Reviews of The Addictions Academy

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

“I thought the Family Recovery Coach class would be a breeze as I had experience working with so many populations dealing with substance abuse issues. I had interacted with people in active addiction, people in recovery, parents of children in active addiction and, sadly, children of parents who were addicted. I thought I had all of their perspectives and just needed the “stamp” of certification when I began the class with Katie. What I found out was that I could be a part of the problem and could make matters worse for families. I was an enabler because I had spent a lifetime being a fixer!
I grew up in a family with substance abuse and domestic violence issues and was the oldest of seven kids. Most of my waking moments were spent on hyper alert guard about anything that would trigger parental rage or substance use. My immediate response was always to fix the situation which often consisted of me helping siblings hide behaviors or getting them out of trouble. I then spent a lifetime trying to “fix” situations which gained me a great reputation in all of my career endeavors. I thought I knew it all and coaching others would be a breeze.

Imagine then, my shock and temporary humiliation at the silence from Katie and other classmates at the end of my role-playing with parents who were trying to cope with their child’s addiction issues. Time after time, I realized I was not taking the role of helping parents move forward with their own lives but trying to make it better by helping them try to fix their own kids. Katie had to continually (but gently) remind me that the parent was the client that I was trying to “fix” the addict. It was an enormous paradigm shift for me to learn that the purpose might be to simply help the parents cope with the situation as it was and to not try to offer them ways to fix their child or offer them false hope. I realized the harm I could do by teaching the parents how to fix their child or the situation instead of being supportive and aware of their needs.
So I realized that the role of a Family Recovery Coach is to not teach them to be an enabler as I had been for so much of my life. I am sure I will need constant self-reminders as I transition from being a fixer to being a supportive coach. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Dee Ryan, Family Coach

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

The intervention training was informative and practical. Interventions can be a very intimidating service, even the most experienced clinician may find themselves at a loss for words, Dr. Estes gave my team the confidence and skills they will need in real-life intervention scenarios. Dr. Estes was easy to work with and the training itself was actually a lot of fun. Thank you so much!

Rob Archuleta MS, CACIII Director of ICM and Offender Services.
Crossroads Turning Points, INC

“I have to tell your training and supervision supersedes our other experience from another modality by leaps and bounds.”

Kelly Chambliss, Whole Families Intervention

Reviews of The Addictions Academy

“Dr. Cali is amazing.  The webinar I took with The Addictions Academy was fantastic.  It was very informative and made learning the course materials fun.  I would suggest anyone working in the field of substance abuse to take a class with Dr. Cali. ”

Louis Hrabar Jr. Director of Marketing
Harmony Hills


How do you find the best training to become a sober companion?

How do you find the best training to become a sober companion?

sober companion

You need to be certified, insured, and bonded. A sober companion and safe transport person should have lived experience, at least 3 to 5 years sobriety, and 36 hours of classroom education plus mentorship from a Master Coach. The Addictions Academy can help you achieve that, and get clients.

As a Certified Sober Companion, your main focus is to stay with a client for a period of time. This could include living with them in their home, traveling with them on business, and traveling with them on their vacations. The main duties of a sober companion include teaching the client how to have a productive and sober lifestyle or a semi-sober lifestyle. There’s specific training that will teach you how to work with a client and get the best results. The Certified Sober Companion and Safe Transport class at The Addictions Academy is very in-depth and covers everything you need to know about how to properly work with a client legally, ethically, and safely. We cover how much to charge, what legal things you need such as insurance and bonding. We even cover in class how to handle yourself in difficult situations.

In our sober companion and safe transport class, we also cover how to market to specific clients, how to close a deal, and how to overdeliver. The misnomer is that everyone in recovery can be a sober companion. Well, while most people in the 12 step program can assist with other 12 step clients and 12 step calls, that does not mean they make a good safe support safe transport, or sober companion. You need to be trained, educated, certified, insured, and bonded. In today’s world, you need to protect yourself and clients will ask you for your credentials and for a copy of your insurance and bonding paperwork.

Do you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the other sober companions? Yes, you do! You want to offer a higher quality service. When you pair our sober companion and safe transport certification with the ability to provide our supplement line at to help the client heal from the damage of drugs and alcohol he will set yourself apart as a higher caliber sober companion. In addition to the class, we also offer two different ways to consume information from the class. You can watch the video self-study, or hop into an online, interactive virtual classroom. Both of these come with FREE 30 day listing at our recovery coach locator. Access to a job board, two different Facebook networking groups that are the largest online, are included. Our signature inclusion into your training is the 10 weeks of Coach and Sober Companion Mentorship from a seasoned master coach and sober companion.

