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Ask The Expert: How Can I stay sober after treatment? Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach Answers.

Ask The Expert: How Can I stay sober after treatment?

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach Answers.

Question: “How can I stay sober after my last stay in treatment? I have been into detox and treatment a few times and I just can’t seem to stay sober, what can I do?” Jackson B. Miami, Florida
Cali Estes Answers: “Jackson, here are 5 tips and tricks to staying sober post-treatment.”
1. Get honest with yourself. What are YOU WILLING to do to stay sober? DO you have the resources you need and the right environment to stay sober? If you know that going home where you have access to drugs and alcohol will lead to disaster, spend some time in a sober living facility with an IOP for therapy. Give yourself the opportunity to do this right and a chance to have some real clean time. Do not rush the process, it will end in disaster. Put the time in and it will work.

2. Get a sober coach or sober companion. A lot of people think that sober coaches or companions are ‘paid babysitters’ but they are actually trained individuals that can assist you in times of crisis and help you with the transition back into society and a sober lifestyle. They work hourly, daily or weekly so you can find one that fits your budget and your specific needs.

3. Decide if you want to go to meetings. There are AA/NA 12 step meetings (based on abstinence), Smart Recovery meetings (based on harm reduction) and even Celebrate Recovery meetings based in religion/faith. Meetings will allow you to make friends and have a good support system when you need it.

4. Work out and focus on fitness and nutrition. It is no secret when you eat better and workout you feel better. When you feel better you have less of a desire to use drugs and alcohol to alter your moods. Decrease or eliminate sugar! You Can Do it!!  Decrease junk food and processed foods and once your body returns to homeostasis you will feel better.

5. Make a bucket list. Yes, a bucket list! 25 things you want to do before you die and start plugging away at them. This can be anything from a picnic to a week-long vacation in the Alps. If you have something fun to look forward to and something fun you are working on, you will not be bored, and we all know boredom leads to use!
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