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Admissions Call Center Training


The Admissions Team at a Treatment Center is the first person your clients will interact with on the phone and the Admissions Team is responsible for getting the client to come in through the door for assessment and pre-certification of insurance. In our Admissions Call Center Training, we will polish your call center staff and teach them how to convert your calls to clients.  We have developed a training program that crosses clinical verbiage and sales techniques to improve the closing ratio of your Admissions Call Center Team. We will analyze the systems you have in place, meet your staff, and train them on both clinical terminology and sales closing tactics that meet the ethical, legal, and business requirements and goals of your individual treatment center. 

The client’s first contact with your treatment center is your Admissions Call Center Team and if the process goes smoothly the client will arrive at your center and stay for the length of treatment. The relationship that is built with the client prior to treatment, during admission, and post-admission is crucial to the success of that client and your center.

If your treatment center is struggling to get people in the door and make them clients yet you spend a lot of money on advertising, marketing, and branding your treatment center you need this class. Most treatment centers do not put any money into their admissions call center staff, and they assume that the staff just knows how to sell treatment.  They don’t. Treatment centers fail here because they either hire someone that just went through the program to sell the program or they hire some big expensive sales guy that used to sell a completely unrelated product like cars or widgets and both fail. Train your staff in legal and ethical techniques to close those calls.

The number one goal of detox, residential treatment center, PHP, or IOP  is to fill the beds with quality candidates that need your services. This is where most places struggle to maintain a census of appropriate candidates.  You hire marketers, developers, lead generation services, dabble in the Google AdWords game (after purchasing a LegitScript certification), and you spend thousands of dollars to get the phone to ring. After all that money and hard work, a lot of clients are lost in the Admissions Call Center. Untrained staff, missed calls, admission of inappropriate candidates for your specific services, promises to clients that are unrealistic (resulting in them leaving upon arrival), clients not assessed for the proper level of care and even staff not understanding and assessing proper insurance coverage all translates in wasted money and time.

Our training program is like nothing on the market for addiction treatment centers. We utilize Motivational Interviewing, Coaching Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques in our Admissions Call Center Training coupled with sales training and empathetic ear listening skills. We have trained countless treatment centers in the past 6 years and have assisted them in turning referrals and leads into clients. See whom we have trained HERE

NOTE: There are NO prerequisites to this course. Also included is an ethics class.


We are accredited by the following organizations.

Nebraska Dept of Health
Florida Certification Board
Association of Coach Training Organizations
CCE logo
ICF addictions Coach


Screening for the appropriate Candidate.
Learning the Proper Language to use to close the deal and get the client in the door for Assessment.
How to close the deal: the art of the sale*How to refer out and build referrals with partner Centers.
Key Questions to ask the person on the other end of the phone.
Pre Qualification of the client in the proper steps to ensure placement.
Secrets your Call Center Staff should be doing in their 'down time' to increase call volume.
Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
Handling the crisis call.
Techniques to diffuse the angry and obstinate client.
Closing Phrases that make it happen.
Know your product
Advice Coordination for Client Retainment
Reducing the AMA and APA Rate from the beginning
Understanding Stark Law
Clarifying Expectations of Treatment and of the Client
Active vs. Passive Listening Skills
Overcoming Objections to Treatment

This class is a must for anyone in the mental health, behavioral health or substance abuse fields.

Our training is a comprehensive, 1-day intensive course that includes multiple role-play and scenario outcomes. We target all the necessary functions of an Admission Call Center Staff member and how to adequately pre-screen the individual to ensure they remain in treatment.  Call us today at 1.800.706.0318 to schedule your free Admission Call Center Training Assessment.

Dr. Cali Estes

Your Host for this Training, Dr. Cali Estes

Dr. Cali Estes is a Therapist, Life Coach, Recovery Coach, Addictions Coach, and Wellness Guru, Dr. Cali Estes has been named ‘The Female Dr. Drew’ by the media. She has been featured on CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, KTLA, People Mag, Yoga Digest, and more.

She is the Founder of The Addictions Academy and the wildly popular Sober on Demand for an alternative to drug and alcohol treatment services. She has also created the first-ever addiction and mental health supplement line, ProRecoveryRx.



$15,000 VALUE

On Line courses
  • Admissions Call Center Training (5 hours)
  • 4 Hour follow-up webinars for intensive follow-up
  • Ethics Course (6 CEU)
  • All Materials for Course
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Use of The Addictions Academy® logo AND Seal of Certifications
  • Bonus: Eligibility to receive client referrals through The Addictions Academy
  • Bonus: Discounted price for all courses and classes we offer.
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing.
  • Bonus: Free 6-month online Directory Listing to get clients



$25,000 VALUE

  • Admissions Call Center Training (5 hours) on site at your facility, unlimited staff
  • Meeting with the C- Suite prior to training.
  • 4 Hour follow-up webinars for intensive follow-up.
  • Ethics Course (6 CEU)   
  • All Materials for Course
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Use of The Addictions Academy® logo AND Seal of Certifications
  • Bonus: Eligibility to receive client referrals through The Addictions Academy
  • Bonus: Discounted price for all courses and classes we offer.
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing.
  • Bonus: Free 6-month online Directory Listing to get clients
call center rep
call center rep

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Frequently Asked Questions About Call Center Training

This is specific training focused at getting someone into a program. There are specific types of training for different organizations like mental health, addiction treatment, or other services. The idea is that you hone your phone sales and closing skills to get more clients into the facility.

You can apply to any open job a treatment center is offering with no real experience or education level; however, if you are trained as an admissions call center representative your odds of getting hired will be higher.

Most people make $25,000 a year or more, depending on the duties and functions of the admissions call center team. You will make more if you are doing interventions and fieldwork and even more, if you are trained in admissions call center work.

If your staff is fully trained in admissions call center sales training and closing techniques they will get more people into your addiction treatment center. The Addictions Academy offers an ethical, legal training to help your admissions call center get more clients into your facility.