Ask The Expert: Dr. Cali Estes weighs in on The Addictions Academy’s most asked questions about Intervention training and Intervention certification


Can an intervention be done remotely? YES! A certified and trained professional interventionist can walk a family through the steps it takes to help get their loved one into treatment. A top interventionist can work via Telehealth and coach a family through the process.

What is the RAAD Model of professional intervention? The RAAD model is trademarked to The Addictions Academy and is a specific style of intervention that specializes in a quick turnaround. Most of the pre-intervention is done from your home or office prior to arrival at the family location. Then, once you arrive, the entire intervention should be under 5 hours. This style intertwines NLP, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology and sales techniques, that help over come objections and create a smooth intervention process with a high closing rate.


RAAD stands for:

Read the Client

Assess the situation

Anticipate the needs of the client

Direct the flow

How does an intervention work? An intervention has many moving parts and includes a pre set up call (or in the RAAD model several calls), allocating a location for addiction treatment, pre-certification of insurance benefits, creating love letters, and prepping for all objections. Then the interventionist arrives and disrupts the negative behavior of the client by offering options to handle the underlying issues and causes of the addiction.  The family may or may not be present and love letters read to the client. The client will be presented with two options in the case of the RAAD model, trash bag or suitcase (Dr. Cali Estes signature move) and objections overcome. A top interventionist will successfully get the client into treatment.

What is different about your intervention certification program? Our model is designed to be fast with the least amount of time onsite and the most amount of time doing the proper planning. We cover objections, create alternative solutions and want the professional intervention to be seamless and fast. Most styles of intervention used closed ended questions like “do you want to go to treatment’ or ‘will you accept this gift of treatment’.  At The Addictions Academy, we use open ended questions. “You can take the trash bag and be homeless or take the suitcase and go to addiction rehab, what would you like to do”?  We specialize in using sales closing techniques, NLP and Motivational Interviewing.

Can I learn how to do an intervention online? Yes! Our next professional intervention certification is April 16 and 17th and we have been teaching professional intervention via virtual classroom webinar since 2012.  It is our specialty. Check out and learn how to get trained as a nationally certified intervention professional (NCIP) or a master interventionist in our advanced clinical intervention certification program (NCACIP).   Call our team at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Ready to change your life? Of course, you are!


Ready to change your life? Of course, you are! You are stuck at home, watching TV, waiting for the right time to learn something new or help more people. Today is that day! It is time to change your life.
change your life
Dr. Cali Estes was chosen as a featured guest on The Life Change Guide.  Dr. Estes is a pioneer in the addictions space and has expanded her classes to include many different domains for individuals that want to learn addiction treatment or addiction recovery coaching. She is a leader in certification for intervention and specializes in the RAAD model.  With over 30 classes to choose from, you can change your life too!
Click the link below to see how she did it, or check out to see how we can assist you in changing your life and helping others to change theirs!
Some ways we can help: We offer core hours to sit for the counseling exams, certification as a professional Recovery Coach, Interventionist and even marketing classes to help you get clients and build your practice. Call us today and if you mention CODE50 we will give you 50% off any class. Learn something new and change your life!

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Ask the Expert on our featured class at The Addictions Academy

sober companion

What is a Sober Companion? A Sober Companion can be a person in long-term recovery or a certified recovery coach that is able to expand services to offer hourly work with a client. They can live in 24/7 or accompany the client to a specific event. All sober companions should be certified, background checked, bonded and insured.

What does a Sober Companion do? A Sober Companion’s job is to help their clients stay sober for a length of time. This can be for a few hours at an event like a wedding, work event, or a specific thing like travel for work. A certified sober companion can help a client go to meetings, go to the gym and set up an exercise routine, go grocery shopping and prepare healthy meals and more. A sober companion can be a sounding board and offer strengths-based support when a client is feeling down or wanting to drink or use drugs.

Sober Companions can interrupt bad behaviors and redirect to better solutions. All sober companions should be bonded, insured and certified.  They should complete a training program and understand boundaries, social ques, confidentiality and Duty to Warn, along with HIPAA.

What does a Certified Sober Companion not do?  Sober Companions will not offer therapy, counseling, or clean your house and babysit. They are there to help you learn how to be sober and live a sober lifestyle or to learn to use moderately. Sober Companions can drive you to and from appointments, but they are not chauffeurs and will function as much more for you.

Is there a training program for sober companions? Yes! The Addictions Academy has created a course for Nationally Certified Sober Companion that is 36 hours and includes ethics and legal information that every sober companion should know to be offering services.

