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5 Tips to find an Addiction Interventionist or an Addiction Intervention Expert

5 Tips to find an Addiction Interventionist or an Addiction Intervention Expert


  1. Decide if you need an alcohol intervention, a drug intervention, a sex addict intervention or something else like therapy or counseling. Are you sure your loved one is using substances to excess and is in danger of harming themselves or have they already gotten into trouble? If they are in a crisis, like having a DUI, crashing the car, overdosing on drugs and alcohol, and refusing help, you might need to hire an addiction interventionist.
  2. Decide if you need family intervention techniques performed or a family drug intervention or is this problem more business related. Interventionists specialize in different techniques, some focus on family interventions, others have an executive specialty and advertise more as addiction intervention experts in the business sector. Each interventionist will specialize in their trained techniques and you need to know what you need first. Many people can do intervention, but you want someone that is trained and highly skilled in addiction intervention.
  3. Clearly understand ‘what is an intervention’. A full intervention will include a pre-call with you, the family, with some homework on your part. The addiction interventionist will email you a love letter template to get the ball rolling. A top interventionist will also provide you with a minimum of 3 good treatment center locations for you to vet and see what looks promising for your loved one.
  4. Make sure you hire a certified interventionist. At The Addictions Academy, we offer a national and International credential for addiction interventionists to get trained and educated, we are the largest virtual school for professional training and coaching in addiction studies. You can also find a great list of trained interventionists at the Association of Intervention Specialists page. When you call the addiction intervention expert, ask for their education and certification information. Make sure you call their school to confirm they are indeed trained. Also ask for a copy of their insurance (general and malpractice) and bonding paperwork.
  5. Get the contract in writing. Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and what to expect. Do not give your credit card out over the phone until you see a contract in your email that you can live with. An expert interventionist will always use a solid contract and offer a second intervention free of charge if they can not secure your loved one into treatment on the first try.

Check us out at www.TheAddictionsAcademy.com and www.TheaddictionsCoach.com or call us at 1.800.706.0318 if you need help finding an expert addiction interventionist or you want to be trained in intervention treatment. We are the top school and employ over 100 solid qualified interventionists.


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