The Addictions Academy: Don’t Lose Clients! Reduce AMA/APA with Proper Training

The Addictions Academy: Don’t Lose Clients! Reduce AMA/APA with Proper Training

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reduce ama apa rateThe number one goal of a detox, residential treatment center, PHP, IOP, halfway house or sober living facility is to fill the beds with quality candidates that need your services. This is where most drug and alcohol treatment centers struggle to maintain a census of appropriate candidates.  You hire marketers, developers, lead generation services, dabble in the AdWords game and spend thousands of dollars to get the phone to ring. After all that money out and hard work, the client comes to your center and begins their treatment journey.

What happens when that client wants to leave early Against Medical Advice (AMA) or Against Professional Advice (APA)?  You have the Behavioral Health Tech try to block the client from leaving, followed by the primary therapist and clinical director. If you own a sober living place, it may be you, alone at 3 am trying to stop a catastrophe from happening. As a drug and alcohol treatment center, your entire team ends up being preoccupied with one client that is disrupting the milieu. The rest of the clients are not getting their needs met while your staff is focused on one client and then that client’s leaving usually takes a few other clients out with them. It is a headache you do not need, but it does come with the industry.

This all translates into time lost and revenue lost.  Loss of services to other clients, loss of possible other clients, loss of revenue that you spend thousands of dollars to get started in the first place. The Addictions Academy and Rescue Rehab can fix that glitch in the system for you.  We have a comprehensive training program that will assist your staff in quickly resolving the issue, resulting in less staff needed to block the AMA/APA client and less clients leaving resulting in more revenue for your drug and alcohol treatment center.


The Addictions Academy Faculty Spotlight: Check out what our Amazing Instructors are Doing!

See what the incredible Boris Schaak, our Fitness Recovery class Instructor, has to say about the importance of exercise in addiction recovery!

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Sober Fitness is a way to get fit and find joy along the way

I am so excited to bring you along on an incredible path I have traveled for the past 40 years. This column will be addressing all aspects surrounding a new and exciting fitness process rooted in the spiritual principles of recovery from addiction and alcoholism — aspects like nutrition, spirituality, new methods of fitness training – and all from a whole new perspective. So, I invite you to join me as we trudge the path toward a new fitness revolution!

Yes, I am gung ho about this! And I hope I can generate the same excitement with all of you.

The great thing about this method I am proposing is that it can help anyone even if he or she is not a recovering addict. This program helps those seeking to better themselves by simply haveing them embrace a spiritual practice into their daily workouts. For the purposes of this column I call this “Sober Fitness.” (TM)

Sober Fitness is an approach borne of decades of my own personal experience and many decades and centuries old philosophies I have learned from. These methodologies have been integrated and tailored to help the recovering addict. Why? Because the addict and alcoholic is physically and mentally different than his or her fellows.

Click the link below to continue to full article and learn more about Sober Fitness!


Look What’s Happening NOW at The Addictions Academy


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Nationally Certified Recovery Coach –1 (NCRC-I)
Are you interested in becoming a Professional Recovery Coach? Our Recovery Coaching Training Program will assist you with all of the skills necessary to learn how to become a top notch Professional Recovery Coach. At The Addictions Academy, we are a National Education Provider and we offer a reputable program that is cost-effective and recognized in the industry. If you are a therapist you need to add this to your practice. If you are a sober companion or sober coach, you need to get the credentials to increase your client base, your income and your worth.


The Addictions Academy: Help Others Find Their Passion; take our Nationally Certified Life Coaching course!

life coaching

Is Your Purpose Helping Others Find Their Passion?

Addiction Life Coaching class with FREE Best selling Coaching workbook, ethics class, 10 weeks of supervision and all exams and credential. See what we can do to help you help others!

Our training includes:

Professional Life Coach Immersion Training (virtual classroom or LIVE), for two days, 10 Weeks of Clinical Supervision, manual, exam,  self-study ethics class with manual and exam (6 hours) and our #1 Best Selling Workbook.   We want you to be the MOST educated in the industry and confident that you can deliver a great coaching experience to your clients.

TOTAL Hours: 26 hours PLUS exam times.

