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Addiction Academy Reviews

Addiction Academy Reviews

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The first Addiction Academy Review: I am a 44 year old grateful recovering addict, husband, and father. I battled meth addiction for 22 years until 2 years ago. I have been in recovery for 26 months. I went to rehab at Hope House in Richmond, Indiana. It is a Christian Recovery Center. Since completing rehab I have worked in Behavioral Health.  I worked construction before. I just graduated from ministry school yesterday. I have been following my calling with the Lord since rehab. My passion is my faith and working with addicts. That is the reason I work in recovery.  I was the one in class that said I feel called to be in Evangelism.  With that being said I looked at your available classes and was speechless when I seen the Certified Christian Addiction Coach. That is the class I would love to attend. I would pay it forward by using it to help people I meet when evangelizing while doing street ministry with my friends non profit ministry, Love Pursuit International. And hopefully it will help me achieve my dream of opening my own Christian Recovery Center. God and Recovery are my passion and this combines them. Thank you so much for your time. God Bless

Christopher Ooley
Behavioral Health Technician
Evolve Indy, LLC
8770 Guion Road Suite B
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Indianapolis, In 46268

It was great to hear her take on the many difficult patients we deal with.  It is always important to stay up on new information that we can use to help and engage.  I also appreciate the books provided because they are a great resource to turn to for fresh ideas.  Thank her again for the great class.

Shannan Tiphareth, BSCJ, Certified Addictions Specialist
STAR-TC Sisterhood Teaching Alternatives for Recovery-
Therapeutic Community
3470 Baltimore Ave. Pueblo, CO 81008
Addiction Academy Reviews

I hope to one day work in case management in the treatment/recovery field, and I feel like that is the next stepping stone for my path and purpose. I am currently the female lead BHT at Evolve, always eager for more knowledge and experience to be able to help clients with the best care I possibly can. Thank you for your time spent training our group, your knowledge, and your genuine care in this field. I hope to pay it forward the way you do, constantly, and effortlessly.

Thank you for your consideration and again, I learned a lot from you!!
Sara Akinduro
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