as the only facility offering such a thing is an objective positive towards credibility and reliability.

Reliance From Those in Need

Families rely on centers like these for help in times of great need, and an interventionist is trained to do just that safely and effectively. Not only would implementing intervention assistance help them, but it’d help the overall organization in its step toward becoming a pillar for those around it to put faith into. If your goal is to provide the best possible service, enlisting the help of a certified interventionist is a great way to do just that.

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