We also have a marketing class available that will teach you how to market to your clients, what materials you need to do that, how to network, and more. In terms of value for price, we have the highest value in the addictions industry space. See more value options below and click on the website at The Addictions Academy call 1-800-706-0318 extension 2 to get registered.– Click HERE for the class. Click HERE for reviews. Click HERE for Pro RecoveryRx supplement line.

More value:

What you will learn in this Training:

Ethics versus moral issues
Legal Side of Companions and Transport
Registering your vehicle for safety
Sober Coaching verses Sober Companions
How to market and position yourself for lucrative clients
Daily schedules and routines with clients
Purpose of the 12 step model in companion work
How to secure and build a treatment team
How to set value for services
Active vs passive listening skills
Designing an Action Plan
Harm Reduction including MAT Services
Mental Health Issues
Safety Concerns
Other addictions besides drugs and alcohol: gaming, gambling, sex, etc
Addressing job/educational issues
Understanding family dynamics and how it affects your client
Creating a positive support team

The stakes are high with A LOT of sober companions and transport agencies available. It is time to get trained and certified by the largest online and in-person training company in the world. Call Today 800 706 0318 ext 2

One Addiction for Another: Replacing Bad Habits with “Good” Habits?


One Addiction for Another

Replacing Bad Habits with “Good” Habits?

9/28/2020 by Chris Cobb



I’ve had plenty of addictions. Drugs, alcohol, food, and so on. I also have over 2 years at this point without any drugs or alcohol in my life. I’ve heard the phrase quite often: “You must replace bad habits with good ones.”. I have done so in one way or another, for the most part. Like quitting smoking, and joining the gym to become even healthier with exercise than quitting smoking alone would do for me. I’ve also gone out to eat far too often instead of being on an all beer diet. Some habit replacements can be healthy, others, not so much. So let’s talk about some NEW bad habits we might grab while in recovery, and some better habits to replace them with.


Bad Habit #1: Stress, losing sleep over new responsibilities:

New job? New girlfriend? New Car? Nice. Welcome to your new sober life. Where you don’t lose jobs over drunken mishaps, or get arrested for the like. But we still have to be careful. How much have you changed in your life, and how fast? This is the first question to ask yourself. The next one is: Am I pacing myself? Is your new job or job(s) overwhelming, is the new girlfriend or boyfriend requiring more attention than you can give, causing issues in the relationship? Are you struggling to stay above water on your car payment? These are all stressful things, if you’re like me anyway. I tend to get far too stressed when dealing with life on life’s terms, especially when I present new “adulting” skills into my everyday life. So long story short, I have a lot on my plate. Maybe not more than I did when I was drinking, per-say. But back then, what I had in front of me was petty compared to now. It was stress and pain I had caused myself and others, that I could simply drown out with alcohol. Now I can’t do that. I won’t. Say some of the things we have begun to do now are actually necessary even. Exercise, healthy eating, routines, calendars, meetings, etc… Even good things can overwhelm us, quite easily, and quite often. So what’s just one thing we can do to help with all this new “good” stress? I personally believe that meditation is one thing that has truly helped me keep my serenity over the last couple of years. When I am stressed and exhausted, mentally, physically, and spiritually, I begin to feel like I’m in a small room with the walls closing in. I feel like hiding, like curling up and giving up. Meditation has allowed me to focus on myself, my body, sometimes trying to think of nothing at all; not fighting the thoughts that come to mind, but focusing on them for just a few seconds and allowing them to drift away, knowing that there is a solution to every problem. There are many forms of meditation. Music, guided meditation, driving, or just pure relaxation. There are typically one or more meditation groups of different types locally, and even if not, you can find pretty much any instructional, or voice guide online. So try it out sometime, see what it can do for you. There’s no harm that could come from it. Let’s read on.



