Dr. Cali Estes and Other Experts Discuss Making Money Online During the Lockdown

COVID-19 has the world in a panic.  People have anxiety, anger,  frustration, and fear that the world will end. So what can you do to make money in the Covid-19 pandemic?
COVID-19 experts
Join Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy as she discusses how being entertaining and using taglines or unique mantras can help you attract new clients. Dr. Cali Estes is the founder of the largest addiction education school and part of what she specializes in while training recovery coaches, top interventionists and addiction counselors.  Her classes are entertaining, educational and fun. Dr. Cali Etses, the celebrity addictions coach loves to make learning fun.
The Addictions Academy is the largest online addiction education center in the globe with over 30 classes, 30 educational faculty and translated into 5 languages. Read more on the article on the experts that tell you how to make money online in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The news says drinking is on the rise due to COVID-19. Are clients able to find you?


COVID-19 has increased drinking by 55%, according to Fox News. Why don’t you have a full book of clients?

If you are a Recovery Coach, Interventionist, Sober Companion, or anyone that works in the addiction treatment industry you need clients.  You need steady clients that pay you what you’re worth. Don’t read any further if you want to work for free, because this information is not for you.


At The Addictions Academy, we want you to succeed as a recovery coach, certified interventionist, a sober companion or addiction treatment professional. We know that there are plenty of clients looking for trained, educated addiction professionals but if you are not on a directory, they can not find you! Posting on Facebook is cute, but it only reaches so far. You need a site that is catered to your specialty (there are really none out there), and search engine optimized, to offer you the ability to get clients.

If you trained under Judy Landau (Arise Interventions), CCAR (CART) as a peer coach or even Ken Seeley (BRI interventions), you need a place to be found. We even offer CAN-AM interventionists in Canada to place their information on The Recovery Coach locater site.

We offer video options, hours, direct calls, bio, reviews and more. You need to up your SEO game and you need to get featured as a top interventionist, certified peer recovery coach, certified life coach or certified professional recovery coach.

This is the directory for you. Check it out below and for less than one day at Starbucks you can have a full month of exposure. Limited time option 30 days FREE



The Addictions Academy Reviews. The Addictions Academy Complaints.



At The Addictions Academy we are different. We want you to be successful and our competitors HATE US for it! We have risen to the top of recovery coach training, certified intervention training, addiction life coach training and we even have a few specialty classes that no other training organization has! Do you know what makes us different?

Our faculty love what they do! We have the most highly educated and most decorated faculty. All of our faculty have been teaching and educating for years. We are not the fly by night company that trains you as coach this week and you are suddenly a peer recovery coach trainer next week.

But that is not all that The Addictions Academy can do for you!

Each program contains 36 plus hours, has at least 2 full classes, ethics, 10 weeks of supervision and more. We focus on professional grade classes for the busy person who wants to learn by virtual online classroom.

We want you to be successful, so we offer a lot of awesome extras, at no cost to you! Whether you take a recovery coach class, an intervention certification class, or you aspire to be a live-in sober companion, we want you to be successful.   Maybe you want to learn the art of addiction counseling, we have that too.

What sets us apart is our marketing programs. We can teach you how to build your brand, position yourself as an authority, get on podcasts, in major media outlets, even help you with job placement. We want our certified recovery coaches to be successful. We have a FREE 30 day directory for you to join, 10 weeks of clinical supervision and coaching mentorship, right at your fingertips.


Take a look at The Addictions Academy vs. the ‘leading’ peer coach academy

TAA: in person, online, self-study video series

Them: in person only


TAA: all inclusive one price. Includes ethics, manuals, exams

Them: Hidden fees, add on costs


TAA; trained, educated faculty with a Bachelor’s or higher, years of education, featured in major news outlets, TV and published bestselling authors.

Them: Their peer coach academy teachers just took the class last week and they are suddenly experts in their field!


TAA: in 25 countries

Them: in USA only


TAA: 10 weeks of clinical supervision with a Bachelors or higher professional

Them: No supervision, good luck after the week is up!


TAA: free 30-day directory, marketing, business branding, help getting clients and a job board.

