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The Addictions Academy Featured Faculty Member: IPEC Certified Life Coach Ginger Berkelhamer


The Addictions Academy Featured Faculty Member: IPEC Certified Life Coach Ginger Berkelhamer



The Addictions Academy welcomes new Faculty

IPEC Certified Life Coach Ginger Berkelhamer joins The Addictions Academy

The Addictions Academy is expanding globally to help students fight the addiction epidemic. Ginger Berkelhamer, a well experienced Certified Professional Coach, (CPC), has joined the team of professional faculty. The Addictions Academy is excited and proud to have her on staff heading up the life coach certification classes and supervision for current and new students.

Ginger has a wide background of education and experience within the addiction and life coaching field. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with her BA and her extensive coach training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, (IPEC).  She has worked with a variety of clients all over the world as a Professional Life Coach. Ginger is thrilled to be working with The Addictions Academy and teaching her students and helping her clients. Ginger has 17 long years sober!

“In the Life Coach Training Classes, students will receive the foundation required to be a Life Coach. This includes the ICF Core Competencies and ‘basic skill set at the right moment’. We spend time on practicing the skills so you feel a level of confidence that you can choose the right skill at the right moment,” Ginger said. “You will leave with a proper understanding of how to help your clients create and achieve goals.”

The Addictions Academy offers over 40 classes and has trained students in over 15 countries. They are the largest online virtual training school that offers multiple disciplines and the exclusive IMAC, International Master Addiction Certification. Classes are aimed at educating the addiction professional or new student with no prerequisites to the field.

“All of our teachers are qualified, educated and super enthusiastic to be Faculty at The Addictions Academy, “Dr. Estes, CEO, said. “Ginger is no exception. She has passion, enthusiasm and unrivaled energy to tackle the addiction field. This, coupled with a long career in personal recovery makes her the ideal Life Coach Faculty at The Addictions Academy.”

The Addictions Academy can be found online or you can call 1-800-706-0318 to register for classes and explore the opportunities that await.

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