If you register for the class this week, we will give you a free class as part of the buy 1 get 1 special of online learning at home. When the lockdown and social distancing is over, we believe there will be an increase and demand for addiction services in the field and now is the time to get trained and be ready to lend a helping hand.  Let us help you get your career going now. Call us at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Follow this link to view full details on this training program.  Register for the APR 2-3 class at the bottom of the page.

4 Ways You Are Failing At The Quarantine


4 Ways You Are Failing At The Quarantine


 You are stuck at home and starting to go crazy. You have painted, cleaned, organized, played Old Maid with the kids, and baked your 50th pie. You have binge watched Netflix, learned about Tiger sanctuaries (and meth and all kinds of other crazy activities), and finally got season 3 of Ozark done. Maybe you ordered a Peloton (like 8 people in my building) to workout, or you are watching Zumba and Yoga videos online. Week 1 was fun.



Now it’s week two and you haven’t showered in days, you are still wearing your PJs at 3 pm and you are not sure if it’s Monday or Wednesday anymore. You have lost hope and wonder if the quarantine will ever end. Here are 4 ways you are failing at the quarantine.



  1. You have not taken an online class to improve yourself. I saw Harvard giving out free online courses, I saw Grant Cardone offer his vault for 30 day for free (learn how to sell) and we at The Addictions Academy offered a Buy 1 Get 1 free deal for all classes. We want you to learn something new on your downtime. Learn a new skill that will help your clients and yourself. If you are able to offer more services to your clients or new services, you will increase your business 10x.
  2. If you have your own business, you have not adapted to online clients or courses to keep the cash flow coming in! Anyone offering coaching, recovery coaching, intervention or therapy can go virtual at this time and keep the cash flow flowing in. Start a group online for your clients and charge $25 a head, get 10 people and make $250 in that hour. Think outside the box, offer Telehealth or online coaching to families and clients.
  3. You are not spending money. Lack creates lack. If you are living in a Surviving mode, you are not Thriving. If everyone holds onto their money, no one can pay their bills. Find 3 people you can buy something from.  I bought a pair of Birkenstocks from a store in Washington that was closed. I bought online virtual personal training from a local trainer that was having trouble seeing clients and I bought puppy supplies for a foster organization that had extra dogs show up without extra funds. You work in Thrive mode, there is enough to go around so we can all Survive.
  4. You have not joined a Mastermind where the Collective Hive concept is to share and give to all! I wanted to find an affordable mastermind that I could join and network with and be held accountable, but they are very expensive and yield little networking opportunities. So I created one. Check out

Find out more about Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions academy at where you can look for classes online to increase your business and help others.   Questions? Call us at 800 706 0318 ext 2

What Would A Life Coaching Certification Mean To You? Now Is Your Time To Find Out!


life coach

The spotlight on life coaches and life coaching itself has never been more prominent than it is today. We are seeing high-profile celebrities hiring life coaches at an extremely high rate to get their out of control lifestyles in control. We are seeing high-profile doctors, attorneys, and educators hiring life coaches themselves to get their life back on track and get their lives back under their control. We have even seen a high- profile sports figure hire a professional life coach as his assistant head coach for an NFL franchise. This would be Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones realized that the chemistry within his locker room is the most important aspect of his football team, so he hired a professional life coach and gave them the title of assistant head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in order to teach his players to be more accountable and to pay attention to the small details that make an NFL franchise successful. And we could not agree more with his choice and I can tell you that it is going to be highly successful.
So with the demand for highly qualified, skilled and successful nationally certified professional life coaches at an all time high the time is right for you to work towards becoming one. Imagine a self-made career where you get to travel the world helping those in need become successful on their own. Not only would it be emotionally fulfilling but it would also be financially fulfilling and you would be free to make your own schedule and create your own work load.
Becoming a top nationally certified professional life coach begins with contacting us here at The Addictions Academy. You can visit our company website at to get class information on our next Nationally Certified Life Coaching Certification on March 21 and 22.  You can take this class from the comfort of your own home or office through our live virtual classroom setting. The one time low fee of $1329 also includes 10 weeks of professional supervision to make sure that you are utilizing your new skills at the highest level, and ethics training by self study is also included.  You receive two manuals which also includes our best selling workbook, all forms, certificates and contracts are included, and all exams are included.
Just imagine how liberating it would be to work for yourself, make your own schedule, and create your own caseload. You can stop making someone else a lot of money and begin creating a career full of fulfillment and financial game by contacting us today for our next available Nationally Certified Life Coaching class on March 21 and 22.. You can also register and get more course information by clicking on the following class link.
Also, please take a few moments and read up on our instructor, Mr. Kevin Parker, by clicking on the following link
Begin your life coaching career today by clicking on the links above to register for our next Nationally Certified Life Coaching class on March 21st and 22nd.

