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The Addictions Academy Student, Scott Jones, Shares his Thoughts!

The Addictions Academy Student, Scott Jones, Shares his Thoughts! 

Scott is currently the Health and Fitness Development Coordinator at The Phoenix– Sober Active Community, in Boise, Idaho.

Scott Jones teaching his students

He is a class instructor and is also working to develop satellite programs to expand services throughout the entire Southwest Idaho area. His vision is to see The Phoenix in every state and utilize this positive influence to reach many more people.

“So for me, the ability to coach our members and those that walk through the door, in Recovery, is an important aspect of what I will be doing, and what I do.”

“This training that I have been attending, with Dr. Estes as the instructor,  has been very carefully formatted and filled with wisdom and experience. She has a tremendous amount of experience that she offers to the class.”

“It’s evident she has a passion for providing quality training and information to us, as we get this training under our belts, and are able to move forward with it.”

Scott says that Dr. Estes program is “very consistent” with other programs of this type that he has taken over the years.  “It is very hands-on, and works well with individuals, so they have the ownership to make the changes that we are coaching them through!”

Anyone who is ready for a career change, or looking to expand their coaching services, please visit The Addictions Academy or call 1.800.706.0318 ext. 2 to learn more or register for an upcoming course. 

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