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A Felony Record Is NOT the End of the Road. Quality Sober Coaches Needed!


felonyHow many of us convicted felons know the feeling of applying for a job, being overly qualified for the job, out performing every one of the other applicants during the interview process, but you still get told that you can’t get hired because you are a convicted felon. They don’t care that you are off probation, they surely don’t care that you’ve paid your debt to society, and they absolutely do not care that you are the most qualified candidate by a long shot.

All that matters to most professional employers is that you have a spotless background.

This is sad, in my opinion, as  these companies are actually holding themselves back without even knowing it. Now comes the addictions industry! An industry where your felony convictions not only do not matter, but some of them may even enhance your ability to get hired and do your job at a high level!

Think about it like this. If I was hiring a professional sober coach I would want someone who has been down the road of addiction and made it out alive. I would want someone who knows the “ ins and outs” of becoming a successful drug addict during their using days so that they know exactly what to look for when helping our clients successfully overcome addiction. Candidates in the addictions industry without having been through addiction themselves, been arrested and thrown in jail and successfully turn their lives around are of little to no use to employers in this industry.

Let’s take The Addictions Coach as a prime example. They are known in the addictions industry to have the industry’s top professional sober coaches. Their sober coaches are highly skilled in the most diverse addiction treatment programs. But their coaches are not only highly skilled and diverse, but they are also recovering addicts with lengthy felony records. Their coaches have walked the walk that they are now asking their clients to walk themselves. These sober coaches have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that an addict will experience trying to get sober and free from addiction.

So, are you tired of being told that you are disqualified from a job opening that you are truly qualified for just because of your past mistakes? If so, maybe it’s time to start your new career as a professional sober coach by contacting The Addictions Academy. The Addictions Academy has the industry’s most aggressive, diverse and successful training to set you up and send you on your way to unlimited success both personal and financial. Contact The Addictions Academy by calling 1-800-706-0318 or at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com.

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