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The Addictions Academy Students in The News: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Kevin Rosario!

We are thrilled to see students of The Addictions Academy making a difference!

You and the team at Gosnold are doing fantastic work and saving lives, Kevin!

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Recovery Coaches Help Opioid Addicts Stay Clean After Treatment
« CBS Boston
By Chris McKinnon
FALMOUTH (CBS) – Many families caring for a loved one with an opioid addiction will tell you that one stay in a rehab facility rarely solves the problem. Relapses are common and heartbreaking.

But a new approach is helping some addicts stay sober once they leave the safety and security of an inpatient facility.

Mike Riordan of Falmouth is one of those success stories. He has been clean for three years.

“I was just using drugs and was a shell of a person. I would have died on the street,” he said, recalling his life addicted to opioids.

Riordan credits his long-term recovery to Kevin Rosario, a recovery coach with the Gosnold Treatment Center.

“We are not sponsors,” Rosario told WBZ-TV. “We work on life stuff. We work on goals and management and keep people in line and going in the right direction that they want to go.”

Rosario, a recovering addict himself, met with Riordan on a regular basis and was available 24 hours a day when Riordan ended his stint in rehab.

Experts agree this can be the trickiest time for people in recovery.

“The patient comes out (of rehab) and they are super excited. They are doing a meeting every day, the gym, the counselors.  They’re doing everything. But then a month goes by, now they’re going to work, they are going to less meetings, they drop therapy. We try to do an intervention to get them back on track before they go off course,” Rosario said.

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