How The Addictions Academy Is Different From Other Addiction Education Programs


Addictions academy

In the addictions industry today there are quite a few different addiction education providers. Everyone claims to be an expert and everyone claims to offer the best education for the best price. So when we are trying to pick our addiction education provider we need to really peel back the layers of the program or school and really see what the program has to offer us that sets them apart from all other addiction education providers.

So let’s take The Addictions Academy under the microscope for a few moments and talk about how they separate their addiction education program from all others by taking that extra step in many categories.  This puts you in the best spot to succeed after you have received your credentials and certifications.

First of all let’s talk about the wide range and wide variety of the classes you can take at The Addictions Academy. At The Addictions Academy  they have over 30 different classes you can take to better yourself in the addictions industry or get yourself into the addictions industry, if you’re not already working in it.  Nationally Certified Sober Coaching,  Nationally Certified Intervention Professional, sex addiction, gambling addiction and even social media addiction and internet addiction coaching, just names a few of the recovery-related coaching certification programs that The Addictions Academy offers.

The next way that The Addictions Academy separates itself from other addictions education providers is that their certifications are excepted and acknowledged internationally. After becoming certified through The Addictions Academy,it will open the door for you to expand your business throughout the world internationally and work with clients outside of the United States.

The next category has become a hot topic with business people all over the world and that is forming your own brand and attacking the industry with top-level marketing. Here at The Addictions Academy, we teach you how to skillfully brand yourself and company and we also teach you how to stay one step ahead of your competition with new modern state of the art marketing techniques. You will quickly become a top nationally certified professional recovery coach, top nationally certified interventionist or a top nationally certified sober coach, to name a few, once you finish your education with The Addictions Academy and enter into the work force of the addictions industry. Our competition leaves you high and dry once your education is finished, but not at The Addictions Academy.

And last but not least, we really put our money where our mouth is here at The Addictions Academy by offering you the option to learn how to make “six figures in six months”!  This almost sounds too good to be true as any one of us would jump at the chance to gain the skills and knowledge to be able to make a six figure income in just six short months. Yes, it can be done, and all you have to do is give The Addictions Academy the opportunity to lead the way!  So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-706-0318 or visit our website at To get a full listing of all of the classes and programs that we offer today!

Is Food Addiction Harder to Overcome than even Heroin or Cocaine?


foodWhy is food addiction so difficult to overcome? Is it harder to overcome than a cocaine or heroin addiction? MAYBE. Click the link to find out as Dr. Cali Estes is interviewed on her expertise in food and other addictions

Food addiction: Why addictions to certain foods can be so difficult to overcome

Addiction therapist breaks down cause, effect of food addictions

 When most people hear the word “addiction,” they think of substances such as alcohol, prescription pills or drugs, but an increasing number of studies suggest food can also have highly addictive qualities that are difficult to overcome.

We need food to survive, but certain foods — especially those rich in sugar, fat and salt — can trigger chemicals in the brain that make us feel good, such as dopamine. When you feel that, it can make you want to eat those foods again.

The health portion of my life was more about having a stack of Oreo cookies with a glass of milk at 10 o’clock at night while I’m watching TV in bed,” said Don Prince, who struggled with food addiction. “I’d justify the cookies and say, ‘Well, I do like Oreos.’ Or I’d eat oatmeal cookies because they had raisins in them because, ‘That’s got to be healthier than the Oreos or the chocolate chips.’”

Dr. Cali Estes, PhD, an addiction therapist, said there is research-based evidence that suggests foods high in sugar, fat and salt can trigger the pleasure sensors in the brain, creating feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

“At 10 o’clock at night, when you’re bored, you stick your hand in the bag of Oreos, and that’s when food addiction occurs,” Estes said.

Like drugs and alcohol, food can be used to suppress emotions, Estes said.

“It’s a numbing out effect,” Estes said. “It’s a short window while you’re eating it or thinking about it, but it’s enough serotonin, dopamine to make you happy for a short period.”

When that high is going, Estes said people can go through stages of withdrawal, starting with irritability and fatigue and eventually lead to insomnia, headaches and restless legs.