Do You Crave Sugar? You May Have A Food Addiction.


JUST 2 SEATS LEFT FOR OUR   Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach training MAR 5-6     REGISTER TODAY!



The public’s knowledge of food addiction is much better than it used to be. We understand now, more than ever, just how food addiction works and just how destructive it can be to our lives and to our loved ones around us. You might be surprised at the numbers of those affected by food addiction and the actual deaths associated with food addiction.
But why are some foods more harmful and addictive? Well, it’s all about the chemical make up of the food we are eating, especially sugar and sugar-related foods. Believe it or not some foods have chemicals in them that release the same feel good endorphins that drugs and alcohol release. Also, sugar and all foods with sugar in them have almost the same chemical make up of heroin. Just ask a heroin addict or a recovering opiate addict just how much they crave sugar. Opiates and sugar go hand in hand and it is because of the similarity in their chemical make up.
On a side note, the United States is the leading country in sugar consumption and sugar availability but that is a different blog for a different day. So let’s get back to why some foods are far more addictive than others. Like we stated above, it is because of the chemical make up of these foods and whether or not they have the ingredients in them that cause our feel good endorphins to be released. Then we obviously want to continue eating these foods that release these feel good endorphins over and over again. The problem comes when these foods are harmful to our health and cause major health issues such at obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. So obviously our addictive nature wants to feel the feel good endorphins that these unhealthy foods ping over and over. And this repetition of ingesting unhealthy foods are our downfall with food addiction.
Dr. Cali Estes, the founder and creator of The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy, knows firsthand about food addiction and its unhealthy side effects. Dr. Estes is a food addict and was the unwanted beneficiary of many of the unhealthy side effects of food addiction and sugar. At a young age Cali used food as a comfort drug and soon became addicted to food and sugar. She battled through this food addiction through educating herself on food addiction and began eating healthy and exercising regularly which greatly contributed to her present day athletic physique and healthy status. But this was only possible through educating herself with food addiction and the danger foods and substances that contribute to food addiction. If you are struggling with food addiction or know somebody who is, you can contact Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach through the company website at or by calling us at 1-800-706-0318.
Remember, food addiction was Dr. Cali Estes’ personal addiction and struggle and there is no one better to ask for help and guidance when it comes to food addiction and recovery from food addiction. Now, please click on the following link to watch a great educational video with Dr. Cali Estes and her long time business companion Don Prince discuss the danger foods and food addiction as a whole. They also discuss food addiction prevention so please click on the following link

Ready to Kick The Sugar Habit? Passionate about helping others with Food Addictions?


food addiction

So excited to share the virtual stage with the great Dr. Vera Tarman and JJ virgin. Click the link and register for the FREE summit below. I will share some secret tips and tricks that I give my celebrity clients to kick the sugar habit. — with Vera Ingrid Tarman.

If you are ready to help others with their Food Addiction You need this training!
Register NOW for our MAR 5-6 Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach live, virtural classroom training.
Food addiction and it’s unhealthy consequences are becoming more and more obvious in today’s society. Food addiction education is becoming more readily available to those who have interest in learning about food addiction and what foods are extremely addictive and why those foods are extremely addictive.
Did you know that a high percentage of foods have sugar in them whether they are considered sweet food or dessert-like food? Many of our complex carbohydrates turn to sugar when being metabolized and become just as addictive as a piece of chocolate cake would be. And I bet you would be surprised at the percentage of our population that actually think Doritos are a food. Well I am here to tell you that bananas are a food. Grapes are a food. Carrots and broccoli are foods. But Doritos and Lucky charms are not foods! They are food-based products that can be just as harmful and destructive as heroin and cocaine.
Do you ever wonder why you can see a carton of your favorite ice cream or a box of your favorite cereal and you get a sudden urge to purchase this and eat this while you do not get the same urge when you see carrots, broccoli or cauliflower which you might like just as much as the cereal and ice cream. This is because the food items such as broccoli, grapes and carrots are made of real nutrients and minerals which our bodies need, while the food-based products such as ice cream, chips and cereal are made of man made side products such as processed sugar and fillers that are highly addictive.
These food-based products are highly addictive because the ingredients in these products ping the brain much like drugs and alcohol do and release our feel good endorphins which causes us to want to repeat that feel good cycle over and over by ingesting these harmful foods. This repetitive ingesting of these harmful foods cause serious health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes and can lead to extremely poor health and an extremely poor lifestyle or even death. Food addiction is just as serious as any other diction and just as harmful as any other addiction and we need to educate ourselves just as much as we would educate ourselves on cocaine or heroin addiction.
Dr Cali Estes and her online training school, The Addictions Academy, have the industry’s BEST educational class on Food Addiction and it is available to you next on March 5th and 6th. ALL the class details and class registration can be found at the following link . Remember that all classes come with 10 weeks of supervision to make sure you are using your new skills correctly, Ethics class by self study, all certificates and certifications and a copy of our best selling workbook. So please click on the following link for class info and registration and click on the secondary link to watch Dr. Cali Estes discuss food addiction and the differences in food and food based products! You can also call us to register at 1-800-706-0318.