Bad Habit #2: Spending too much money:

            Let’s take stress out of the equation for a moment. Say you have a spending habit that tends to break your bank and forces you to live paycheck to paycheck, but you’re not really too worried over it.. Sometimes, we begin not to care about much when we are grateful simply for making it past our old life, our addiction. We’re in recovery and we’ve “got this no matter what.” Right? Well, what happens when you lose your job, and don’t have any money saved up, not even enough to make it by for the next week or two that it will take you to even get an interview for your next potential job? You bought that Playstation 5 that you didn’t really need, because you work too much to play games anyway. You threw a Stage 3 Turbo and 20s on your 97 Honda Accord right before it broke down, and now you can’t afford a new head gasket. This is where we need to be prepared. I like to use the Six Ps. Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. (5, 6, same diff). What I mean by this, is that if I don’t have some emergency money saved back, or I don’t work on the most important parts of my car before I shoot for luxury or convenience, I have potentially screwed my near future self if something goes awry. So what we need here is if we don’t already know how, to learn to keep a budget, even a budget sheet that shows our income, and our possible expenses, prioritized from most important to least. Minimizing: making what we NEED outweigh what we WANT. Again with the car. Did you need that Turbo, or did you need new brakes and rotors? I mean fast is fun until you can’t slow down when you need to. The point in this whole thing is to live within our means. If we don’t need it, don’t buy it. If we need it, plan it out and get it taken care of. Buy groceries instead of eating fast or fancy. You can literally feed yourself for 2 weeks at home for what it would cost to eat at a nice steakhouse for one night. Most importantly, PAY ATTENTION to your bank account! Sometimes, I even keep cash in my wallet, or in a lockbox instead of putting it in the bank. I tend to forget I have the cash, or look at my bank account being less than what I actually have, and consider myself close to broke sooner than reality. This helps me really evaluate what I’m about to purchase online and figure out if I should really buy it or not. Let’s move on to the next bad habit, and its possible solution.



Bad Habit #3: Isolation Station – Wasting Time Doing Nothing:

            Ok, so scenario C. You’re not really too stressed, you are doing okay at your part time job living in housing or a recovery home. In your ample amount of free time, you sleep, play video games, watch TV. You start to do these relaxing things so often that you become acclimated to them, as if they are becoming second nature to you. Fast forward a couple of months. You still only have 20 hours of work each week, you get food stamps, and live a nice relaxing lifestyle overall. But where does this leave your recovery? You’re living the same way you lived when you were drinking and getting high, but now it’s easier to get bored or depressed, and the only thing you’re doing to keep your mind occupied is staying in a room by yourself playing the Crash Bandicoot remake, eating cheetos naked in a beanbag chair. What happened to upping your goals once you decided to CHANGE YOUR LIFE? We are now at  a dangerously vulnerable point in our life, whether we know it or not. We aren’t socializing. We’ve cut out the toxic people from our life, but what about the new people? Are we going to meetings? Are we talking to anyone, a sponsor? Even a counselor? It’s time to get up and get out. Establish healthy environments, and only allow healthy, positive people in your circle. Get a sponsor, someone you can confide in, someone you can trust completely to listen to exactly what is on your mind. It’s vitally important to voice what your spirit is going through. Overall, we need to get out of our comfort zone in order to truly start a new life for ourselves. The more inspiration, motivation, and determination we will gain from this will easily allow us to think outside of what used to be our limits, realize that the only limit is our own imagination, and leave that part time job behind for something bigger and better that will allow us to level up to those 20s and Turbos on our new modern set of wheels, without breaking us.


So just food for thought. Evaluate your surroundings, your work, your home, your life in general, and decide overall if you are happy, or if there is something you can do to add even more value to your life, besides just taking out the drugs and booze from your routine. Quit drinking, quit getting high, but NEVER quit BUILDING YOUR WORLD. 

If you own or run an addiction treatment center, you need to read this

If you own or run an addiction treatment center, you need to read this.

Hi Cali, this is Amy I was just in your admissions conference training. You are awesome and I know that future practice,with your guidance is going to be amazingly valuable!!.

With all of the patient brokering issues going on, getting clients safely into an addictions treatment center can be exhausting. You have to market online, deal with competitors, shady characters, and then get the client to agree to come into the actual treatment center. How well does your treatment center actually perform? Do you close over 60% of the leads?

I bet you don’t. In fact, most addictions centers close under 30%. If you get a proper lead (clinically appropriate, can handle payment, etc) your team should close it, but they don’t. Mostly because they have ZERO sales training. They may be a past client that is excited about the program and just rambles on to the lead. Or, they may be reading from your script and sound impersonal and disconnected.