“All the same symptoms of heroin on a lesser level,” Estes said.

Ready to help others overcome their addiction to food?  Register for our upcoming Food Addictions Coach training FEB 6-7!

Why A New Year’s Resolution to Diet NEVER Works!

Why A New Year’s Resolution to Diet NEVER Works!

If you are ready to help others with Food Addiction, Don’t miss out on our Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach training, FEBRUARY 6th-7th 2020  Register TODAY! 1.800.706.0318 ext 2


And so it is January. The new year’s resolution you set in place to eat better, lose weight, exercise and be the best you in 2020! How is going? Have you given up yet? Failed at that DIET? (Did you know the word DIE is in DIEt? Who wants to DIE? How about a lifestyle change and tackling your eating issues and food addiction? How about doing with it with less effort, fewer restrictions and not only mental health, emotional health but a CHEMICAL health solution?

Diets are all restriction-based. DO NOT eat this, but you still don’t feel better and you gain the weight back. You are probably addicted and overloaded with sugar and junk food. Both of these hijack the brain and release a lot of serotonin and dopamine into your brain to make you feel happy.  You NEED to address these missing chemicals in your brain. Getting your food addiction under control is MORE then diet, exercise and going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting to ‘tough it out’. I know, I was a food addict.
So what about the Juice fast craze? Well, JUICING is pure sugar!  This DOES NOT help a food addict, and intermittent fasting is pure garbage. Your body tells you it is hungry so you gulp down large amounts of sugar juice or starve it. Who comes up with this nonsense? Seriously, a food addict will be fully TRIGGERED by these events.  Let us help you.
Check out how we can help you emotionally, mentally and chemically get your food addiction under control and SUCCEED in your weight and size goals.

The Addictions Academy Faculty Member Wins Coach of The Year Award: Congratulations, Kevin Parker!


The Addictions Academy Faculty Member Wins Coach of The Year Award: Congratulations, Kevin Parker!

Innovative Treatment Solutions announces its 2019 Coach of The Year Awards, and we are so excited that our very own Kevin Parker is one of the winners!

Innovative Treatment Solutions is your source for addiction and behavioral health recovery treatment tools.


His story:  Kevin has truly been to hell and back. After a major overdose he woke up with missing body parts, can you imagine that? He has bounced back and helps others recovery from the hell of addiction.  He is a True Warrior. He is a Recovery coach trainer and a life coach triangle faculty with The Addictions Academy.

One client’s story:  I got a call 4am in the morning from a young lady that her 19-year-old brother was in a paranoid schizophrenic state and he was planning to kill himself and he was worried that people were following him.  I picked up the kid In Staten Island and he was in a complete drug induced psychosis.  He thought he was being followed by gang members and the FBI. I found out later he smoked an eight ball of crack cocaine. I brought him to Hackettstown, NJ to his mother’s house, where I had hoped he would snap out of his psychotic state. I spent 12 hours with him trying to see if it would go back to normal with no success.  I quickly started calling up facilities and no place would take him on a Saturday morning in his mental state.  I found a psych ward that would take him, but I had to convince him to trust me and come with me.  He thought he was a rocket scientist, Russian mafia, a professional skateboarder, and a tattoo artist.  He was trying to call his friends who were also in a gang with him to come get him.  I convinced him that his phone was tapped so he took his SIM card out of his phone and snapped it in half.  I got him into the place, and they committed him.  His father, mother and sister don’t live together, and he was playing each of them against themselves.  So, I coached the family separately and together and got them to stop enabling him. When he got out, I flew with him to a rehab facility in Florida where he got clean.  Now I’m coaching him in Florida, where he lives with his sister and he’s doing amazing.  He hasn’t touched a drug or alcohol since he was released.  He got a managerial position job in Walmart and he’s going to church.  He’s working out, eating healthier and, for the first time in his crime filled life, he’s actually happy and doing the right thing. The family and him are super grateful for what I did while working with them and I believe I saved his life.  This was one of my favorite client turnarounds.


Ready to Be a Top Certified Intervention Professional?




