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Can addiction ever be cured?

Can addiction ever be cured?

Currently, there is no cure for addiction. There is a huge debate over it being a physical, mental, or spiritual problem. Many clinicians are even arguing over it being a disease or more of a social issue or even a coping mechanism. If you look at the Gabor Mate, in his work he claims addiction comes from trauma. If you heal the trauma you heal the addiction. If you look at Ken Blum’s work, he claims that there is a reward deficiency syndrome in the brain and if you fix that by using brain supplements and neurotransmitters you then heal the brain.

Other experts claim that you need spirituality and things like 12 step programs where you give up your power to heal and fix the issues in your life using spiritual principals.

Several treatment centers have promised a cure for addiction but have yet to deliver on that promise. So at this time, there is no cure for addiction even though there may be a vaccine against it or some big Pharma medication to manage it there truly is no cure.

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