Them: crickets


TAA: helps you make extra cash with affiliate program

Them: crickets


TAA: networking groups, hands on teachers after training, seals for your website, and more

Them: crickets

TAA: 30 classes, Recovery Coach II, Intervention, Sober Companion, and more

Them:  crickets


TAA: best-selling workbook for clients to make your coaching easier

Them: crickets


But don’t take my word for it, check out our student reviews below.


Contact Us

PHONE: 1.800.706.0318


Who is the Most Successful Addiction Training Company in the World?

addiction training

At The Addictions Academy we are different. We want you to be successful and our competitors HATE US for it! We have risen to the top of recovery coach training, certified intervention training, family recovery coach training, addiction counselor training, addiction life coach training, medically assisted therapy (MAT) and we even have a few specialty classes that no other training organization has! Do you know what makes us different?

*All of our teachers are the top in their field. Each teacher has an extensive portfolio of accomplishments, media outlets, books written and tv appearances. We are not people that took a 40-hour class last week and are suddenly ‘coach trainers’ the next. All faculty have spent years honing their craft and studying to give you the best possible education.

*The Addictions Academy offers you a JOB Board, two networking groups and several ways to help you get clients, like hiring our students and paying them (who else does that?)

*We offer you a FREE 30 day membership in our www.recoverycoachlocator.com to help you get seen more easily by clients. You can add video, photos, location, hours and more!

*We have a full marketing program that you can take advantage of to learn how to go into private practice and gain clients. Whether you charge $25 or $250 per hour, we can help you gain clients. From a DIY class to helping you become an authority with your book (or a chapter in a book), podcast placements, press releases and more. Our full-service marketing arm will help you, the student, succeed. After all, we are only as strong as you, our students.

*We offer seals for your social media, websites, business cards and more to show that you are certified and educated by The Addictions Academy, the top addiction education school in the business.

*We have been offering the online virtual classroom style since 2012 and we specialize in the ‘learn in your pajamas concept’. While all of our in-person competitors scramble to create online courses and classes, rest assured we have been offering an online virtual classroom webinar for over 8 years. We even offer a full video series for self-study if you can not attend the class times.

*The Addictions Academy is the ONLY education provider for addiction studies and recovery coaching, intervention certification and more that offers a REPEAT class for free. That is right, you can repeat the class you paid for at any time. Just let us know, even if you took the class 5 years ago, you could sit in again, for FREE. That is right, no charge. As in 100% FREE. We want our students to have the most up-to-date information and this is how we do it!

*We have trained over 12,000 people in 8 years, in 25 countries, and we are translated now into 6 languages. Several countries have bought our entire manual collection. One of the top addiction treatments centers has purchased our entire call center, business developer and AMA/APA block training classes for all 17 of its addiction treatments centers.

*We are accredited by all accreditation bodies that are necessary to oversee what you are getting trained in. CACCF (Canada) IC&RC, Florida Certification Board, ICF, IAAP, ACTO and more. We are able to provide CEU and CCE credits as well.

You can see the full class offerings, apply for a class, or just browse at www.theaddictionsacademy.com


So who are the brains behind The Addictions Academy? Well, we are as strong as our top faculty! See below for our faculty:

Kevin Parker, BS, teaches our Addiction life coach certification (featured on NBC, Fox, NY Post, NY1 etc.) his class has been in high- demand and we have had a waiting list to offer it online, virtual classroom. Kevin brings his high energy and passion for addiction recovery and his life coach training is top notch. He comes from the true-life coach world of John Maxwell. His class is ICF CCE accredited. Kevin is a bestselling author and also teaches the live Recovery Coach Certification class in New York City.

Dr. Doug Weiss (featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Montel and more) offers both the training for sex addiction coaching, sex addiction therapy and also the new training for the spouse of the addict called sexual anorexia coaching.  The prerequisite for Dr. Doug Weiss’ class is our Certified Life Coach training with Kevin! What a great combination of energy and training!  Dr. Doug Weiss has written many best-selling books and been featured on all news outlets. He is a true pioneer in his field.

