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The Addictions Academy: Don’t Lose Clients! Reduce AMA/APA with Proper Training

The Addictions Academy: Don’t Lose Clients! Reduce AMA/APA with Proper Training

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reduce ama apa rateThe number one goal of a detox, residential treatment center, PHP, IOP, halfway house or sober living facility is to fill the beds with quality candidates that need your services. This is where most drug and alcohol treatment centers struggle to maintain a census of appropriate candidates.  You hire marketers, developers, lead generation services, dabble in the AdWords game and spend thousands of dollars to get the phone to ring. After all that money out and hard work, the client comes to your center and begins their treatment journey.

What happens when that client wants to leave early Against Medical Advice (AMA) or Against Professional Advice (APA)?  You have the Behavioral Health Tech try to block the client from leaving, followed by the primary therapist and clinical director. If you own a sober living place, it may be you, alone at 3 am trying to stop a catastrophe from happening. As a drug and alcohol treatment center, your entire team ends up being preoccupied with one client that is disrupting the milieu. The rest of the clients are not getting their needs met while your staff is focused on one client and then that client’s leaving usually takes a few other clients out with them. It is a headache you do not need, but it does come with the industry.

This all translates into time lost and revenue lost.  Loss of services to other clients, loss of possible other clients, loss of revenue that you spend thousands of dollars to get started in the first place. The Addictions Academy and Rescue Rehab can fix that glitch in the system for you.  We have a comprehensive training program that will assist your staff in quickly resolving the issue, resulting in less staff needed to block the AMA/APA client and less clients leaving resulting in more revenue for your drug and alcohol treatment center.


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