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Addiction Education: What is Professional Recovery Coaching?


Life coaching came into fruition in the 1980s. There doesn’t seem to be an exact place of origin, or precise birth date. What is professional life coaching all about? It’s about a results and client driven service that helps the client reach their goals and objectives by utilizing a variety of skills, tools, and techniques that assist in finding a solution. In many ways life coaching is similar to sports coaching. Both services help the client to develop technical expertise, set performance targets, stay focused, cope with stresses, motivate the client, teach proper technique, chase out negativity, develop a vision, and celebrate the wins! Coaches are as much trainers of the mind as they are of the body.
There are many schools of thought as to life coaching philosophy. Each coach will develop their own philosophy as they train, learn, and practice their craft. Successful coaches develop their own niche of expertise in coaching. Some coaches specialize in business coaching, other fitness coaching, career coaching, financial coaching, relationship coaching, and recovery coaching. There are many other types of coaching as well.
I would like to focus on professional recovery coaching. There is also peer-recovery coaching. Professional-recovery coaches receive professional training that involves certain competencies such as ethics, action planning, active listening, powerful questioning, legal responsibilities, referral through disengagement, interactive and written testing, and much more. Professional-recovery coaching is a client and results driven service that is a form of strengths based support for those persons with addictions, or in recovery from alcohol or drug dependence, process addictions, codependency, and other addictive behaviors.
Professional-recovery coaches do not diagnose, provide primary treatment, and don’t subscribe to any particular modality of treatment. The coaches don’t deal with any mental-health issues. They don’t do therapy or any form of counseling. Professional-recovery coaching is action oriented, emphasizing improving present life and achieving future goals.
Bob Timmons, a California based addiction specialist, is recognized as introducing recovery coaching into the mainstream in 1986. He assisted a famous rock band to find sobriety from heroin addiction.
Today there are coaching specializations within the niche of professional coaching. For example, within the field of professional recovery coaching, there is family recovery coaching, gambling addiction coaching, sex addiction coaching, and others. There are many training courses offered to train coaches on these specialty niches.
The Addictions Academy offers training for Professional Coaches in Life Coaching, Recovery Coaching and the specialization niches. They offer NAADAC approved courses with CEUs on a monthly basis. A new training is the Master Addictions Coach which is a National certification with 85 CEUs. You can visit The Addiction Academy’s website at www.theaddictionsacademy.com, or call directly for information, or to register for training at (800)-706-0318.
If you are interested in training as a professional coach, or if you need the services of a professional coach, both Cali Estes and I would be happy to help meet your needs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at ktc1961@ptd.net. We are committed to excellence!
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