You and your team need our Admissions Call Center Training. Click HERE to see the training. Click HERE to see more on Dr. Cali Estes

The number one goal of detox, residential treatment center, PHP, or IOP is to fill the beds with quality candidates that need your services. This is where most places struggle to maintain a census of appropriate candidates. You hire marketers, developers, lead generation services, dabble in the Google AdWords game (after purchasing a LegitScript certification), and you spend thousands of dollars to get the phone to ring. After all that money out and hard work, a lot of clients are lost in the Admissions Call Center. Untrained staff, missed calls, admission of inappropriate candidates for your specific services, promises to clients that are unrealistic (resulting in them leaving upon arrival), clients not assessed for the proper level of care and even staff not understanding and assessing proper insurance coverage all translates in wasted money and time.

The Addictions Academy will train your staff in sales and admissions closing unique to the addiction treatment industry.

Our training program is like nothing on the market for addiction treatment centers. We utilize Motivational Interviewing, Coaching Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques in our Admissions Call Center Training coupled with sales training and empathetic ear listening skills. We have trained countless treatment centers in the past 6 years and have assisted them in turning referrals and leads into clients. See whom we have trained HERE

NOTE: There are NO prerequisites to this course. Also included is an ethics class.

Here is what is included in our Professional Admissions Call Center Training
Screening for the appropriate Candidate.
Learning the Proper Language to use to close the deal and get the client in the door for Assessment.
How to close the deal: the art of the sale*How to refer out and build referrals with partner Centers.
Key Questions to ask the person on the other end of the phone.
Pre Qualification of the client in the proper steps to ensure placement.
Secrets your Call Center Staff should be doing in their ‘downtime’ to increase call volume.
Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
Handling the crisis call.
Techniques to diffuse the angry and obstinate client.
Closing Phrases that make it happen.
Know your product
Advice Coordination for Client Retainment
Reducing the AMA and APA Rate from the beginning
Understanding Stark Law
Clarifying Expectations of Treatment and of the Client
Active vs. Passive Listening Skills
Overcoming Objections to Treatment
Please call us today at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 so we can assist your treatment center in setting up the admissions call center training.

Reviews of The Addictions Academy



Reviews of The Addictions Academy The Addictions Academy Reviews.

What is like to take a class with The Addictions Academy Faculty?

Dr. Cali Estes
Thank you so much for the class. It was informative and a lot of fun. It was an honor learning from someone as successful as yourself, and I will definitely be signing up for more courses as I can afford them! I wish you all the best and much baklava!

Hello Dr. Estes,
Not sure if you remember me, but I took your interventionist class a while back and have been using my certification successfully for a couple of months now!
I have my BS in counseling with an emphasis on addictions and substance abuse and am looking at starting my graduate work to obtain an MSW and eventually my LCSW, but in the meantime, I am looking at more certs from your group.
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, and thanks again for the NCIP class, it’s been great!
Brian C Morel, Bachelor of Science – Intern
PTSD Group Facilitator, Military Transition Specialist, Substance Abuse Consultant, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

Hi Cali,
Thank you for the valuable training today. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while with you.


Dr. Cali Estes is an incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful woman that can get any job done. Her straightforward approach gets directly to the problem at hand and addresses it head-on quickly and effectively. Cali’s knowledge and modalities in the field of addiction are endless. She has a multi-facet all-encompassing approach to her coaching style that can cater to anyone or any type of addiction. She also has an incredible school for teaching others what she knows. I have attended many of her Addictions academy courses and I was blown away by the amount of information she had available on each subject. She carefully went over every aspect of the given certification and gave us every tool possible to become successful in that field. Her classes have been the best course certification classes I’ve ever taken thus far. It was the best decision I ever made in my career to give me the tools and resources I needed to be successful. Not only did she teach me, but afterward she hired me to take on clients in my local area, mentoring me every step of the way. I couldn’t have learned from a better mentor and modeled a more knowledgeable addictions specialist. I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned from Dr. Cali Estes. I couldn’t recommend anyone as a person, coach, teacher, or mentor more highly then I do Dr. Cali. She has changed my life for the best and I’ll always be grateful for everything that she has done for me.

Kevin Parker,
True Warrior Success. Addiction Specialist


Cali Estes, her mentoring style and professional training are a major component to the success of my thriving coaching practice. I have been working with Cali since 2015 and I honestly refer her programs at The Addictions Academy to anyone that asks me how they can get started in the business. In fact, I send coaches to train with Cali and her team before they can be considered as a potential coach within my practice. If you would like a personal review or more information about what to expect feel free to contact me directly at (805)710-2513.

