Welcome to our Resource Page for assistance for coaches and interventionists and addiction professionals.  We want you to be super successful and reach your goals and get clients. Here are some vetted resources for you to try out and use to set up your company.
  1. Every successful coach has an email contact list that they are able to provide relevant content to and send newsletters and market to your client base. Click below for a FREE trial today. Keep your clients engaged, get new clients and more. Start Your Free Trial
  2. Ready for your own APP? This app can assist your clients with using a GPS system (you can track where your client is), keep the food mood journals, offer additional resources, check-in for their moods, put in their homework and best of all it is HIPAA compliant! You can protect your phone number and keep your clients all in one location. Get Your Coaching App
  3. Ready for legal documents? Want contracts and legal items to send the client? We have compiled the best contracts for all clients. Confidentiality,  Duty to Warn, Cancelation Policy, Contracts and more! Everything you need in one location, no need to locate and purchase all the documents separately. Forms and Contracts Book