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Are You Passionate About Helping Others Break-Free from Addiction?


Are you stuck in a dead end job with no future in sight? Or maybe you are stuck working for someone, and you are tired of watching them financially benefit from all of your hard work and effort. And maybe you are tired of having wonderful and innovative ideas that no one will listen to or give a chance to work in a structured setting. If you are having the following issues then listen to me for the next few minutes and I will give you the opportunity to change the trajectory of your professional and personal life for the positive!

If you are currently in the addictions industry, recovery community, or just have a knack for helping others and making a positive difference in someone’s life, then the following course and career choice is for you!

The Addictions Academy is offering their Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Certification on January 23-24. This is a two-day, live webinar that runs from 10 am to 3 pm EST. This is an INTERACTIVE WEBINAR which means that you take this class from the comfort of your own home or office and you can see the class and the class can see you. This is also “real time”, so you can interact live with the instructor and classmates. The cost of this class is $1329 and this includes the class, the exam, the certification, all course materials, a complimentary class, Ethics Training, 10 weeks of supervision with Dr. Cali Estes, help with job placement in some cases, and a network of other professionals for you and your future company.

You are possibly at the fork in the road in your professional life. You can continue to earn a mediocre paycheck while others benefit drastically from your hard work, or you can take our course and begin building your own client base which will open up the doors professionally, personally, and financially for the rest of your working career.

 This course will teach you the most modern skills and fundamentals to the intervention. In the addictions industry today there are so many people who are far from qualified or skilled that are trying to intervene and steer people away from the deadly grips of their  addictions and sometimes only trigger the addict into using again. Our instructors are highly-skilled and highly-trained, and will teach you the right way to do a professional drug intervention They will also teach you how to perform interventions in a safe and ethical manner, while also teaching you how to build your brand and make yourself and your company highly successful.

Click here to register for the Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Certification class online, or call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2, where a member of our team is waiting to assist you.

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