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The Addictions Academy: Add Fitness Recovery Coach training to YOUR Coaching toolbox!

Add Fitness Recovery Coach training to YOUR Coaching toolbox!

Join Boris Schaak of Sober Fitness for The Addictions Academy LIVE virtual classroom training!

January 27-28   

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The Addictions Academy’s Fitness Recovery Coach Training program is an exciting new pathway in the recovery world which aligns fitness regimens with the principles of recovery.  It is a revolutionary fitness training education class that prepares future trainers as well as athletes and recovery industry professionals to create a new frame of athletic awareness rooted in the care and understanding of the specific needs of clients in sobriety.

Looking at the inside of self and feeling comfortable in one’s body is key to self esteem.   This class will assist you in allowing your clients to feel comfortable in their body and learning how to be more fit and more secure in self without ego. In these types of workout sessions, the sober client will disclose their traumas around body image and low self esteem.  The difference is with the knowledge from this class,  the Fitness Recovery Coach will not use this as fuel to work out.  Instead, understanding the importance of this information,  they will utilize new skills of a collaborating technique to redirect the client’s thinking grounded in recovery principles and language, and spirituality.  

This class will show you other exciting examples of new fitness concepts through nutrition, targeted exercise regimens, and the key to this philosophy – the integration of a spiritual practice into their workouts.  This foundation is essential to the addict’s sober life.

When you graduate from this program, you will have the skills to guide the newly sober client to a place acceptance, growth and serenity around their body, health, well being and fitness. 

The Addictions Academy’s Fitness in Recovery Training Course holds a key element in the road to recovery. There is an untapped potential (so far in the industry) in collaboration with rehabs, with treatment centers, with therapists, and with the Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer (who has an understanding of the connections between recovery, training, and a fitness routine with a spiritual foundation, which this class provides). As clients share information, the trainer will not only understand what the client is talking about but they will be using recovery language to ensure the success of the client. By using this collaborating technique, the Personal Trainer has the ability to carefully engage and strengthen the client’s recovery. Professional Value of Course: This information is essential to all professionals. Make yourself more marketable to other agencies. The information is paramount for therapists, directors, owners, BHT staff, coaches and more.


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