Skip Flowers and Candy…What You Really Need for Valentine’s Day!


Flowers die, and we all know processed sugar will wreak havoc on our systems.  What about a gift that truly tells someone you love them?

Give them the gift of good health!

flowersDr. Cali Estes and Dr. Teralyn Sell’s brainchild, ProRecoveryRx, was featured on NBC News as a product review and new supplement line for addiction and mental health.
Watch the news segment:

Learn more about this breakthrough product:



Dallas Cowboys get a New Coach, but not for Football; Jerry Jones Hires a Life Coach for Players!



Dallas Cowboys get a New Coach, but not for Football; Jerry Jones Hires a Life Coach for Players!

Excerpt from below article:

Well, it has happened ladies and gentlemen.
One of the most successful team owners in the National Football League and, quite honestly, one of the most successful human beings on the planet has just found it necessary to hire a professional life coach to take on the role of assistant head coach of the world-famous Dallas Cowboys. Now, there have been plenty of teams that have brought on professional coaches to help players deal with off the field situations that may affect their careers in a negative manner, but this is the first time that a league owner has specifically hired a professional life coach in an attempt to make their players more accountable, pay closer attention to detail and learn to function as a team instead of chasing individual goals. Does “setting goals”, “paying close attention to detail” and “accepting responsibility” sound familiar? Well, it should. These are some of the main characteristics that a top certified professional life coach preaches and teaches along the route to becoming a top nationally certified professional life coach.  Learn more about our Nationally Certified Life Coach training  by clicking the link or calling 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Continue to full article:


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How The Addictions Academy Is Different From Other Addiction Education Programs


Addictions academy

In the addictions industry today there are quite a few different addiction education providers. Everyone claims to be an expert and everyone claims to offer the best education for the best price. So when we are trying to pick our addiction education provider we need to really peel back the layers of the program or school and really see what the program has to offer us that sets them apart from all other addiction education providers.

So let’s take The Addictions Academy under the microscope for a few moments and talk about how they separate their addiction education program from all others by taking that extra step in many categories.  This puts you in the best spot to succeed after you have received your credentials and certifications.

First of all let’s talk about the wide range and wide variety of the classes you can take at The Addictions Academy. At The Addictions Academy  they have over 30 different classes you can take to better yourself in the addictions industry or get yourself into the addictions industry, if you’re not already working in it.  Nationally Certified Sober Coaching,  Nationally Certified Intervention Professional, sex addiction, gambling addiction and even social media addiction and internet addiction coaching, just names a few of the recovery-related coaching certification programs that The Addictions Academy offers.

The next way that The Addictions Academy separates itself from other addictions education providers is that their certifications are excepted and acknowledged internationally. After becoming certified through The Addictions Academy,it will open the door for you to expand your business throughout the world internationally and work with clients outside of the United States.

The next category has become a hot topic with business people all over the world and that is forming your own brand and attacking the industry with top-level marketing. Here at The Addictions Academy, we teach you how to skillfully brand yourself and company and we also teach you how to stay one step ahead of your competition with new modern state of the art marketing techniques. You will quickly become a top nationally certified professional recovery coach, top nationally certified interventionist or a top nationally certified sober coach, to name a few, once you finish your education with The Addictions Academy and enter into the work force of the addictions industry. Our competition leaves you high and dry once your education is finished, but not at The Addictions Academy.

And last but not least, we really put our money where our mouth is here at The Addictions Academy by offering you the option to learn how to make “six figures in six months”!  This almost sounds too good to be true as any one of us would jump at the chance to gain the skills and knowledge to be able to make a six figure income in just six short months. Yes, it can be done, and all you have to do is give The Addictions Academy the opportunity to lead the way!  So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-706-0318 or visit our website at To get a full listing of all of the classes and programs that we offer today!