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5 Tips to find the best Recovery Coaching or Life Coaching School that Fits your Needs and Budget.

5  Tips to find the best Recovery Coaching or Life Coaching School that Fits your Needs and Budget.

recoveryFinding the right coaching certification program is paramount to become a certified professional coach. You must spend some time and investigate the many coaching training programs on the market today.   Would you like to travel to a live class or do you prefer an online life coach training curriculum? How many hours do you want to invest in the training program and what is a good price to spend for quality training? Do they offer a payment plan? Ongoing support and help? Here are 5 tips to investigate what schools and curriculum will work for you.

  1. Certified coaching programs MUST have an ongoing supervision component where you can practice and hone your coaching skills. If you find a live or online platform with no ongoing supervision and coaching this will not be one of the best life coach training programs on the market. You will need ongoing support with your cases and you will want additional help in your coaching training. No matter if you take a weekend or a week-long course, you need to reach a live person after those days. A great certified professional coach will always have a mentor.
  2. Decide if you want to be a Professional Recovery Coach, Professional Life Coach or a Certified Peer Support specialist or Peer Recovery Coach. These titles have very different job descriptions, pay rates and places to gain employment. For example, a professional coach will not drive their client in their personal vehicle, but a peer recovery coach will. A professional coach will charge a premium rate and a peer coach will take Medicare/Medicaid rates. You may want to add an addictions certificate or a certificate in mental health, so when choosing a school, you will need to make sure they can offer you more than just one or two training platforms.
  3. Look for actual student and professional treatment center reviews. These should be right on their website and accessible, plentiful and easy to understand. Does the website list life coach qualifications and explain how to become a certified life coach clearly? Are the requirements to become a counselor different from the coaching training courses? They should be.  Some websites are not clear in the differences between the counselor and coach designations and educational and state requirements of each.
  4. Coaching certification programs should be available in multiple formats. If you want to learn on line, by webinar or live virtual classroom, this is the easiest, most convenient way to study. Most coach training programs have neglected the ease of use and prefer to teach in a live classroom. You want also to access platforms via self-study and have an audio copy of the class post study. The Addictions Academy is the ONLY school that offers you all 3 platforms in a certified coaching program. We offer live, online virtual classroom and self-study. We are also the only school that offers you lifetime access to repeat the class you paid for. Yes, even if you come back 10 years from now to re-take recovery coach training certification, it is free.
  5. A coach training certification program should offer you a marketing component. After all the money you invest into education, you should be able to get clients or a job. The Addictions Academy will assist you with our marketing classes, online directory’s and potential job opportunities to gain clients. With over 6000 people trained, we are the largest online addiction school in the world. We are in 22 countries and have been translated into 5 languages. We have 20 plus teachers and 40 plus classes, including 2 in marketing your services and how to build a business.

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