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Anger Management Class in the Workplace

Anger Management Class in the Workplace

Anger Management Training – Anger is often the most misunderstood of all emotions and is simply repressed hurt or lack of control. Depending on the person, their childhood, and how they perceive stress they can be passive-aggressive or aggressive. Neither coping skill gets your needs met and is harmful in the long run. It is how you deal with stress and what coping mechanisms you use to handle it that determine if you need anger management training. Anger Management Class in the Workplace (which meets all court requirements) is key to understanding a successful team environment. How you function as a unit dictates your sales and productivity. We can help you understand your team unit and remove the toxic behaviors in the environment.

You may have seen the patron at the restaurant whose steak was overcooked and she was screaming at the manager. Her needs were not met and she is probably viral on the internet somewhere having a meltdown.  On the flip side, there is a passive-aggressive diner whose food was wrong but they did not send it back and instead wrote a nasty Yelp review. Both of these are underlying anger elements due to their needs not being met and lack of control.

You probably heard of the term, ‘hair-trigger’. This means that you never know when someone might blow up or get ‘set off’ by an event that they can not control around them. We generally avoid these people at all costs. That is unless you are required to do that for your job. If you have to deal with difficult people at your employment location, you will need to know how to do it correctly and with finesse.

That is what we can help you with. Not only understanding where your anger comes from, but how to handle it at the root cause level and utilize new strategies for any situation you are in.  Burnout and frustration due to lack of control will be addressed as will time management. Anger triggers, coping skills, reframing the situation, and understanding how we react to anger and the expectations of others is key to understanding our underlying anger. We will provide worksheets and exercises to minimalize aggression while maximizing assertive behavior.

NOTE: Our Anger Management Class for Workplace or Court meets all court requirements for 3 hours of anger management class and includes 3 CEUs.


We are accredited by the following organizations.

Nebraska Dept of Health
Florida Certification Board
Association of Coach Training Organizations
CCE logo
ICF addictions Coach


Understanding anger and other emotions
Anger, stress, and mental fitness at home and at work
What Trigger thoughts are and how to stop them
How to implement coping strategies
Reframing thinking errors
Assertive Communication: Resolving conflicts while managing anger
Passive-aggressive anger
Maintaining positive changes
Unpopular employees
Navigating Toxic work culture
Work and life balance
Anger at home and in Relationships
Anger as repressed hurt
Childhood and adult trauma
Emotions that lead to anger
Lack of control
Needing to win or be right

Need more than one person trained? We have a group rate for unlimited students!!

(If you require in-person, on-site at your facility call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 for rates)

Dr. Cali Estes

Your Host for this Training, Dr. Cali Estes

Dr. Cali Estes is a Therapist, Life Coach, Recovery Coach, Addictions Coach, and Wellness Guru, Dr. Cali Estes has been named ‘The Female Dr. Drew’ by the media. She has been featured on CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, KTLA, People Mag, Yoga Digest, and more.

She is the Founder of The Addictions Academy and the wildly popular Sober on Demand for an alternative to drug and alcohol treatment services. She has also created the first-ever addiction and mental health supplement line, ProRecoveryRx.



$5977 VALUE

On Line courses
  • Anger Management in the Workplace
  • Manual for course
  • Any PDF Handouts
  • Exam post-course
  • Certificate of Completion for work, court
  • Seal of Completion for work or website
  •  CEU’s if you need them



$15,00 VALUE

On Line courses
  • Anger Management in the Workplace
  • Manual for course
  • Any PDF Handouts
  • Exam post-course
  • Certificate of Completion for work, court
  • Seal of Completion for work or website
  • 3 CEUs if you need them
anger management
anger management

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