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The Addictions Academy: Students are Loving Their Courses! See What they are Saying!


The Addictions Academy: Students are Loving Their Courses!  See What they are Saying! 

Head over to https://theaddictionsacademy.com/therapy-professionals/calendar-courses/  to view the calendar of courses.  Call 1.800.706.0318 or register online.  Check out Addiction Academy student Heidi’s thoughts on her recent Life Coaching course below!


Hi Cali!

I just got done with the life coaching training and want you to know that Ginger was an amazing instructor for this course! She taught us skills and tools that were not covered in the material, that I feel are invaluable to having when moving forward with this profession. I look forward to and hope to work with her again soon. She demonstrated very well her life coaching skills as an instructor to us.

I learned from her directly and by watching the way she handled us as students.

I am grateful things worked out so that I could experience her knowledge and skills for this course.

Thank you,
Heidi Fredere

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