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Sober Fitness is a way to get fit and find joy along the way

I am so excited to bring you along on an incredible path I have traveled for the past 40 years. This column will be addressing all aspects surrounding a new and exciting fitness process rooted in the spiritual principles of recovery from addiction and alcoholism — aspects like nutrition, spirituality, new methods of fitness training – and all from a whole new perspective. So, I invite you to join me as we trudge the path toward a new fitness revolution!

Yes, I am gung ho about this! And I hope I can generate the same excitement with all of you.

The great thing about this method I am proposing is that it can help anyone even if he or she is not a recovering addict. This program helps those seeking to better themselves by simply haveing them embrace a spiritual practice into their daily workouts. For the purposes of this column I call this “Sober Fitness.” (TM)

Sober Fitness is an approach borne of decades of my own personal experience and many decades and centuries old philosophies I have learned from. These methodologies have been integrated and tailored to help the recovering addict. Why? Because the addict and alcoholic is physically and mentally different than his or her fellows.

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