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The Addictions Coach: 10 Signs You Are Dealing with a Toxic Parent

Are you dealing with the effects of a toxic parent?  Maybe you are not even aware that you are suffering effects caused by a narcissistic parent.  Read on for an excerpt from HEALTHYWAY to help you recognize the signs of a toxic parent.

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10 Signs You Have A Toxic Parent

This how you know they’ve crossed the line from annoying to toxic.


Maybe you’re finding your dad to be a little more annoying than usual or you’ve looked around and noticed that your mom’s not like other moms. Maybe you’re finally realizing that it may not be normal to hide in your bedroom or screen your parents’ calls. Or maybe your SO is like “WTH is with your home life?”

The technical definition of a narcissistic or toxic parent is someone who lives through, is possessive of, and/or engages in marginalizing competition with their offspring.

Basically, life is all about them and everything they do (or want you to do) is done to satisfy their needs. Oftentimes, it’s hard to recognize a toxic parent because most are disguised as caring people who immerse themselves in their children’s lives.

The involvement is a facade and what appears as devotion is not a selfless act but an effort to control and manipulate their kids through very close relationships with them. But how do you know if this is really what’s going on?

The problem with trying to figure out if you were affected by a toxic parent is that it takes the ability to self-reflect. You probably grew up thinking that the behavior in your house was normal and it may not be until you grew and matured that you had the ability to recognize that something was “off” in your house.

Unfortunately, the road to healing is often long and lonely because no toxic parent wants to admit that they have issues. The child of such a parent must muster up the strength and courage to stand up and make a change.

The good news is, if you’ve been raised by a toxic parent, you can be happy! Studies show that through therapy, you can overcome your abusive childhood and become an even better parent. The first step is to recognize it.


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