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The Addictions Academy Has Proven Strategies to Reduce AMA/APA

The Addictions Academy Has Proven Strategies to Reduce AMA/APA



A Treatment Center or Detox is BIG Business and sometimes your business is lagging. With over 21 years in the addiction industry we have developed a sure-fire way for you to keep your beds full (make more conversions) and keep people in treatment to increase your length of stay
Get your staff the proper training it needs to succeed and keep your beds full!
We will work with your staff directly to make sure you are not losing clients, and that clients remain in treatment!

We specialize in training treatment center staff in all areas!

Get your WHOLE staff certified and trained in:
We are the only company that will come to you and personally train your staff! We also offer virtual online classes tailored to your group and needs
Contact us for private training and group discount rates!
See what our past clients have to say about their experience with us:
“I initially reached out to Dr. Estes because my facility was experiencing high AMA rates. We were admitting roughly 30 patients each month, and, on average, 13 were leaving early, against staff advice. As a result, our average length of stay was only 16 days, and our census was stuck around 18 out of 32 beds. Within 2 months of hiring Dr. Estes, we have increased our length of stay to 26 days, and we have reduced the number of patients leaving early against staff advice from 13 to 4 per month. As a result of these changes and some additional marketing strategies she implemented for us, I am happy to say we have increased our census from 18 to 32, and we now have a waiting list. Dr. Estes is professional, detail oriented, and able to focus on what really matters to drive results”
From Matt Boyle, VP of Finance Landmark Recovery, Louisville KY
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