There are quite a few ways to look at training when it comes to becoming a top nationally certified professional coach in the addictions industry today. You can seek the most skilled and knowledgeable instructors to teach you how to become a professional coach or for those of you already in the addictions industry and recovery community, you can also seek the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals to take your thirst for perfection and continuing education to the highest level, so that you are a top nationally certified professional coach.

Whichever the case may be for you, the professional intervention is one of the most serious and sensitive parts to recovery for the sober coach and the recovering addict. The addictions industry and recovery community are FULL of self-proclaimed professional interventionists who are doing way more damage than they are good. There are so many components to a professional intervention and it IS a matter of life and death for those involved in the intervention.

Let’s face it, the professional drug intervention is the fork in the road, so to speak, for the active drug user. The decision he or she makes to except the professional intervention and seek help for his or her addiction will often dictate whether the addict lives or dies, so it is extremely important that the top nationally certified professional interventionist is as skilled and knowledgeable as possible.

We here at The Addictions Academy, have the nations most skilled instructors and we have the addiction industries most modern state of the art intervention certification course. We will teach you how to mix pure honest emotion, modern addiction technology, skill, and human compassion at the highest level, to make you the best and most complete top nationally certified professional interventionist.

After you are certified through The Addictions Academy,  you will enter the addictions industry and the field, ready to take on any professional intervention that comes your way.

Are you ready to change your professional career and personal livelihood  by taking our class? We are offering our next Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Certification on January 23 and 24th from 10 am to 3 pm EST. This class and certification is taught through our interactive webinar taken from the comfort of your home or office. The cost is $1329 and this includes all books, certifications, ethics training, a complimentary class and six weeks of supervision with Dr. Cali Estes.  Yes, you get all this for one price! Contact us today to reserve your seat as only a select number of students will be able to register for each class. Register through our website at or call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Are You Passionate About Helping Others Break-Free from Addiction?


Are you stuck in a dead end job with no future in sight? Or maybe you are stuck working for someone, and you are tired of watching them financially benefit from all of your hard work and effort. And maybe you are tired of having wonderful and innovative ideas that no one will listen to or give a chance to work in a structured setting. If you are having the following issues then listen to me for the next few minutes and I will give you the opportunity to change the trajectory of your professional and personal life for the positive!

If you are currently in the addictions industry, recovery community, or just have a knack for helping others and making a positive difference in someone’s life, then the following course and career choice is for you!

The Addictions Academy is offering their Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Certification on January 23-24. This is a two-day, live webinar that runs from 10 am to 3 pm EST. This is an INTERACTIVE WEBINAR which means that you take this class from the comfort of your own home or office and you can see the class and the class can see you. This is also “real time”, so you can interact live with the instructor and classmates. The cost of this class is $1329 and this includes the class, the exam, the certification, all course materials, a complimentary class, Ethics Training, 10 weeks of supervision with Dr. Cali Estes, help with job placement in some cases, and a network of other professionals for you and your future company.

You are possibly at the fork in the road in your professional life. You can continue to earn a mediocre paycheck while others benefit drastically from your hard work, or you can take our course and begin building your own client base which will open up the doors professionally, personally, and financially for the rest of your working career.

 This course will teach you the most modern skills and fundamentals to the intervention. In the addictions industry today there are so many people who are far from qualified or skilled that are trying to intervene and steer people away from the deadly grips of their  addictions and sometimes only trigger the addict into using again. Our instructors are highly-skilled and highly-trained, and will teach you the right way to do a professional drug intervention They will also teach you how to perform interventions in a safe and ethical manner, while also teaching you how to build your brand and make yourself and your company highly successful.

Click here to register for the Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Certification class online, or call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2, where a member of our team is waiting to assist you.

