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Are you ready to help create an Army of Trained and Credentialed people across the world to help the addicted and afflicted get help? Do you want to offer the best addiction training on the market to your clients? The Addictions Academy Affiliate Program for classes will help you earn extra cash (the average is $200 per referral student) and you don’t even have to sell anything, just recommend our classes.

This is NOT an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or a Pyramid Scheme, this is a way for you to make a little passive income by introducing us to your network that might want to take classes.

We offer 40 classes, 20 plus teachers and we have educated and trained people in 22 countries. We are translated into 4 languages and can train in person, via webinar (live virtual classroom), or self-study. Each course is comprehensive and self-contained. We also offer signature products like Train the Trainer (call for details), Sponsorship Marketing (for Treatment Centers), and Sober on Demand (for your clients that won’t go to treatment). Dr. Cali Estes has created a way for you to simply refer us and her team will do the rest!

We will train you on all of our classes, products, and services so you can make some passive income and help others. Call today for details and training dates, or email

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