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The Addictions Academy Welcomes Rob Lohman to the Faculty Team!


The Addictions Academy Welcomes Rob Lohman to the Faculty Team!


Rob Lohman is the Founder and Chief Motivator of Lifted From The Rut.  As an Interventionist and Addiction Recovery Coach, Rob provides addiction services to families and businesses to help them move from addiction to FREEDOM.   With a sobriety date of June 8, 2001, Rob has learned a great deal about trials and believing that there is a great blessing on the other side of each trial….even though some of the trials of life can seem hopeless at times.   When he went from hating the image in the mirror, to loving the image and the potential within, a huge paradigm shift happened.

Rob has made errors in sobriety, but it is in those life lessons he discovered his Calling to help others regain the hope in themselves that they too were created for a greater purpose in life. Restoring hope in others, and to help lift them from their life ruts that seem to have stolen their confidence in who they are.  Rob believes that “God does not make junk!”

In addition to founding Lifted From The Rut, Rob has an MBA and over 27 years in Sales / Marketing experience in Real Estate, Higher Education, Insurance and Software Sales.  Rob self-published The Momentum Journey: Breakdown at Exit 63 book and documentary.  Inspired to reach his community about addiction awareness, Rob organizes the Navigating the World of Addiction events bringing professionals and families together to discuss issues around addiction and recovery.  He brings in dynamic special guest speakers like former NFL stars Vance Johnson and Randy Grimes, Katie Donovan of A Mother’s Addiction Journey, Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy, Dr. Doug Weiss of Heart To Heart Counseling, and a variety of other speakers and authors.

Rob has a unique approach in his recovery coaching and intervention styles. Rob has a very laid-back personality, but don’t confuse that for weakness! He is dedicated to encouraging and motivating his clients to dream BIG and believe in themselves.  Because addiction is a family disease, Rob believes in coaching the entire family unit in the healing process.

As an avid reader, Rob continues to add new tools to his tool belt to utilize in making positive changes in the lives of his clients and their families.  He believes in the philosophy of re-teaching what you learn with others within 48 hours, leaving a longer impact and a stronger chance for change.  Rob believes in personal development and self-care. He knows what it’s like to live a balanced AND an unbalanced life, so he does what he needs to do to make sure his life stays in balance.  Rob’s priorities are God, family, community and profession.
Rob has been featured on the Real Traci Rock radio show, the Addiction Breakthrough Summit, The Recovery Revolution Summit, and speaks at various organizations to provide HOPE for the future.  Rob is also involved with Prison Fellowship, making an impact in and building new foundations / belief systems in those previously incarcerated.

Living in the picturesque terrain of Colorado, Rob enjoys time with his beautiful wife and two adorable children. He is very involved in his Christian community and benefiting from the wonderful weather Colorado offers year-round.


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