Dr. Teralyn Sell heads up our NeuroHealth class and our full supplement line at ProRecoveryRx (featured on NBC, WedMd, A&E, Today, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSN, ABC, CBS and more). Dr. Terri offers a unique and scientific look into the brain and how supplements affect the neural pathways. She is a seasoned, licensed mental health counselor and specializes in addiction and trauma. Dr. Terri is the brainchild behind the new supplement line for addiction and mental health issues. At The addictions Academy, we want you to be an affiliate and sell the supplements to help your client heal from their substance use disorder. Check out the full line at www.prorecoveryrx.com

Jenny Fontana, NT, NCRC-I, NCFAC offers our Nutrition in Recovery course.  She is a Certified Nutritional Therapist with her own private practice, who brings years of coaching one on one and in groups into the addiction arena.  Jenny recognizes there is a disconnect with nutrition programs in most treatment centers.  Her experience with nutrition and gut health offers vital insight to anyone in addiction recovery, as she teaches us to reestablish a relationship with REAL food.

Tricia Parido, BS, IMAC, CATCIII  (featured on NBC and more) offers our live recovery coach certification courses in Los Angeles and Northern California. She is a best-selling author and has been a certified addictions therapist with over 10 professional coaching certifications and trainings under her belt. She is one of our featured supervisors on our training calls each week and brings a fresh perspective to recovery coach training!

Andre Viel, MBAR, NADA (featured on NBC, Fox, ABC and more) and a bestselling author brings his mediation and meditation background to the family addictions certification coaching class.  He is highly respected in the Canadian market and handles both the Certified Family Recovery Coach classes and the in-person Recovery Coach Certification in the Canadian market.

Dr. Cali Estes (featured on CNN, CNBC, MSN, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, People Magazine, Dr. Drew,  Readers Digest, Yoga Journal, and more) has created  our signature RAAD Model of top intervention training, that has caught on as one of the most successful models of a quick intervention and is used by all the top interventionists. Dr. Cali offers her signature Recovery Coach Certification, Harm Reduction (MAT) training, and of course her Certified Food Addiction Coaching training programs.  Dr. Cali Estes is a multiple best-selling author and corporate success trainer. Her signature Sober on Demand program is in high demand.


So what are you waiting for? Check out the student reviews below.

When you are choosing a school to learn life coaching, how to be a certified recovery coach or certified interventionist you want to hear and see from real students that have taken the classes. You want to be a top interventionist or certified in recovery coaching and you want the best hands-on training on the market.  You want to hear what people who actually went through the program have to say. You want to see them in video and listen to their stories. You want to know that the reviews are real.

With over 12,000 people trained in under 8 years and in 25 countries, we have student reviews. Real video reviews. Check them out below:




Ask The Expert: Dr. Cali Estes weighs in on The Addictions Academy’s most asked questions about Intervention training and Intervention certification


Can an intervention be done remotely? YES! A certified and trained professional interventionist can walk a family through the steps it takes to help get their loved one into treatment. A top interventionist can work via Telehealth and coach a family through the process.

What is the RAAD Model of professional intervention? The RAAD model is trademarked to The Addictions Academy and is a specific style of intervention that specializes in a quick turnaround. Most of the pre-intervention is done from your home or office prior to arrival at the family location. Then, once you arrive, the entire intervention should be under 5 hours. This style intertwines NLP, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology and sales techniques, that help over come objections and create a smooth intervention process with a high closing rate.


RAAD stands for:

Read the Client

Assess the situation

Anticipate the needs of the client

Direct the flow

How does an intervention work? An intervention has many moving parts and includes a pre set up call (or in the RAAD model several calls), allocating a location for addiction treatment, pre-certification of insurance benefits, creating love letters, and prepping for all objections. Then the interventionist arrives and disrupts the negative behavior of the client by offering options to handle the underlying issues and causes of the addiction.  The family may or may not be present and love letters read to the client. The client will be presented with two options in the case of the RAAD model, trash bag or suitcase (Dr. Cali Estes signature move) and objections overcome. A top interventionist will successfully get the client into treatment.