Tricia Parido, Turning Leaves
Master Coach, Program Director

Cali Estes is a dynamic, informed, and energetic instructor who knows her stuff. Rarely am I engaged by a speaker or instructor, but Cali had me sitting on the edge of my seat for two full days of recovery coach training. I also took 26 pages of notes! The class was interactive, included homework, and created a community of individuals previously not connected. Thank you Cali for setting the bar for industry-specific training!

:) Jean Krisle, Founder 10,000 Beds, Inc.

“Dr Cali Estes was a joy to have at our center in PA for AMA/APA block training and it was fabulous. We received a lot of amazing feedback from our staff and loved the breakout sessions”

Sinead Clinical Director of Just Believe Recovery

Hi Cali, this is Amy I was just in your admissions conference training. You are awesome and I know that future practice, with your guidance is going to be amazingly valuable!!.

Doctor Cali Estes, Thank you

Why Choose The Addictions Academy?

Why Choose The Addictions Academy?


The Addictions Academy

What makes The Addictions Academy training different from other training schools and accreditation bodies? Dr. Cali Estes has spearheaded this program since 2013 and has made sure to offer the top classes with the top instructors worldwide. Dr. Cali is an exclusive provider of the OUD education for the state of Nebraska, addiction counseling education provider for the state of Florida, and an addiction counseling and education provider core course for the entire country of Canada. The Addictions Academy holds full accreditation from all providers and bodies, including CACCF (Canadian Board), Florida Certification Board, State of Nebraska, ICF (International Coach Federation), IC&RC (International Addiction Education), ACTPO (Accreditation for coaching schools Internationally), ACT (Christian education accreditation) and more. See Accreditation HERE

In the United States alone there is no governing body, federal or state for intervention training or professional recovery coaching certification. Dr. Cali and several colleagues have been pushing for years to get some standardization of training that is governmentally required. At this time there, is no governmental body that requires a credential for intervention or professional recovery coach training. While the Pennsylvania Certification Board may offer a credential in Intervention, they are a private nonprofit with no state or federal affiliation. They are nothing more than a group to join. Our NCIP, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional accreditation, actually came out a year prior to them releasing the CIP and we have been offering the NCIP since then. We have trained over 15,000 interventionalists, professional, and addictions counselor’s to date. We pride ourselves on the ethics and work environment we create for our students and our staff.

Simply put, The Addictions Academy offers the best International Intervention Professional Certification at 35 hours or 54 hours for the money. We include 10 weeks of supervision in most of our classes, FREE directory listing, access to a job board, two networking groups, and two affiliate ways to make extra income. We also have the only addiction neurotransmitter product on the market, Pro RecoveryRx and you can find that HERE

Some of the other companies have tried to imitate us, a few even took our classes, and then turned around to teach that class. We have also trained 350 top addiction treatment centers and mental health institutions in the United States, Canada, the UK, Costa Rica, India, Venezuela, and more. We are pleased to be exclusive providers to certain countries and certain treatment centers with ongoing addiction training for their staff. If you are looking for the Top addiction training education school and you want the best resources please contact The Addictions Academy.

Here are some extra things we all know that our competitors have never provided. We offer 10 weeks of coaching or Intervention Mentorship with a seasoned and master coach or interventionist, a free 30 day listing in our directory to pick up private clients. We also offer a job board for job placement, two affiliate links for you to make extra money. One of those includes the Pro RecoveryRx signature product line program that helps restore the neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain from using drugs and alcohol that our clients have been experiencing. We pleased to provide work and hiring opportunities for the top 1% of our students upon graduation. You can see our reviews here. You can find our classes here. If you want to see more on our founder who has been on CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, NBC, KTLA, People magazine, Dr. Drew show, and more. You can find more about Dr. Cali Estes here. We look forward to having you as a student and potentially hiring you to offer addiction recovery coach services, sober companion services, and intervention services to our clientele population. Call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 to get started today.

