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The Addictions Academy adds new Nutrition Class and Announces a new Instructor

The Addictions Academy adds new Nutrition Class

Nationally Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach Class has been added to The Addictions Academy virtual classroom portal

The Addictions Academy is pleased to announce a new class on their ever-expanding virtual platform. The new class: ‘Nationally Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach’ has been added to their already expanding classes in the addiction industry. This class completes the trio of ‘Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach’ and ‘Nationally Certified Fitness Recovery Coach’. The Addictions Academy welcomes Jenny Fontana as a new instructor for the class.


Jenny’s passion and excitement to teach and guide her clients to a healthier lifestyle has always tied into her life. She has personally guided herself into a healthier and more natural way of living. Due to health issues during her pregnancies that continued after the birth of her two daughters , she was determined to study more about natural health sciences after most doctors just prescribed medications that created new or worse symptoms. Her personal experiences, coupled with her extensive education, allows her to customize diet and nutrition plans for each client and teaches her students how to do the same.

“The Nutritional Recovery Coaching course teaches the fundamentals of good nutrition with an emphasis on the unique needs of a person in addiction recovery,” Jenny says. “We address the importance of rebuilding a relationship with real, wholesome foods and the necessity of good nutrition throughout addiction recovery.”

With the wide variety of coaches and classes at The Addictions Academy, it is common to see the faculty have a personal connection to the class they teach and that has guided them to become an instructor in their discipline. Jenny Fontana is no exception. Having her on staff increases the diversity and experience of the faculty.

“Jenny has extensive training in nutrition and has been working with clients on how to eat healthy,” Dr. Estes, CEO says. “She has taken that knowledge and wisdom and put it in a class for others to enjoy. We are happy to have her as a Faculty member.”

You can access more information about The Addictions Academy by calling 1 (800) 706.0318 or you may also read more on their website. Call today to register for Jenny’s Nationally Certified Nutrition Class and if you mention you saw this press release you can get $300 off the class. We look forward to having you as a new student.



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