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The Addictions Academy Preferred Partner Spotlight: Mark G. Astor, Attorney


The Addictions Academy Preferred Partner Spotlight: Mark G. Astor, Attorney

Mark Astor is our preferred partner for criminal clients and Marchman Act cases.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom until the age of twenty-one, Mark Astor has been an attorney since 1994. Before entering private practice, Mr. Astor began his career as a Prosecutor with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office. Mr. Astor served the citizens of Palm Beach County as an Assistant State Attorney for approximately five years. During his career as a prosecutor, he served as Chief of two different County Court Divisions and, thereafter, was promoted to a felony trial division. He has handled thousands of cases ranging from first-degree misdemeanors to Capital Murder.

Mr. Astor was admitted to The Florida Bar in 1994 and, in 1995, he was admitted to practice before the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. In 2005, he was admitted to the District of Columbia Bar. Mr. Astor earned his Master of Laws Degree (L.L.M.) from American University, Washington College of Law in 2005. He received his Juris Doctorate from Nova University College of Law in 1994 and his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Michigan, with Class Honors

Mr. Astor founded DrugAndAlcoholAttorneys.com in 2016 as a way to provide unprecedented legal representation to those suffering from mental health and drug and alcohol disorders. During his twenty-two year legal career, working almost exclusively in the criminal justice system, he realized that people rarely, if ever, commit crimes or wrongs for no reason at all. Many times the cause of the problem stems from mental health, and drug and alcohol disorders and as a result, a holistic approach was needed to provide effective counsel to these individuals.

Mr. Astor’s practice focuses on representing individuals who have been arrested for drug or alcohol offenses and to assisting families to navigate through the Marchman Act process, Florida’s involuntary commitment law for drug and alcohol disorders.

Mr. Astor is proud to work with Dr. Cali Estes, the preeminent specialist in her field. Working alongside Dr. Estes, Mr. Astor is able to assist individuals and families clean up the wreckage of their past so they can have a better future.

When Mr. Astor is not kicking ass in the courtroom he’s kicking ass in the dojo, he’s a second degree black belt in Krav Maga (the Israeli system of hand to hand combat) so you know he’s not walking away from a fight when it comes to protecting your rights and making sure you get justice. His other passion is Crossfit, which helps to ensure that he has enough stamina to go the extra mile on your case.

Mark G. Astor - Drug and Alcohol Attorneys. Preferred partner of The Addictions Academy

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