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The Addictions Academy Students Making Headlines: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Aaron Barnes

The Addictions Academy students are saving the lives of others and creating amazing success in their own! Keep up the fantastic work, Aaron!

State of Addiction: Recovering addict becomes sober coach, trainer


‘I’m living proof that recovery can happen’

A former drug addict is taking recovery a step further- now helping others find the path to sobriety.

Aaron Barnes, 41, is at his gym frequently. He works out six days per week at Todd Smith Fitness, but it’s not just for his physical health. Barnes says fitness is a huge part of his recovery from drug addiction.

“It started off at a couple a day, next thing you know I was doing 10 to 20 pills a day,” Barnes said.

Barnes became dependent on oxycodone in his thirties, saying family troubles spun him into a depression.

“Drugs and alcohol were the only things that I could turn to that even for a short amount of time could release that pain,” Barnes said.

Barnes says his parents convinced him to check into a rehabilitation facility in California back in 2015. Within those 60 days, Barnes says he found his purpose.

“I had an amazing support system, I had my family waiting for me, my gym family, I had a lot of support when I got home, but unfortunately a lot of people who come out of rehab don’t have that support system waiting for them,” Barnes said.

That’s why he started his sober coaching business, sobercoaching.com. Barnes offers recovery services to addicts, both before and after detox.

“Sometimes we just forget how to live, just how to do day-to-day functions,” Barnes said.

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