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Another celeb without a RECOVERY COACH? Philip Seymour Hoffman DEAD of overdose.

WHY this is a recipe for disaster:

Celebrities need handlers, assistants, recovery coaches, life coaches and PR people to tell them what to do and how to behave. It is the nature of the industry. They show up, get handed the script or song and are told read this, sing that, stand here. They have little to no identity and  feel lost and confused most of the time. This is why we see the success with Recovery Coaches or Sober Coaches and celebrities.  The Recovery Coach can educate the other staff on what to look for in terms of drug use and possible relapses with their client.  The Recovery Coach can be there when the triggers arise and the client starts to want to get high. I guarantee you before Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead there were signs of use.  A Recovery Coach could most likely have prevented the entire thing, if not at least been on hand to save him. Recovery Coaches are wonderful tools that are not used enough in the celebrity lifestyle.


At The Addictions Coach we can help, it is what we are trained for. We educate the staff and we look for signs in the client. It is preventable and we can be there to assist.  Call us today 786.709.0479

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