The Addictions Academy Has A New Year’s Resolution FOR YOU!


Did you make the dreaded New Year’s Resolution?
You want to lose weight and get in shape and blah, blah, blah?
A New You for The New Year?
How about learning how to eat and establishing a healthy relationship with food by becoming a Food Addictions Coach and Nutritional Recovery Coach?
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Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach, Dee Ryan Shares her Experience as a Student of The Addictions Academy!


Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach, Dee Ryan Shares her Experience as a Student of The Addictions Academy!


“I thought the Family Recovery Coach class would be a breeze, as I had experience working with so many populations dealing with substance abuse issues.  I had interacted with people in active addiction, people in recovery, parents of children in active addiction and, sadly, children of parents who were addicted.
I thought I had all of their perspectives and just needed the “stamp” of certification when I began the class with Katie.  What I found out was that I could be a part of the problem and could make matters worse for families.  I was an enabler because I had spent a lifetime being a fixer!
I grew up in a family with substance abuse and domestic violence issues and was the oldest of seven kids.  Most of my waking moments were spent on hyper-alert guard about anything that would trigger parental rage or substance use.  My immediate response was always to fix the situation which often consisted of me helping siblings hide behaviors or getting them out of trouble.  I then spent a lifetime trying to “fix” situations which gained me a great reputation in all of my career endeavors.  I thought I knew it all and coaching others would be a breeze.
Imagine then, my shock and temporary humiliation at the silence from Katie and other classmates at the end of my role-playing with parents who were trying to cope with their child’s addiction issues.   Time after time, I realized I was not taking the role of helping parents move forward with their own lives but trying to make it better by helping them try to fix their own kids. Katie had to continually (but gently) remind me that the parent was the client and that I was trying to “fix” the addict.
It was an enormous paradigm shift for me to learn that the purpose might be to simply help the parents cope with the situation as it was and to not try to offer them ways to fix their child or offer them false hope. 
I realized the harm I could do by teaching the parents how to fix their child or the situation instead of being supportive and aware of their needs.  I realized that the role of a Family Recovery Coach is to not teach them to be an enabler as I had been for so much of my life.  I am sure I will need constant self-reminders as I transition from being a fixer to being a supportive coach.  I am looking forward to the challenge.”
Dee Ryan, Family Coach

Give YOURSELF a Gift this Holiday! Train with The Addictions Academy!


Give YOURSELF a Gift this Holiday! Train with The Addictions Academy!


December 14-15

Nationally Certified Recovery Coach training!

LIVE Virtual Classroom!   Limited Reserved Seating!   Register TODAY!

Nationally Certified Recovery Coach –1 (NCRC-I)
Are you interested in becoming a Professional Recovery Coach? Our Recovery Coaching Training Program will assist you with all of the skills necessary to learn how to become a top-notch Professional Recovery Coach. At The Addictions Academy, we are a National Education Provider and we offer a reputable program that is cost-effective and recognized in the industry. If you are a therapist you need to add this to your practice. If you are a sober companion or sober coach, you need to get the credentials to increase your client base, your income and your worth.  All of our Recovery Coach training classes meet the ICF standards with the core competencies. We are accredited though the AACT  as an educational institution, IAAP and this manual was approved by NAADAC in 2013.

Our training includes:

Professional Recovery Coach Immersion Training (virtual classroom or LIVE), for two days, 10 Weeks of Clinical Supervision, manual, exam, #1 Best Selling Workbook, self-study ethics class (6 hours), PLUS we offer our Recovery Coach Self Study Level 2 class for FREE when you buy level 1. We want you to be the MOST educated in the industry and confident that you can deliver a great coaching experience to your clients.

TOTAL Hours: 36 hours PLUS exam times.

Our comprehensive Professional Recovery Coaching will teach you to prepare for difficult Recovery Coach clients and various situations. Through the process of Recovery Coaching, clients are held accountable, improve their performance, become educated on drug and alcohol addictions, and enhance their quality of life. A Recovery Coach sets the parameters of the conversation, listens and contributes observations and questions, provides a road map for success and assists the client as a team to achieving their desired goals. An action based Recovery Coach accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choices, actions, and responsibility. Recovery Coaching concentrates on meeting the client where they are now, where they want to be, and holding them accountable as a team to get there.


Complete course description and to register:

The Addictions Academy is offering Nationally Certified Internet Addictions Coach training!

PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! The Addictions Academy is offering Nationally Certified Internet Addictions Coach training!