Internationally Certified Advanced Intervention Professional Training

advanced intervention class

Dr. Cali Estes training Lakeview Health System and Hospital

Advanced Intervention Professional Training

The Premier Certification for International Interventionists

The Addictions Academy proudly presents the Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional Certification coming up October 15, 16th, and 17th. Join us with this in-depth training and international certification that includes topics on drug and alcohol intervention, mental health intervention, porn intervention, sex addiction intervention, technology addiction, and even food and shopping addiction interventions. Special attention will be given to gaming addiction and video game addiction. A special focus for email addiction for executives, gambling addiction both online and in casinos, and of course, social media addiction including Facebook, TickTock, Instagram, and Snapchat is included.

Firstly, the Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional Training will be 3 full days from 10 to 3 East Coast time, Thursday Friday, and Saturday and is offered globally.  Secondly, with this training also comes a self-study five-hour case of management training video series, because you may want to take insurance at some point and addiction treatment centers are using case management codes to bill for interventions at this time. Thirdly, a  six-hour ethics training and 10 weeks of supervision by a master interventionist are included. The supervision runs every Tuesday from 11 am to Noon, East Coast time and you can log in by phone or video online.

What is included?

All exams, manuals, materials, and everything you need to succeed is included in the price. Our course runs for $1829,  however, if you call by Tuesday we will give you $500 off on the course and you will actually get it for the regular Intervention Professional Certification price. This price is $1329.00. As an advanced clinical intervention professional, you will be able to perform interventions with family members, individuals, and treatment centers and mental health settings.

At The Addictions Academy, all of our training comes with access to a job board and a free 30-day directory to help you get private clients. Several top networking groups, access to online resources, and more is included. We know you have several places to choose from when getting your education and your credentialing. Our goal is to make sure you are trained in the highest regard and can provide the best services for your clients. We have trained over 15,000 people in eight years and in 25 different countries and five languages.

Want to see a snippet of the class? Check it out HERE  

You can see our reviews Here. At TAA, we have Trained the top treatment centers like Avalon Malibu, Sierra Tucson, American Addiction Centers, Recovery Village, Beachside, Just Believe Recovery, Aqua Recovery Center, Betty Ford Clinic, UT Health of San Antonio. Dr. Cali Estes is an exclusive provider for the state of Nebraska on Opiate Use Disorder Training. An exclusive provider of the core addiction counseling training 350 core hour program in both the state of Florida and the entire countries of Canada and Curacao.  Our founder Dr. Cali Estes has been a keynote speaker for several different states on opiate use disorder and Intervention. See more on her HERE .

Please join her by clicking this link below and registering. Or call 1-800-706-0318 extension 2 and get your discount in class today.

Register  Here.

Why are clients constantly not engaged in clinical addiction treatment settings and what can you do to stop them from leaving?

Why are clients constantly not engaged in clinical addiction treatment settings and what can you do to stop them from leaving?

addiction treatment

As an addiction treatment center owner or marketing professional you get tired of all the work you do to get the clients into an addiction treatment And then they leave a few days into treatment or before treatment is finished. The problem with this is compounded. First, as a treatment center that accepts insurance this affects your insurance rate, the higher the AMA/APA rate the worse your insurance premiums and reimbursements will be. Second, this affects the clients currently in treatment and when one client leaves treatment against medical advice multiple clients will leave with them. This makes your AMA/APA rate worse and causes a lot of undue stress for your addictions counselors and addiction staff.

Third, when a client decides to leave against medical advice everyone is needed to triage that client. This causes mass chaos within the addiction treatment facility and it causes your staff to be pulled in multiple directions while other clients are not given the proper services. In addition your staff can get compassion fatigue and burn out with constantly dealing with negativity of one or multiple clients leaving. A lot of the AMA APAs occur on a Friday night or Saturday or Sunday when you do not have a primary staff on duty and you have the weekend staff or the BT team. Clients generally will try to do more things they should not be doing like smoking, shopping, gambling, having sex etc. on the weekends because you’re generally have less staff and you have staff that is spread thin. In addition, usually do not have multiple addictions counselors available to triage an AMA/APA or create an AMA block.