What is different about your intervention certification program? Our model is designed to be fast with the least amount of time onsite and the most amount of time doing the proper planning. We cover objections, create alternative solutions and want the professional intervention to be seamless and fast. Most styles of intervention used closed ended questions like “do you want to go to treatment’ or ‘will you accept this gift of treatment’.  At The Addictions Academy, we use open ended questions. “You can take the trash bag and be homeless or take the suitcase and go to addiction rehab, what would you like to do”?  We specialize in using sales closing techniques, NLP and Motivational Interviewing.

Can I learn how to do an intervention online? Yes! Our next professional intervention certification is April 16 and 17th and we have been teaching professional intervention via virtual classroom webinar since 2012.  It is our specialty. Check out https://theaddictionsacademy.com/therapy-professionals/recovery-courses-and-certificate-programs/intervention-training/ and learn how to get trained as a nationally certified intervention professional (NCIP) or a master interventionist in our advanced clinical intervention certification program (NCACIP).   Call our team at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Ready to change your life? Of course, you are!


Ready to change your life? Of course, you are! You are stuck at home, watching TV, waiting for the right time to learn something new or help more people. Today is that day! It is time to change your life.
change your life
Dr. Cali Estes was chosen as a featured guest on The Life Change Guide.  Dr. Estes is a pioneer in the addictions space and has expanded her classes to include many different domains for individuals that want to learn addiction treatment or addiction recovery coaching. She is a leader in certification for intervention and specializes in the RAAD model.  With over 30 classes to choose from, you can change your life too!
Click the link below to see how she did it, or check out www.theaddictionsacademy.com to see how we can assist you in changing your life and helping others to change theirs!
Some ways we can help: We offer core hours to sit for the counseling exams, certification as a professional Recovery Coach, Interventionist and even marketing classes to help you get clients and build your practice. Call us today and if you mention CODE50 we will give you 50% off any class. Learn something new and change your life!

BOGO SPECIAL ENDS TONIGHT: Ask the Expert on our featured class at The Addictions Academy


Last day to get our BOGO special!

Ask the Expert on our featured class at The Addictions Academy

sober companion

What is a Sober Companion? A Sober Companion can be a person in long-term recovery or a certified recovery coach that is able to expand services to offer hourly work with a client. They can live in 24/7 or accompany the client to a specific event. All sober companions should be certified, background checked, bonded and insured.

What does a Sober Companion do? A Sober Companion’s job is to help their clients stay sober for a length of time. This can be for a few hours at an event like a wedding, work event, or a specific thing like travel for work. A certified sober companion can help a client go to meetings, go to the gym and set up an exercise routine, go grocery shopping and prepare healthy meals and more. A sober companion can be a sounding board and offer strengths-based support when a client is feeling down or wanting to drink or use drugs.

Sober Companions can interrupt bad behaviors and redirect to better solutions. All sober companions should be bonded, insured and certified.  They should complete a training program and understand boundaries, social ques, confidentiality and Duty to Warn, along with HIPAA.

What does a Certified Sober Companion not do?  Sober Companions will not offer therapy, counseling, or clean your house and babysit. They are there to help you learn how to be sober and live a sober lifestyle or to learn to use moderately. Sober Companions can drive you to and from appointments, but they are not chauffeurs and will function as much more for you.

Is there a training program for sober companions? Yes! The Addictions Academy has created a course for Nationally Certified Sober Companion that is 36 hours and includes ethics and legal information that every sober companion should know to be offering services.

If you register for the class this week, we will give you a free class as part of the buy 1 get 1 special of online learning at home. When the lockdown and social distancing is over, we believe there will be an increase and demand for addiction services in the field and now is the time to get trained and be ready to lend a helping hand.  Let us help you get your career going now. Call us at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2


Follow this link to view full details on this training program.  Register for the APR 2-3 class at the bottom of the page.


4 Ways You Are Failing At The Quarantine


4 Ways You Are Failing At The Quarantine


 You are stuck at home and starting to go crazy. You have painted, cleaned, organized, played Old Maid with the kids, and baked your 50th pie. You have binge watched Netflix, learned about Tiger sanctuaries (and meth and all kinds of other crazy activities), and finally got season 3 of Ozark done. Maybe you ordered a Peloton (like 8 people in my building) to workout, or you are watching Zumba and Yoga videos online. Week 1 was fun.



