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The Addictions Academy: Nationally Certified Christian Family Recovery Coach

Learn how to support the family through faith, as they deal with their loved one’s addiction.  

October 5th-6th  Nationally Certified Christian Family Recovery Coach Webinar

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Nationally Certified Christian Family Recovery Coach (NCCFRC)

Since addiction affects the whole family unit, our Christian Family Recovery Coaching program is comprehensive and will teach you, the professional coach, Biblical truths to be able to work with and assist the family during their difficult times.  Most of the time the attention is on helping the addict, while the family suffers on their own without professional help.  As much as an addict needs a coach, so does the family.  Our Christian Family Recovery Coach will teach you, the professional, how to deal with the family dynamics and teach them about setting healthy boundaries while helping them pick up the pieces before, during and after their loved one gets help to bring a sense or order back into the house.   (Joshua 24:15)   As a Therapist or Recovery Coach, you are trained to handle the addict but often the family is left alone to deal with their issues without help. They become abandoned once the loved one enters treatment or even left to coach themselves on what to do if the loved one refuses treatment. We are proud to offer you Nationally Certified Christian Family Coach Training.    1.800.706.0318

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