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Billing and Collection Specialist

Looking to explore a rewarding opportunity in the Healthcare field? Here at the Addiction Academy we can provide you with the skills needed to become an effective Reimbursement Specialist. We are a National Education Provider and we offer a reputable program that is cost-effective and recognized in the industry.  As a reimbursement specialist, our program can provide you the necessary skills to help you gain job security in this growing field. Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the nation, and there’s more than just clinical patient care options. Enjoy the stability of healthcare from an administrative position.   

What you will learn:

  • The Qualifications of the Billing Specialist
  • Preparing and submitting clean claims to various insurance companies either electronically or by paper.
  • Insurance Verification
  • Assignments of Benefits
  • Common CMS-1500 Completion Guidelines
  • Common UB-04 (CMS-1450) Completion Guidelines
  • Follow-ups
  • Appeals
  • Determining Payments
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Secondary Claims

In our Billing/Collections Training the student will learn various clerical and administrative functions that relate to insurance claims, compliance, and reimbursement. We cover billing and collections from a physician or facility setting.   With over 15 years in the collections industry, our instructor will prepare you to work as a reimbursement specialist in a physicians’ office, hospital, or substance abuse setting. 

Professional Value of the course:

  • Increase your companies’ collections
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Make yourself more marketable to treatment centers and other companies
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Ability to work from home or office
  • Explore Freelance Opportunities

Core Skills Addressed in training Webinar

  1. Using coded data to produce and submit claims to insurance companies
  2. Working directly with the insurance company, healthcare provider, and patient to get a claim processed and paid
  3. Reviewing and appealing unpaid and denied claims
  4. Verifying patients’ insurance coverage
  5. Answering patients’ billing questions
  6. Handling collections on unpaid accounts
  7. Managing the facility’s Accounts Receivable reports

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