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“I’m a certified interventionist from the best academy in America you need help or educated to practice in the field contact Cali Estes she is amazing!!!”

Mike Pack, Hope Dealer Ohio

“La Promessa Interventionist Evyan Donch in The Addictions Academy training from Cali Estes and working with others to shed the light on the State of Addiction Treatment in Italy and other parts of the world.

So grateful to connect with a powerful group of changemakers and professionals bringing the best Intervention services to individuals suffering from addictions all over the world.

“The training I received from Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy was an intense complete and interesting program that provided real-life examples of Interventions and how to resolve difficulties in dealing with particular clients. Cali is very knowledgeable, skilled and well-educated. She is also supportive and easy to communicate with making her one of the best Interventionists and Coaches throughout the world.” Evyan D. Italy

“It can be difficult as a professional and the consumer looking for online classes for certifications, continuing education classes or classes that keep you on the cutting edge in your field. I had 1 referral for The Addictions Academy from a counselor friend did my due diligence and signed up for the Nationally Certified Intervention Training Class (Webinar). I was amazed that the class also contained a separate Ethics course but MOST IMPORTANTLY the Webinar class included case management certification which is an actual “license”. This is important because in the field of intervention itself there is no licensing requirements. Even for those of us who are Certified Substance Abuse Counselors with the appropriate designations Intervention is a completely different animal. The Case Management course purchased by itself is about an $800 value.

Our instructor was Dr. Cali Estes. I didn’t know anything about her other than the credentials I reviewed on the website as I scrolled through all the faculty on staff. I did not know who the instructor would be! I cannot say enough amazing things about not just the class but the amount of insight into the “real life” world of Drug and Alcohol Interventionist’s. The materials were right on point and Dr. Estes took the time to answer every question, covered every bit of the material and did actual case studies with us of real life interventions she has been involved in.

Not only would I highly recommend The Addictions Academy for any kind of training or certification in the field of Alcohol and Substance Abuse I would recommend Dr. Estes and her team to anyone who wanted the best intervention for someone they love.

I also have to give a shout out to Stephen Dixon who I came to learn is the student coordinator. He was professional, EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE and kind.

They are so good I’m on to my next class: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach – 1″

 Kim M., North Carolina Interventionist

“Class was fabulous. Learned so much. You are amazing. Hope we may we meet soon. Thanks from Wilmington” Kelly Murphy Chambliss Interventionist Delaware

“I loved the classes I took and i am thrilled to be offering them to the community”

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