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Can addiction run in the family?

Can addiction run in the family?

Addiction can absolutely run in the family. Claudia Black offers a good explanation of how this works. Sometimes if the addict is the father, for example, there might be a son or a daughter that’s desiring the father’s attention and may turn to drugs and alcohol just like the father to get their attention. If you follow Claudia’s work, this is usually the Scapegoat in the family that becomes the next addict in the hierarchy.

You can also see if you follow the disease process model that they say addiction is genetic and therefore it will be passed down through several generations. At the Addictions ACADEMY, we offer a full class in family coaching which talks about the codependency enabling issues that a family has and how to successfully treat those. At the Addictions Coach, we do offer a family coaching and ways to overcome the family dynamic and combat the drug and alcohol issues that plague the family.

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