The addictions Academy developed the only AMA/APA block training class for all of your staff that is effective. Most of our Addictions treatment centers that have taken the AMA/APA block class have reported a 30% decrease in AMA and APA is within the first 30 days. Our class is available for your entire staff which we recommend you train or individually online at a self study online video series. Below you will find a professional value of our training and you can call for group discount at 1-800-706-0318 extension 2.  You can also check out our website at


Professional Value of our  APA/AMA Block Training

  • Learning the Proper Language to use to end the AMA/APA.
  • How to build rapport with the client before during and after the intervention process.
  • How to refer out and build referrals with partner Centers.
  • Key Questions to ask the person to stop the AMA/APA.
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Handling the angry and obstinate client.
  • Proper use of Assessment Tools.
  • Service Coordination for Client Retainment.
  • Objections 101.
  • Reducing the AMA and APA Rate from the beginning, not just in crisis.
  • Overcoming Objections to Treatment.
  • Dealing with the desire to ‘just get high”.
  • Handling guilt, remorse, and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Body Language Techniques/NLP
  • Stages of change
  • Active vs. Passive Listening Skills

How is your client retention rate? Learn how to reduce your AMA/APA rate



Did you know that The Addictions Academy is the largest online provider of addiction education in the world? We specialize in online classes such as addiction counseling, recovery coaching, intervention professional training, and more. We are pleased to offer our training to addiction treatment centers and Mental Health Institutions looking to increase their service platform and assist clients in receiving the best services possible. One of our most popular classes is AMA/APA blocking and this class assists counselors, techs, and other professionals in stopping clientele from leaving early. AMA/APA blocking (leaving Against Medical Advice, leaving Against Professional Advice) is a critical class that all addiction treatment providers need to have for all staff to reduce clients leaving early from treatment.

If you were looking to increase your retention rate of clients, increase your statistics to help your insurance premium rates and create an overall beneficial experience for your clients this class is a must for your staff. This five hour training can be completed either live online with an instructor or you can have your staff watch the video series which is a five-hour in-depth training. We offer it per student if you watch the video series or one flat rate to train the entire staff live online. We also can come directly to your facility and offer the class live or we can broadcast it if you have multiple locations. Every treatment center that has participated in this training has seen a reduction in AMA/APA with about 30% in the first two weeks. Our training is unparalleled and unduplicated. Click HERE to see the training.

After 20+ years in the industry, Dr Cali Estes created this training specifically to address the need within treatment centers that has not been handled. Click HERE to read her bio and click HERE to see our student and addiction treatment center reviews. Losing clients consistently when you own an addiction treatment center or a mental health facility can be detrimental to your bottom line. Check out the training below and give us a call so we can get you started right away retaining clients, and helping clients become more successful by completing your program. Every successful client to complete your program is worth 3 to 10 referrals. Every client that you lose due to an AMA or APA is worth 40 negative reviews. Can your company withstand 40 negative reviews or lose any more revenue than it already has?

Training can be purchased here or call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Passionate About Helping Others? Become an Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional TODAY!


clinical intervention

Mental health and addiction issues are up 30% due to COVID-19. There is a shortage of trained, certified, and licensed counselors, addictions coaches, interventionists, and therapists that can assist and help so many more clients pouring into the system. The Addictions Academy has been around since 2013 and is the premier provider for addictions education online and in person. We are offered and accepted in 25 countries with full accreditation. Some countries have purchased our manuals exclusively for training and several states in the United States use us exclusively for opiate use disorder training for therapists.

We are pleased to offer you a discount for the upcoming course: Nationally Certified Intervention Professional on October 15-17 from 10 to 3 East Coast time. This course includes topics such as drug and alcohol interventions, mental health intervention, Sex addiction intervention, porn addiction intervention, shopping addiction intervention, food addiction intervention, and even video game addiction intervention and social media addiction intervention. The class also comes with a six-hour ethics study and a 5-hour case management study that are both self-study and you can do those two at your own pace through our video system. You also get 10 weeks of Intervention Mentorship from trained certified Interventionists that have been doing this for at least five years.

The class is taught by Dr. Cali Estes and she has been performing interventions for 20 years and helping people get the most addiction help that is needed internationally. You can find more on Dr. Cali Estes HERE and you can find more on The Addictions Academy Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional (NCACIP) and now Internationally Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional Here.

We are pleased to offer the course that is normally $1829 we are offering it at $500 off, for the rate of $1329 which we normally charge for the two-day Nationally Certified Intervention Professional class (NCIP) which is normally 36 hours. In addition to everything you get with the class and the credential, you also get a free 30-day recovery coach locator listing, access to networking groups, and to affiliate programs to help you make an additional side income. We would love to have you as part of The Addictions Academy family and warmly welcome you to this class or one of our many others. Call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 or check out the website to claim your discount and get started today