The Addictions Academy Courses Make The Grade: Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Training

Intervention professional

Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Training
Get 36 hours of Intervention training and our coveted credential. The opiate epidemic is here and we need as many advocates and Boots on the Ground helping people get assistance for their addiction. All of our courses are all-inclusive and no hidden fees!

Our training includes:

Professional Intervention Immersion Training (virtual classroom or LIVE), for two days, 10 Weeks of Clinical Supervision, manual, exam,  self-study ethics class with manual and exam (6 hours) self-study Case Management Class (10 hours) with manual and exam.  We want you to be the MOST educated in the industry and confident that you can deliver a great coaching experience to your clients.

TOTAL Hours: 36 hours PLUS exam times.

The Addictions Academy: Are you ready to be a Family Recovery Coach or Certified MOMVOCATE?



Are you ready to be a Family Recovery Coach or Certified MOMVOCATE that understands and is fully trained in how to help the families with addiction issues? Our classes are expandable with over 40 classes, 20 teachers and we are in 20 countries. We are comprehensive and we will teach you, the MOM to help other moms and families understand addiction.

Our training includes:

Professional Family Recovery Coach Immersion Training (virtual classroom or LIVE), for two days, 10 Weeks of Clinical Supervision, manual, exam, #1 Best Selling Workbook, self study ethics class with manual and exam (6 hours) self study Relapse Prevention Class with manual and exam (10 hours) We want you to be the MOST educated in the industry and confident that you can deliver a great coaching experience to your clients.

TOTAL Hours: 36 hours PLUS exam times.

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The Addictions Academy: Nationally Certified Life Coach Training! Using Your Passion to Help Others Find Their Purpose!

The Addictions Academy: Nationally Certified Life Coach Training! Using Your Passion to Help Others Find Their Purpose!

Registration is NOW OPEN for October 7th-8th class!  Reserve Your Seat Today!


life coach trainingOur Life Coach Training and Life Coach Certification (NCLC) is available to the addictions field as well as people not in the addiction studies industry.  At The Addictions Academy we specialize in teaching coaching skills to all of our students. Life Coaching is at the forefront of the coaching industry and people are hiring life coaches over therapists for several issues and areas of their lives. It is no longer considered ‘in’ to have a therapist, coaching has taken over. Everyone has a coach. Our Nationally Certified Life Coach Training meets all ICF standards and requirements.

At The Addictions Academy, our Life Coach Certification will assist you in helping clients make progress in all areas of their lives: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, business, school, etc. You will be valued by your clients and they will love to come and talk with you because you get results. You need a certification in life coaching.

As a life coach, you’ll get to spend your days helping people on a deep, personal and unique level. You’ll be an instrumental part of helping them find the success and happiness that they’re looking for. You can work from home, from your office, or go to your client’s home or office. You can work via telephone, Skype or in person.


The National  Life Coach Certification Program with us is via virtual classroom, not conference calls. We provide all the tools you need to open or expand your life coaching practice. If you want to set your own hours, make a good living and be the best at helping others, we are the Life Coach Training Program for you. If you are a therapist and want to expand your practice and not deal with the pesky insurance companies, this class is a must. Life Coaching Training is a key credential to have and an asset to have for clients that would rather see a coach for accountability and motivation, then a therapist to ‘fix them’.

Professional Life Coaching can be a lucrative and rewarding career for yourself and if you want to help others achieve their goals and dreams, our National Life Coach Certificate Program will assist you on that path. Life Coach Training with The Addictions Academy will offer you the opportunity to challenge yourself, be creative, challenge your clients, and offer them a valuable service. You can work hourly, daily, intensive or sporadic as you see fit. You can see clients Internationally and on your time. Companies are hiring Life Coaches at a fast rate to assist employees in increasing productivity, decreasing sick days, handling interpersonal and inter personnel issues, even as a precursor to hiring within the Human Resources team.  Now is the time to get the credentials and start seeing clients.

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The Addictions Academy Offers Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach training!


When the loved one goes to treatment there are no services for the family. We are changing that by offering a full course and certification on the specific needs of the family and how to work directly with them.

Registration is open for our September 28th-29th class! Reserve Your Seat Today!


Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coaching (NCFRC)

Family Recovery Coach TrainingOur program in Family Recovery Coaching is comprehensive and will teach you, the professional coach, to be able to work with and assist the family during their difficult times.  As much as an addict needs a coach, so does the family, and there are currently no programs available to teach you, the professional, how to deal with the family dynamics.  Families of an addict are often confused themselves about addiction and where to turn with some of the issues that are going on within the family dynamic system. As a Therapist or Recovery Coach, you are trained to handle the addict but often the family is left alone to deal with their issues without help. They become abandoned once the loved one enters treatment or even left to coach themselves on what to do if the loved one refuses treatment. We are proud to offer you Nationally Certified Family Coach Training. Increase your resume and make yourself more marketable to treatment centers by learning Family Recovery Coaching.

Family Coaches deal with families that are confused and not sure what to do while their loved one is in treatment or even during the period where they are actively using. Often the family has been enabling the addict so long that when the addict goes into to treatment they feel lost and confused. Sometimes they even expect the addict to come home after 28 days or so ‘cured’ and ‘fixed’. As Professionals, we know that is not the case, but the family does not. There is a great need for Professional Family Coaches to pick up the pieces before, during and after their loved one gets help.

Up until now the best we were able to recommend to the family was to go to Al-anon or ‘family day’ at the drug and alcohol treatment facility. Now, The Addictions Academy can offer so much more, including a Certification in Family Recovery Coaching. As a Family Recovery Coach, you will be able to assist the families of the addicts that so desperately need assistance with a troubled loved one.

The Addictions Academy Has The Solution for Google’s Crackdown on Addiction Treatment Ads

The Addictions Academy Has The Solution for Google’s Crackdown on Addiction Treatment Ads


“Around the country today, marketers in the $35 billion addiction treatment industry woke up to an unpleasant surprise: Many of their Google search ads were gone. The AdWords purge appears to have begun suddenly and without warning, even for legitimate rehabs.”

Google is cleaning up the addiction industry. The days of paid AdWords, Raw Calls and Body Brokering are coming to an end, and fast. This is great for the shady fraudulent centers that are scamming people out of money and not providing proper service. But what about the legitimate centers that got caught in the crosshairs? How are you supposed to market your services when marketers are called ‘body brokers’ and your paid ads are shut down? How do you reach the clients that need your services?

At Rehab Rescue and The Addictions Academy, we have affordable and effective solutions for you to help get quality referrals (no patient brokering) and turn your referrals into clients (no need for buying leads or buying ads). A treatment center is designed to help people and you are one of the treatment centers trying to do great work and you are caught up in the onslaught of the madness in our industry. Let us help you help more clients.

We are also the leading education institution for addiction training and we have perfected a few classes that help our treatment centers with ROI. These classes are not offered anywhere else and we have a great track record training staff to increase productivity.

Classes to train staff for client acquisition and retention:

Call Center and Admissions Training (to convert the call to a client faster and with less follow up).

AMA/APA Block Training (Stop clients from leaving early and finish the clinical continuum of care)

Utilization Review (Make sure the proper codes are given to maximize benefits)

Marketer and Business Outreach Training (How to ethically get clients in the door and fast)

Billing and Collections (make sure the proper insurance is collected and get back billables)

Recovery Coaching I and II (Helps client stay sober longer and increases your billables).

Call today for your free analysis and see if we can help you 1.800.706.0318


Google articles here:

The Addictions Academy: BOGO Special! September 21st-22nd, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional training


BOGO Special! September 21st-22nd, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional training!


Become a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional with The Addictions Academy!
Thursday and Friday September 21-22nd
LIVE online via virtual classroom.
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Sept 21-22 ONLY
*Includes 10 weeks of Supervision, Exam and Credential.
Join us for our live virtual classroom training with Dr. Estes! Train and become a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional. Learn from the industry leaders in addiction coaching and training.
Is recovery your passion? Do you constantly find yourself in a position where you think you could intervene and get someone the help they desperately need? Do you have the drive to help others make their first step in recovery and get them into treatment?
Don’t wait anymore, become a certified interventionist! We train our students in Intervention A-Z; everything from picking up the phone and pre-screening the client to getting them on the plane/transport to treatment!
Learn proven methods and styles of intervention, including our very own RAAD method, and most importantly learn how to conduct successful interventions that gets your client into treatment!
Read all about our nationally accredited training and what you will learn in the class here!