Tim Estes Discusses ETHICS In The Addictions Industry


Tim Estes Discusses ETHICS In The Addictions Industry

We recently posted on the topic of ETHICS, PATIENT BROKERING and staying on the LEGAL side of things when it comes to your part in the recovery community and addictions industry. We talked recently about the stiff prison sentences being handed out to those caught and convicted of PATIENT BROKERING. We talked recently about the ways an addictions professional could get caught up in PATIENT BROKERING without realizing it. But there is one recent case, out of Kansas, that “takes the cake” when it comes to ETHICAL BEHAVIOR when given the responsibility of giving recovery based help to a struggling addict. The case I am referring to is the case of addictions professional and licensed addictions counselor, DAVID BROWN. David Brown is a licensed addictions counselor out of Kansas who has recently been charged with RAPE. Not only has David Brown been charged with rape, but he has been charged with raping his client after she came to him for help fighting her addiction.  The police report states that after moving this client into his personal home he then forced himself on her and raped her.
WOW! Where do you even begin with this laundry list of unethical behavior? Let’s take a few moments and break down where this professional therapist turned accused rapist/sexual predator went wrong…….way wrong!
1. A Licensed Therapist Shouldn’t Pretend To Be A Skilled Sober Coach- Ladies and gents, Licensed Therapists and Skilled Nationally Certified Professional Coaches are at opposite ends of the recovery spectrum. The theories for recovery are completely different. The methods to get one sober are greatly different. Acting as a reliable sober coach in this scenario can only be looked at as a ploy to gain this young ladies trust to then force himself on her and raping her.
2. An Addictions Professional Should NEVER Invite A Client Into Their Home- Under NO circumstances should a licensed therapist or any addictions professional invite a client into their home for personal matters. The ONLY reason a client should ever be in your home is if they run recovery based sessions out of their personal home. When David Brown asked this client to move in to his home he crossed one of the biggest lines in the addictions industry. What was he thinking?    He is a a licensed therapist and moving her into his home is a violation of his license.  He, as a licensed counselor, is not even permitted to have a client in his home to render any services.
3. Refer out if a client becomes inappropriate.  In this case, David Brown claims this woman started flirting with him first by sending sexual related texts. Well, it doesn’t matter at all if a client begins being inappropriate first. David Brown should have referred this client out the minute the first sexual related text came to his phone. David Brown was the licensed professional here and it was his responsibility to be the voice of reason in this ugly situation. He was in a position of power and he abused his power with a very vulnerable person in a time of need.
4. David Brown Had “Duty To Warn”.  Also in this case the police report states that this client showed up to David Browns home highly intoxicated. David Brown and any other addictions professional has DUTY TO WARN. Duty to warn is when an addictions professional agrees to step in and stop any situation with a client who could possibly hurt themselves or others. When this lady showed up highly intoxicated to his house DRIVING a vehicle, he should have taken her to a detox facility or called the police to keep her from hurting herself of others. Instead of doing this, David Brown is now accused of taking the unconscious woman into his residence and raping her. A prime example of “Duty to Warn” would be when I personally contacted the Kansas Licensing Board letting them know of the RAPE charge and contacting Psychology Today, letting them know that they were promoting a man who may bring sexual harm to innocent clients. It was my duty as an addictions professional.
5. A Licensed Addictions Professional Should Never Take Photos Of Celebrity Clients And Post Them- unrelated to David Brown’s RAPE charge, the Kansas Licensing Board revoked David Browns license for taking a photo on a client’s private plane and posting it on a public forum. This is a HUGE HIPAA violation. This ex client was extremely bothered and upset over this and reported David Brown to the licensing board. As if this would have mattered after the RAPE charge hit the licensing board.
So as you can see David Brown made a “slew” of unethical choices that had an adverse affect on a recovering and struggling addict and he has already lost his license and will probably lose his freedom. We here at The Addictions Academy specialize in ETHICS TRAINING. Contact us at or by calling us at 1-800-706-0318 to get started on our ETHICS TRAINING CERTIFICATION so that you can know the laws and be sure that your recovery based company is always operating in a legal and ethical manner.
See full David Brown rape case here:

