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The Addictions Academy

The Addictions Academy:

National Education Provider. Accredited Courses and Certifications

We are the Addiction Education Provider that is leading the world with addiction studies classes in the virtual classroom format, live format, and even self-study formats.  It’s time you learned who we are how we can help you build a career, strengthen your resume with credentials and also educate yourself to entice employers.

Named Best of Miami,  The Addictions Academy is a leading International Provider of Certifications, Training’s, and Courses. We offer you, the Professional, the opportunity for you to increase your knowledge base in the Substance Abuse Industry, Gain more cash pay clients, increase your practice and learn new skills necessary to succeed in a growing changing industry. We work with professionals and treatment centers. We are the forerunners in the industry and when it comes to business, we also assist with business details, job placement and procurement of clients. CALL 1.800.706.0318 to get your client base growing! We offer value for our courses and training programs!

The Addictions Academy is comprised of some of the best educators, teachers, doctors and business professionals in the world. We pride ourselves on our highly trained, educated and featured Faculty so we know that you are getting the best of the best that our company has to offer. Our faculty have been featured on the news Nationally and Internally and TV shows and even had films created about their lives. It is imperative that you learn from a successful team that has already built a successful practice in the area that you want to excel in.

We are accredited by the ACTO Coaching training accreditation Program, AACT Learning Institution, offer CEU’s through the Florida Certification Board, and we are approved by the IAAP (International Association of Addiction Professionals). At The Addictions Academy, we want to see you succeed in your field. To offer you the best in both education and marketing.

If you are new to the Addiction Industry, want to gain individual clients, obtain more clients for your treatment center, open a treatment center or just gain CEUs, we are the premier learning institution for you. Call today at 1.800.706.0318 to discuss your educational and marketing opportunities with our staff.

What addiction recovery services do you offer? The Addictions Academy does not offer addiction recovery services. Our sister company, The Addictions Coach offers addiction recovery services and failure to launch services along with therapy, coaching and more.

Who does addiction affect? Addiction affects everyone including the client, the family, the community and the kids. We can help train you to work with all facets of addiction and our sister company can help you individually or as a family if you need addiction recovery services.

The Professional Value of Courses:

Increase your client base!
Increase your earning potential
Get college credits for courses
Add Credentials to your Name
Learn from a National Education Provider
Make yourself more Marketable
Increase your Income
How to market Yourself
How to expand your clientele base
Contracts and forms for clients
Decrease AMA and APA Rate
Travel at your leisure
  • Increase your client base!
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Get college credits for courses
  • Add Credentials to your Name
  • Learn from a National Education Provider
  • Make yourself more marketable to treatment centers and others
  • Increase your income WITHOUT TAKING INSURANCE
  • How to market yourself as an Recovery Coach, Interventionist, Case Mgr. or Master Coach 
  • How to expand your clientele base and start your own Coaching Business
  • Contracts and forms for clients, Service Contract, HIPAA Compliance, Duty to Warn, and Confidentially Forms
  • Decrease AMA and APA rate
  • Travel at your leisure with your clients, all expenses paid.

Our Founder, Cali Estes: While we follow evidenced based practices, our methods of treating addiction are unique. We invite you to check out our programs above, ask questions, try our classes and become our clients. We look forward to having you. You can also find Cali Estes at www.theaddictionscoach.com where they offer: Mobile Rehab, Addiction Therapy, Intervention, Family Coaching, Recovery Coaching, Case Management, Anger Management, Private Wellness Retreat and assorted services to our clientele. We are cutting edge, we are unique. We invite you to join us! Call us at 800.706.0318!