Internet Addictions

Put down your phones.  It is time. There is NOTHING like this on the market yet. Get ahead of the curve and add Internet Addiction Coaching to your practice. Everyone is on social media and the ease of pushing a button to have a package delivered in under 1 hour has taken hold. People are addicted to shopping, porn, Facebook, IG and more.
Culturally we are seeing a rise in suicide due to bullying, self-esteem being tied to ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’ and kids that can not communicate unless it is through a text message.  It is time to learn how to handle Internet Addiction. Add this to your coaching practice today or specialize in it.
 Internet Addictions Coach course:

The Addictions Academy Offers New Training Course: Nationally Certified Internet Addictions Coach (NCIAC)




Internet addictions

Internet Addictions Coach

Lost Online: When the Internet takes over your life it can be a serious problem, and even an addiction. Limited information is available to treat this type of addiction and more and more people spend more time online than in real life. Have you tried to pry a cell phone from a 15-year-old’s hands? How will they ever post that selfie on Facebook or check in at Starbucks?  Even 8-year-olds are addicted to gaming online and spend more time inside in front of a computer, phone, IPad or TV, than outside playing.

Internet addiction is described as an impulse control disorder, which does not involve the use of an intoxicating drug and is very similar to pathological gambling. Some Internet users may develop an emotional attachment to online friends and activities they create on their computer screens. We saw this with the advent of Yahoo Messenger and now Facebook (originally MySpace) where an entire false reality can be created (including photos, job, etc) that is not real. Gamers that are enmeshed in the online video games also have this phenomena. We saw the game Grand Theft Auto played in real life in San Diego when gamers started throwing bricks off overpasses and shooting at moving cars.
Types of Internet addiction: social media (FB IG Snapchat, Twitter etc), porn, shopping (amazon prime), gaming,  streaming movies/tv, chatrooms, dark web etc.
Our Internet Addictions Coaching class will cover all facets of Internet Addiction and how the coaching process is imperative in behavior modification.

The Addictions Academy Students Around the World Share Their Experiences!


“I’m a certified interventionist from the best academy in America you need help or educated to practice in the field contact Cali Estes she is amazing!!!”

Mike Pack, Hope Dealer Ohio

“La Promessa Interventionist Evyan Donch in The Addictions Academy training from Cali Estes and working with others to shed the light on the State of Addiction Treatment in Italy and other parts of the world.

So grateful to connect with a powerful group of changemakers and professionals bringing the best Intervention services to individuals suffering from addictions all over the world.

“The training I received from Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy was an intense complete and interesting program that provided real-life examples of Interventions and how to resolve difficulties in dealing with particular clients. Cali is very knowledgeable, skilled and well-educated. She is also supportive and easy to communicate with making her one of the best Interventionists and Coaches throughout the world.” Evyan D. Italy

“It can be difficult as a professional and the consumer looking for online classes for certifications, continuing education classes or classes that keep you on the cutting edge in your field. I had 1 referral for The Addictions Academy from a counselor friend did my due diligence and signed up for the Nationally Certified Intervention Training Class (Webinar). I was amazed that the class also contained a separate Ethics course but MOST IMPORTANTLY the Webinar class included case management certification which is an actual “license”. This is important because in the field of intervention itself there is no licensing requirements. Even for those of us who are Certified Substance Abuse Counselors with the appropriate designations Intervention is a completely different animal. The Case Management course purchased by itself is about an $800 value.

Our instructor was Dr. Cali Estes. I didn’t know anything about her other than the credentials I reviewed on the website as I scrolled through all the faculty on staff. I did not know who the instructor would be! I cannot say enough amazing things about not just the class but the amount of insight into the “real life” world of Drug and Alcohol Interventionist’s. The materials were right on point and Dr. Estes took the time to answer every question, covered every bit of the material and did actual case studies with us of real life interventions she has been involved in.

Not only would I highly recommend The Addictions Academy for any kind of training or certification in the field of Alcohol and Substance Abuse I would recommend Dr. Estes and her team to anyone who wanted the best intervention for someone they love.

I also have to give a shout out to Stephen Dixon who I came to learn is the student coordinator. He was professional, EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE and kind.

They are so good I’m on to my next class: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach – 1″

 Kim M., North Carolina Interventionist

“Class was fabulous. Learned so much. You are amazing. Hope we may we meet soon. Thanks from Wilmington” Kelly Murphy Chambliss Interventionist Delaware

Dr. Cali Estes and The team at The Addictions Academy offer FREE Intervention Training for all active First Responders and Parents of overdose Victims.

First Responders

Dr. Cali Estes and The team at The Addictions Academy offer FREE Intervention Training for all active First Responders and Parents of overdose Victims.

Read on for an excerpt of the article from The Wall Street Select.

