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The Addictions Academy Welcomes Dr. Teralyn Sell to our Team!


TeralynI am a skilled practitioner in holistic mental health and addiction treatment. You will find me continuously learning about how the body can heal itself through proper nutrient and neuro-nutrient therapy. I now practice what I like to call ‘Functional Psychology’. I can take a deep dive into genetic code, neurotransmitter levels and adrenal function. I combine this with therapy or coaching.

Over the past 20+ years, I have worked with families, and have helped people to strengthen and develop better relationships, as an individual or as a couple. I also worked for well over a decade as a mental health and addiction counselor. I’ve had great success facilitating change and deeper personal understanding with clients of all ages. My focus as a counselor is on helping my clients effectively tackle the challenges of their lives and gain sobriety on their terms. I have worked in a variety of settings including prison, domestic violence shelters, early childhood education and private practice.

My husband, Steve, and I own a wellness center in our local community in Wisconsin. Steve has been in recovery for 25 years and is a practicing recovery coach and professional intervention professional. Together our services complement each other to the point where we have built a practice around holistic mental health and addiction treatment.

I also have achieved the following credentials:

PhD. Psychology with an Addictions Studies Focus
M.S. Counseling Psychology
National Board Certified Counselor
Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor with an Addiction Credential and Psychometric Testing Credential
EMDR Certified Trauma Therapist & EMDR Consultant
Graduate of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition
Certified Mental Health and Addiction Nutrition Coach
National Certified Intervention Professional

In addition to being a counselor and functional psychology pro, I am also recognized as a Master Level Trainer in Early Childhood Education. I also have taught psychology and early childhood courses at several colleges and Universities. Additionally, I have done psychological evaluations to vet participants into a major television network reality show.

In my spare time, I enjoy camping, walking, learning and hanging out with my family.

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