Now it’s week two and you haven’t showered in days, you are still wearing your PJs at 3 pm and you are not sure if it’s Monday or Wednesday anymore. You have lost hope and wonder if the quarantine will ever end. Here are 4 ways you are failing at the quarantine.



  1. You have not taken an online class to improve yourself. I saw Harvard giving out free online courses, I saw Grant Cardone offer his vault for 30 day for free (learn how to sell) and we at The Addictions Academy offered a Buy 1 Get 1 free deal for all classes. We want you to learn something new on your downtime. Learn a new skill that will help your clients and yourself. If you are able to offer more services to your clients or new services, you will increase your business 10x.
  2. If you have your own business, you have not adapted to online clients or courses to keep the cash flow coming in! Anyone offering coaching, recovery coaching, intervention or therapy can go virtual at this time and keep the cash flow flowing in. Start a group online for your clients and charge $25 a head, get 10 people and make $250 in that hour. Think outside the box, offer Telehealth or online coaching to families and clients.
  3. You are not spending money. Lack creates lack. If you are living in a Surviving mode, you are not Thriving. If everyone holds onto their money, no one can pay their bills. Find 3 people you can buy something from.  I bought a pair of Birkenstocks from a store in Washington that was closed. I bought online virtual personal training from a local trainer that was having trouble seeing clients and I bought puppy supplies for a foster organization that had extra dogs show up without extra funds. You work in Thrive mode, there is enough to go around so we can all Survive.
  4. You have not joined a Mastermind where the Collective Hive concept is to share and give to all! I wanted to find an affordable mastermind that I could join and network with and be held accountable, but they are very expensive and yield little networking opportunities. So I created one. Check out www.themoneymastermindclub.com

Find out more about Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions academy at www.theaddictionsacademy.com where you can look for classes online to increase your business and help others.   Questions? Call us at 800 706 0318 ext 2

What Would A Life Coaching Certification Mean To You? Now Is Your Time To Find Out!


life coach

The spotlight on life coaches and life coaching itself has never been more prominent than it is today. We are seeing high-profile celebrities hiring life coaches at an extremely high rate to get their out of control lifestyles in control. We are seeing high-profile doctors, attorneys, and educators hiring life coaches themselves to get their life back on track and get their lives back under their control. We have even seen a high- profile sports figure hire a professional life coach as his assistant head coach for an NFL franchise. This would be Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones realized that the chemistry within his locker room is the most important aspect of his football team, so he hired a professional life coach and gave them the title of assistant head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in order to teach his players to be more accountable and to pay attention to the small details that make an NFL franchise successful. And we could not agree more with his choice and I can tell you that it is going to be highly successful.
So with the demand for highly qualified, skilled and successful nationally certified professional life coaches at an all time high the time is right for you to work towards becoming one. Imagine a self-made career where you get to travel the world helping those in need become successful on their own. Not only would it be emotionally fulfilling but it would also be financially fulfilling and you would be free to make your own schedule and create your own work load.
Becoming a top nationally certified professional life coach begins with contacting us here at The Addictions Academy. You can visit our company website at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com to get class information on our next Nationally Certified Life Coaching Certification on March 21 and 22.  You can take this class from the comfort of your own home or office through our live virtual classroom setting. The one time low fee of $1329 also includes 10 weeks of professional supervision to make sure that you are utilizing your new skills at the highest level, and ethics training by self study is also included.  You receive two manuals which also includes our best selling workbook, all forms, certificates and contracts are included, and all exams are included.
Just imagine how liberating it would be to work for yourself, make your own schedule, and create your own caseload. You can stop making someone else a lot of money and begin creating a career full of fulfillment and financial game by contacting us today for our next available Nationally Certified Life Coaching class on March 21 and 22.. You can also register and get more course information by clicking on the following class link.
Also, please take a few moments and read up on our instructor, Mr. Kevin Parker, by clicking on the following link
Begin your life coaching career today by clicking on the links above to register for our next Nationally Certified Life Coaching class on March 21st and 22nd.