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The Addictions Academy Has The Solution for Google’s Crackdown on Addiction Treatment Ads

The Addictions Academy Has The Solution for Google’s Crackdown on Addiction Treatment Ads

Google's headquarters“Around the country today, marketers in the $35 billion addiction treatment industry woke up to an unpleasant surprise: Many of their Google search ads were gone. The AdWords purge appears to have begun suddenly and without warning, even for legitimate rehabs.”

Google is cleaning up the addiction industry. The days of paid AdWords, Raw Calls and Body Brokering are coming to an end, and fast. This is great for the shady fraudulent centers that are scamming people out of money and not providing proper service. But what about the legitimate centers that got caught in the crosshairs? How are you supposed to market your services when marketers are called ‘body brokers’ and your paid ads are shut down? How do you reach the clients that need your services?

At Rehab Rescue and The Addictions Academy, we have affordable and effective solutions for you to help get quality referrals (no patient brokering) and turn your referrals into clients (no need for buying leads or buying ads). A treatment center is designed to help people and you are one of the treatment centers trying to do great work and you are caught up in the onslaught of the madness in our industry. Let us help you help more clients.

We are also the leading educational institution for addiction training and we have perfected a few classes that help our treatment centers with ROI. These classes are not offered anywhere else and we have a great track record training staff to increase productivity.

Classes to train staff for client acquisition and retention:

Call Center and Admissions Training (to convert the call to a client faster and with less follow-up).

AMA/APA Block Training (Stop clients from leaving early and finish the clinical continuum of care)

Utilization Review (Make sure the proper codes are given to maximize benefits)

Marketer and Business Outreach Training (How to ethically get clients in the door and fast)

Billing and Collections (make sure the proper insurance is collected and get back billables)

Recovery Coaching I and II (Helps client stay sober longer and increases your billables).

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