The Addictions Academy Student Spotlight: Kelly Grace Swift


Kelly Grace Swift

Kelly Grace Swift is a transformational coach, specializing in recovery. Kelly is Nationally Certified as an Interventionist, Family Coach, Recovery Coach, Sober Companion, School Advocate and has a unique service, Healing Environments. A colorful past of writing and directing inspirational televised shows, still used today for inspiring our armed forces over seas, newspaper worthy window displays and creating community service programs recognized and awarded by The White House, Kelly now brings her enthusiasm of moving people’s hearts and emotions into life coaching and recovery. She may be small, but she is mighty, and is passionate about making changes for a higher purpose. Kelly touts her success to a simple formula that has worked with toddlers, communities, designing spaces and special events, to recovery, which is Connection. She taps into peoples senses with words, visuals and music which is aimed at opening their hearts and relating to their souls.
Kelly is unique in the recovery world offering and presenting recovery as fun and exciting through her coaching and blog. Kelly focuses on connection first and foremost and getting her clients to ‘buy-in’ on a new way of living. She works with clients, literally helping them change from the inside-out by working side-by-side from intervention to re-designing their homes and closets post rehab. “You cannot heal in the same environment you were sick in,” is a phrase Kelly often speaks of when working with a client. “So many people have no idea what they are missing, until you give it to them. I love helping them see that they too can create beauty. Creating a place of joy and love and healing-a sanctuary for someone is so satisfying.” Kelly approaches recovery with a new edgy flare that is appealing and refreshing and uses her own funny experiences to put people at ease. To learn more about Kelly, please go to and check out her new blog launched December 7, 2019. The Monarch Podcast soon to come!

Dr. Cali Estes Exclusive Event: You Do Not Want To Miss This!

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MLB to STOP testing for Marijuana



Baseball:Getty Images; Leaf: Shutterstock

Well, it seems like all the major sporting franchises have been talking about the issue of not testing for marijuana for a few years now. But with all of this talk about not testing for marijuana, nothing has actually been put into place to stop the testing, until now. Early last week, Major League Baseball announced that they would be stopping all testing for marijuana for all 32 professional major league franchises. However, all of Major League Baseball’s farm teams will continue to test for marijuana and hand out penalties, fines and suspensions for those who fail the test.

Now, the understanding for the farm teams or the minor league franchises is that these fines and/or punishment will seem extremely lenient from what they were in the past or from what other major sporting franchises are handing out. Now, let’s get back to the topic of Major League Baseball NOT TESTING for marijuana anymore. This new development is a major step forward in the pursuit of battling and/or eliminating  opioid use and abuse in Major League Baseball, as well as all other major sporting teams and franchises.

For decades, opioid pain medication has been dished out to all professional athletes like candy in an effort to have the professional athlete fight through any type of pain to get them back on the field and get them producing at top level, no matter what injury they are trying to battle through. And once this professional athlete’s career comes to an end, they are left to fend for themselves and battle through any opioid addiction on their own.

In my opinion, this is such a huge slap in the face to the athlete that put their body on the line for these organizations and franchises only to leave with a good pension and a hell of an opioid addiction! But now it seems like Major League Baseball is jumping out in the forefront to become the first major sporting league to begin to understand that marijuana use amongst its professional athletes is far more than just a recreational drug. These professional athletes are doing the research and keeping an open mind on using alternative ways to battle pain and ailments and this would be by using medical marijuana.

And just as important, the same professional athletes, who may have developed an opioid addiction due to pain medication, have also done the research on using medical marijuana to detox themselves and get clean and sober from their opioid addiction. Major League Baseball had no choice but to stop testing for marijuana and the other three major sporting leagues will soon have to follow suit. Professional athletes are doing the research themselves and are starting to realize that medical marijuana is a much safer avenue to battle pain and pain management than opiates. And we must applaud them for doing so!

So by Major League Baseball coming out and declaring that they will no longer test for marijuana, they are telling us that they agree with the new found statistics and theories stating that medical marijuana is becoming a much safer way to battle and manage pain than the opioids that have been given to these athletes for decades. We here at The Addictions Coach believe in and support the use of medical marijuana for the purpose of pain management and the purpose of detoxification from opioids. The Addictions Coach also works with all the major sporting leagues in helping addicted players and ex players get clean and sober. So if you are an athlete or an ex athlete struggling with opioid addiction or know someone who is, please contact us at our website at or by calling us at 1-800-706-0318! We have many Recovery based programs to help with any addiction that might be crippling your life and livelihood. Learn more out our signature Sober on Demand program, where we bring treatment to you, on your terms.  Do not hesitate to call us today to begin your new life of sobriety!