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The Addictions Academy: Our Students LOVE Our Courses! Hear What They Have to Say!

The Addictions Academy: Our Students LOVE Our Courses! Hear What They Have to Say!

The Addictions Academy is comprised of some of the best educators, teachers, doctors and business professionals in the world. We pride ourselves on our highly trained, educated and featured Faculty so we know that you are getting the best of the best that our company has to offer. Our faculty have been featured on the news Nationally and Internationally on TV shows and even had films created about their lives. It is imperative that you learn from a successful team that has already built a successful practice in the area that you want to excel in.

If you are new to the Addiction Industry, want to gain individual clients, obtain more clients for your treatment center, open a treatment center or just gain Ceus, we are the premier learning institution for you. Call today at 1.800.706.0318 to discuss your educational and marketing opportunities with our staff.


Rose Long

Hi Cali,

I really enjoyed today‘s session, exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to more.

I feel hugely grateful to be part of the group. Thank you for your generosity of spirit that allows me to join the training. I really do feel blessed – it seems to fit in so naturally with my interests and experience it’s really is a gift for me to be learning this stuff.

Enjoy your day in the national park – love to hear you‘re hiking, one of my passions since getting clean and sober so I’m getting some vicarious enjoyment knowing you’re out there!

Rose Long


Nadine Steele

Nadine Steele of Steele Recovery discusses her training at The Addictions Academy and why our in depth and detailed programs are the best on the market for addiction training.

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