Anger Management Needed In Sports?

 Anger Management Needed In sports?
Anger management needed in sports?

Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State shoved a Texas Tech fan during a game, thus fueling the debate on whether Anger Management is needed in sports.  Society has dubbed him a ‘thug’ along with Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks for his recent outburst during a sporting game.  When it comes to testosterone and sporting events, you have the players all amped up trying to win the game and fans and other players taunting and harassing the player.  The question is, do the players need Anger Management Training?  Is the case that Anger Management training needs to be given to the coaches, the personal trainers and the handlers of the athletes?  Or do we simply suspend them — like a 5 year old standing in the corner for mouthing off to Mommy? See  facts below.

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The Addictions Coach Wins Best of Miami 2013

                               The Addictions Coach Wins Best of Miami 2013                         
The Addictions Coach Wins Best of Miami 2013.

The Miami area has been named the fastest growing city in America.  New people are arriving from all over the country.  With the influx of International clients, there are more people that need to be seen and assisted.  Cali Estes, of The Addictions Coach, has been named the Top Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center by the City of Miami.  She has been awarded the honor of being designated the Addictions Coach and Addictions therapist to assist the growing population of the City of Miami.

Cali Estes has a  varied background in drug and alcohol treatment, recovery coaching, intervention, and experience speaking in 2 countries.  Cali has created a course for other professionals to assist them in learning more about the addiction field.  This allows more clients beyond the city of Miami to be helped with drug and alcohol problems.

Questions To Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach

Questions To Cali:

Question #1:  “Cali do you find you make more money as a therapist or a recovery coach?  I want to get into coaching, but I am afraid I won’t get clients.”~ John Tagert, New York

Answer:  “John, Recovery Coaching is a super lucrative field and the clients actually enjoying coming to see you. In therapy, the clients dread coming.  They get stuck in the negative and frankly don’t get very far in years.  In Recovery Coaching, I am able to get further in 6 months using a forward action plan then clients have attained in years of therapy.  Some therapists are excited by the idea of Recovery Coaching and getting cash pay clients, verses having to accept insurance and getting very little if at all.”


Question #2:  “Have you had anyone tell you that it is a disgrace what you are doing and a therapist should not be a coach?”

Answer: “Yes and I find it comical.  I have had a few therapists and uncertified interventionists send me emails that are funny actually.  I started a Recovery Coaching Certification process and I am the only one that took it national.  I think that they are just jealous that I am backed by NAADAC with a full National Certification in Recovery Coaching and a full National Certification in Intervention.  If they were not so busy being jealous, they might actually be able to grow their practice beyond their local zip code.”

Learn more about Certification here: and

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Tired of not making enough money and want to branch out on your own?  Learn to become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Nationally Certified Interventionist or Family Coach, and gain more cash pay clients.  Making the transition from Insurance accepting therapist to Recovery Coach will assist you with less burnout, more cash clients and (shocker) clients that are HAPPY TO SEE YOU.  WHY?  Because coaching is a forward-action based model and therapy is a return to the past where we dredge up stuff and ponder it, not getting much done over the years.  I know, I am a therapist turned coach.


I am backed by CAADAC and NAADAC to offer CEU’s and a NATIONAL Recovery Coaching  CERTIFICATION, National Intervention Certification, Anger Management, Case Management, Family Coaching and more.  February 20-22 we will be in Vegas  at Solutions Recovery offering the class.  See more at




Another celeb without a RECOVERY COACH? Philip Seymour Hoffman DEAD of overdose.

WHY this is a recipe for disaster:

Celebrities need handlers, assistants, recovery coaches, life coaches and PR people to tell them what to do and how to behave. It is the nature of the industry. They show up, get handed the script or song and are told read this, sing that, stand here. They have little to no identity and  feel lost and confused most of the time. This is why we see the success with Recovery Coaches or Sober Coaches and celebrities.  The Recovery Coach can educate the other staff on what to look for in terms of drug use and possible relapses with their client.  The Recovery Coach can be there when the triggers arise and the client starts to want to get high. I guarantee you before Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead there were signs of use.  A Recovery Coach could most likely have prevented the entire thing, if not at least been on hand to save him. Recovery Coaches are wonderful tools that are not used enough in the celebrity lifestyle.

At The Addictions Coach we can help, it is what we are trained for. We educate the staff and we look for signs in the client. It is preventable and we can be there to assist.  Call us today 786.709.0479

This “Theraflu” Isn’t For Fevers!

“Theraflu”, “Bud Ice” and “Income Tax”.  The street names for a mix of heroin and the prescription painkiller Fentanyl.  It’s making headlines because it is believed that at least 22 people in Western Pennsylvania have died in the last two weeks, due to this combo.  But this is not new.  Fentanyl has been used to cut heroin. Roxy and oxy are not available so now they are buying heroin.  When you cut with Fentanyl its cheaper to produce.

Are Bath Salts to Blame?

Do Bath Salts lead to killing your wife and posting the picture on Facebook?  Well, judging by his pictures and live video mannerisms, it is a definite possibility. Bath Salts cause hallucinations, paranoia, and irrational thinking and behaving. Lets see what the toxicology reports have to say.

Ask The Expert: Today’s Topic-Therapy vs. Coaching

Question:  “How did you make the transition from therapy to coaching and was it viable?”

Answer:  Cali Estes Says “I was tired of people coming and expecting me to fix all of their problems, it gets depressing listening to all the negative stuff and watching people not make changes, and of course the no show appointments.  Then, the issue of insurance, not getting paid, getting paid less than what you are worth, etc.  With coaching, the clients want to see me, come to all appointments and take action to meet their goals.  Plus they pay me upfront in cash!  I have created a group of certifications to help therapists make this transition.  You can find them at ”

Mental Health Resource For College Students has published a comprehensive guide for college students struggling with mental health issues.  They outline common struggles faced by young adults, including symptoms, treatment options, and where to find support groups.  See article below:


More on provides online education guide covering online learning from all angles. As part of our site’s larger mission, we want to help individuals seeking  jobs, degrees, and find their perfect online school and have a successful higher education experience and also help students find the best program they need. We would like to offer our comprehensive database to give them a lot more options and opportunities.”