The Addictions Coach and founder of The Addictions Academy, Dr. Cali Estes, confirmed they are
providing free tuition for their Nationally Certified Professional Interventionist training to any First Responder or any parent of a child lost to drug addiction or overdose. The training provides the step-by-step strategies and methods to successfully help people get into rehab or detox,  allowing them the opportunity to turn their lives around.  Dr. Estes recently went on record to say that our current system of addiction and substance-abuse treatment does not always work and that professional coaches and interventionists are needed more than ever.  Explaining the need for an increase in professional Recovery Coaches and Interventionists, Estes noted, “The first step towards effective treatment and coaching can be the toughest. And getting the addict to agree to what they see as a giant leap, to accept help, can be a game-changer.”

The Addictions Academy Student Spotlight: Julia Bonner


Julia Bonner, a student of The Addictions Academy is passionate about helping others find freedom from addiction.  Hear what she has to say!

Julia Bonner, CEO, JD, Coach discusses her experience at The Addictions Academy and why she has chosen coaching.

Julia Bonner   CEO and Founder, Julia Bonner Coaching
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UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast with Guest Katie Donovan- A Mother’s Addiction Journey


Unpause Your Life Podcast with Guest Katie Donovan – A Mother’s Addiction Journey
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On Unpause Your Life:
Katie is a high-performing Nationally Certified Family Addictions Coach and Instructor who believes there are no right answers to dealing with addiction, but there is a “best route” to take.

Katie has spent over the last 20 years in the marketing, events and communications industry. After experiencing the addiction journey with her daughter Brittany, Katie left her marketing career, in order to focus on family recovery.

She has now dedicated her life to guiding others through the overwhelming process of finding quality treatment for substance abuse, coaching families through their own recovery, and a consultant for the treatment industry. Katie is the Executive Vice President of the nonprofit FAN-Families Against Narcotics, on the Executive Committee for a Michigan opiate task force Operation Rx, and a national speaker on addiction.

Katie has been a featured author/blogger for national advocacy groups such as The Addicts Mom, Magnolia New Beginnings, and In The Rooms, in addition to being interviewed on The Fix, Overcoming Addiction Radio, NBC Detroit as well as numerous media sources.

Katie and her daughter Brittany also co-founded a blog, where they dig deep about their journey at, which reached over a million views within 30 days of its inception and has been syndicated in over 30 publications, including USA Today and The Sober World magazine.

Katie lives with her husband John, and their youngest daughter Brooke in Macomb Twp, MI.

“Once you take the focus off of the addict and put it onto the family, you will see true healing begin.”

More info:
Family Addiction Coaching:

The Addictions Academy Offers Nationally Certified Intervention Professional training


Reserve Your Seat for November 16-17

LIVE Virtual Classroom


National Intervention Training
Intervention CertificationAs a Professional Interventionist, you want the most comprehensive training on the market at a National level. You want to learn BOTH the Invitational and the Surprise methods to BEST serve your clients. Not one shoe fits all feet and one style of intervention tactics is not appropriate for all clients.

Imagine helping others by offering them a secure and safe alcohol intervention or drug intervention to get their loved one into treatment. Our Nationally Certified Intervention Professional is our 36 hour base course and we also offer a Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional that is 51 hours in length.

Our training includes:

Professional Intervention Immersion Training (virtual classroom or LIVE), for two days, 10 Weeks of Clinical Supervision, manual, exam,  self study ethics class with manual and exam (6 hours) self study Case Management Class (10 hours) with manual and exam.  We want you to be the MOST educated in the industry and confident that you can deliver a great coaching experience to your clients.

TOTAL Hours: 36 hours PLUS exam times. 

If you have ‘the gift’ to help people get into rehab or detox and turn their lives around, this career as a Professional Interventionist is for you.  You are probably in recovery yourself and have a true desire to help people by using your intervention training skills.  With our Professional Certification in Intervention, you will learn how to assist your clients in the most ethical and legal way possible with the least resistance on their end.  We teach clear and concise methods that are evidenced based practice and all of our intervention training courses cover ethics, legal issues specific to intervention, pre screening for the proper intervention, pre-intervention, intervention and post intervention. We offer real world case scenarios and teach you body language and proper client placement during a clinical intervention.

Our trained Master and PHD level Interventionists have logged over 1000 Intervention hours each and can teach you how to master the art of intervention. At our Intervention Training, we will  focus on clinical and detox assessment, family system dynamics, case management aspects, crisis interventions, placements, networking and outreach, methodology and planning and execution. You will leave our intervention training feeling knowledgeable and wanting more. You will feel secure and able to tackle any intervention jobs that come your way and you will have a basic understanding of how and where clients will come from when you start your own intervention business.