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The Addictions Academy: Is Exercise Important in Addiction Recovery?

The Addictions Academy: Is Exercise Important in Addiction Recovery?

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In The Addictions Academy’s Fitness in Recovery Training Program you will quickly find out that having another tool for people in recovery allows for greater and long term success. With interactive learning and examples, you will see that having clients implement a routine of healthy eating habits and fitness will help them recover faster and healthier, with a less chance of relapse. This knowledge will empower you in your day-to-day interaction with clients, and in your own personal lives. You will have a real sense of competency. Training and clarifying expectations is so important. Areas to be covered will include basic nutrition, training with weights versus cardio only workouts, getting away from the known ego based fitness philosophy, integration of a spiritual based fitness routine, and tools that you can provide clients with to help them be successful in their sobriety. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to nutrition and fitness. This course will provide understanding to why a clear and concise nutrition and fitness regimen is important in the path of recovery.

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Read on for an excerpt from a great article on Exercise and Addiction Recovery:

The Two Main Benefits Of Exercise

The tangible benefits of exercise are twofold:

  1. Physical activity that involves a sustained increase in heart rate releases endorphins in the body.
  2. Physical activity curbs the negative withdrawal effects from giving up alcohol and illegal substances.

Although the high from exercise will not be as intense as from alcohol or other drugs, the body’s process of releasing endorphins and endocannabinoids creates a feeling of euphoria and regulates the body in a natural way. You’ll feel the benefits as your body adjusts and returns to a balanced function.

The Effects Of Exercise On Drug Dependence

When someone is in recovery, their chemical dependency creates negative withdrawal effects such as troubled sleep and depression. Research shows that regular physical activity can mitigate these negative side effects. Exercise:

  • regulates brain function
  • builds the body’s defenses
  • aids in releasing pent up emotions

In essence, physical activity such as yoga, running, strength training, walking, swimming, surfing, kickboxing, Pilates, cycling, many other team sports or a visit to the gym is a natural way of releasing physical and emotional angst in the body.


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